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Chapter 2

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Frank's POV. History? Snore. Wait... who is that?

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I sat in the history class, talking to Ray, Bob, and Mikey. I noticed Mikey was looking behind me, so I turned around. Gerard walked in the class with a girl I never seen before. Gerard walked up to me. "Sup Frank." I was about to laugh. Looks like Gee is happy today. "Why are you so happy today?" I asked. "Why wouldn't I be happy?" he asked, starring at the back of the class. I turned to see what he was starring at and gasped. He was starring at the girl he walked in with. "Okay. Whats her name?" I asked. He stopped starring at the girl and looked at me. "Who? Her? Her name is Jasmine." I laughed. "And you already like her?" He nodded. "Oh my God! Go ahead and talk to her then, lover boy. You might get lucky." He slapped me on the back of the head and walked to the back where the Jasmine girl was. "Oh. They grow up so fast," I said to myself. The bell rang and that gave everyone the signal that class is about to begin.
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