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It Would Be More Exciting Than Church

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Frank Iero and Mikey Way lead normal lives. Until a psychopath intertwines their fates forever.

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Frank’s POV

I threw my dress pants to the other side of my bed. No tie. I threw my shirt with my pants. No tie. I moved my blanket away. No tie. I opened my dresser, and pushed my clothes around. No tie. Then I looked around on top of the dresser. Still no tie.

“Jamia!” I called through our house looking for my tie.

“Hm, sweetie?” She responded.

“Have you seen my…” I started before she walked in the door.

“Tie?” She said with a smile, holding my tie.

“You know me better than anyone else, Jam.” I said with a grin stretched across my face. I kissed her cheek gently and took my tie from her hand.

“Get dressed quick, Frank. We’re going to be late for church.” She said and rubbed my bare back in a ‘I love you but I will not touch you in a friendly manner on a Sunday…’ kind of way. And I guess that was fine.

We are Catholic, but not die hard Catholic. She drug me to church mainly because her parents went to the same church we did, and since Jamia and I weren’t married yet, we wanted to -for lack of a better word- impress them. The Nestor family was great to me, and was great about me and Jamia, but I wanted to go the extra mile and make them love me. I stopped cussing, I haven’t got anymore tattoos (I only have the Jack O Lantern I got on my 18th birthday. That stuff doesn’t go away), I started dressing nicely, I got rid of my lip ring, and I stopped looking at men in a sexual way. People say you just can’t stop being bisexual, or gay. But if you just repress it, it’s pretty easy. Every now and again, I’ll still some guy is hot, but then I realize that’s wrong and I’m so lucky to have Jamia. She’s so amazing, and beautiful. I could stare into her amazing eyes for the rest of my life and die happy.

“Can’t I just like… Be sick from church today? And you’re nursing me back to health?” I asked in a groan.

“That was last weekend, Frank.” She giggled.

“So? Now I have a stomach bug, not the flu!” I protested.

“They’ll know you’re lying. Then people will look at us funny next weekend.” She said, and took the liberty of starting to put my clothes on.

“How about we stop going?” I suggested as she started buttoning up my shirt.

“There’s going to be nothing to watch on television, you’re not going to be able to fall back to sleep because you’re strung out of coffee, and…” She paused and played with my collar. “You’re so cute, I just wanna show you off.”

“Flattering will not stop me from objecting.” I said and narrowed my eyes at her with a smile.

“Objecting? You’re just complaining.” She said and handed me my pants, tie and belt. “Get dressed, please.

I simply groaned in response and took my clothes. She left the room and walked down the steps before I started putting on my dress pants, and buckling my belt. I didn’t want to go to church. I wanted to lay around all day, and cuddle with Jamia like last weekend. I wanted to not have plans and be carefree for once. Let whatever happens in the next twenty four hours just happen. Good, or bad. It would be more exciting than church.

I slipped on my shoes, sighed, and walked down the steps and met Jamia by the front door.

-Time Lapse-

I walked in our door thanking god church was over. Ironic. Jamia’s arm was locked around mine, and she looked up at me.

“We need milk…” She said.

“Da-” No cussing. “Darn. I could’ve got it on the way home. Shi-” What’s gotten into you? “oot. I’ll run out and go get some, okay?”

“See you later, honey.” She said and kissed my cheek.

I waved and walked out the door, and headed to the tiny mini-mart that was a few blocks away. I decided to take the long way, and turned to the right into a long, dark alley. It didn’t scare me. Not a lot actually scared me. Besides, I’ve walked down this way a million times.

I heard something loud crash behind me, and I turned around. It was nothing. I shook my head. I’m not scared. Stuff doesn’t scare me. And besides, there’s nothing to be scared of.

tap. tap. tap.

Footsteps. I turned around, and there was no one there. I’m only getting worked up because it’s rainy. I’m just hearing things. There is no one there, and there is nothing to be scared of. Besides, nothing scares me. I don’t get scared. I stare fear in the eyes, slip it off, then have sex with it’s mom.

tap. tap. tap. tap. tap. tap. tap.

I turned around again, and tried to slow my breathing. I’m not scared. I told myself. I’m just walking to fast. I was practically running, right? Well, not exactly… But I’m not in very good shape to begin with, so that would explain the heavy breathing… And I’m just turning around to make sure no one fell and got hurt.

tap… tap…

“Freaking crap.” I mumbled as I turned around again. “What is going o-”


It all went black. Everything was gone. I felt light headed, and everything was foggy. I couldn’t think. I couldn’t see. I had no idea what just happened.

-Time Lapse-

I woke up slowly, then I felt a sharp pain in my leg.

“Mm-Ah… Ahhh!” I cried, and tried to pull myself up.

I couldn’t see a thing, and I heard the clanking of something that sounded like shackles. I suddenly felt cold, rough metal around my right ankle. I grabbed it, and tried to pull it off. What else was I supposed to do? At least I tried to do something. I groaned aloud, and shakily went to try and find out what had happened to my leg. I touched it and felt blood, and I kept it there and I felt the urge to scream again.

“Wh-who are you?” I heard someone say, in a quavering voice.

“Where am I?” I asked them.

“I-I don’t know… I just… I just woke up, and I don’t where we am, or how we got here.” They said. It was a he. I could tell it was a he.

“Well… I’m Frank Iero.” I said.

“I-I’m Mikey… M-Mikey Way…” He said, and I felt a hand touch the side of my face.

“AH!” I screamed and jumped away.

“Frank, calm down… I was going to get that blindfold off you…” He said, and I felt the same hand return to the side of my face, and suddenly, I could see. It was a dimly lit room. The walls were similar to that of a cave, and the floor was wet concrete. I was sitting in a puddle, and my white shirt had been stained with blood and dirt. It was torn up, and my pants were the same.

“So… Who took us here?” I asked.

“I… I dunno… I’m just relieved I’ll have a friend when I die…” He said and looked away.

“I suppose that’s one way to look at things…” I mumbled. “So… Where were you before here?”

“I was walking down an alley to my brother’s place. I heard footsteps and I started to hyperventilate I turned around, and then… I don’t remember anything.” He said and looked up at me a little. “You?”

“The exact same thing, except I was going down to a mini-mart…” I said and sighed.

“I… I work at a mini-mart.” He said.

“Corner of 10th and Johnson Wood?” I questioned.

“Yeah… That’s where you were going?” He asked.

“Yeah!” I said. It was weird how I was still getting excited over the possibility knowing someone. “But um… How long have you been here?”

“A day. I must’ve been asleep when you came in.” He said.

“Are you okay?” I asked.

“Mhm. I got water, food, and there’s plumbing.” He said.

“Hello boys.” We heard in a corner. I jumped, but I tried to play it off as an accident. I scooted closer to Mikey.

“Who are you?” He asked, voice shaky and unsure again. I grabbed his hand for reassurance. I needed it, too.

“My name is Hubert. But that’s all you boys need to know about me.” He said, and stepped closer. The man was in a dark blue cloak, and all I saw were two pale unkempt hands. “ I think you would be more interested in a way you two can get out of here with your lives.”

“How?!” I asked, wanting to get home to Jamia as soon as possible.

“Yeah, tell us.” Mikey said.

-To be continued-

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