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Pistol of Fire

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Higher, grabbing up the money it's coming Higher, coming for that rooftop door.

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The title is kings of leon.

Bob's P.O.V

This was awkward. Mikey told me she had drew that picture me laughing at her,when she was crying.
But here we are now watching a film. I decided I would say sorry,so I turned to look where she was sat next to Mikey,who she had clinged to all night.
Crap. she's asleep,I thought.
"Wait...Wheres Frank?" I asked looking around for him.
We all jumped and glared at him as he had woke Sam up.
"What the-!!?????" Sam said springing up.
She glared at Frank and then hit him over the head with a soda bottle.
Frank then grabbed a soda bottle and they started chasing each other around the room,wacking the other over the head with the bottle and we just stood there laughing and oooing. Frank then hit Sam straight over the head and the bottle exploded all over her.She was soaked.
"FRANK I'M GONNA KILL YOU!!!" she screamed,chasing him,her dress sticking to her skin.
"Oh no" she said looking at her dress "Think i'll have to go see you later guys!"
"Bye Sam" we all called and continued watching the movie.
"Soooo...Mikey what did you say to Sam when she was crying? Hey? " Gerard said with a smirk.
"Nothing" he shrugged.
"Come on Mikey,you can tell us...!" Ray said.
"Like I said, nothing.Just drop it guys!"
"Think I'll go now anyway. Ma'll be worried" Ray said getting up.
"Same" I said,trying to get up from the beanbag.
"Bye guys"

Sam's P.O.V

I creapt into my house and tiptoed up the stairs,went into my room and sank into my bed.

The next morning...

I opened my eyes to the sun streaming through the curtains.
I groaned and stood up and walked into the bathroom.
I had a shower and shoved my hair up.
I put on some random black skinnies and my Green Day shirt on and walked downstairs to the sofa,where,I thought,my Dad was asleep and sat myself down.
My Dad's eyes flew open and before I knew it,my arm was twisted behind my back and my head smashed against the wall.
"Where were you last night?!" my Dad growled down my ear.
"N-n-nextdoor" I stuttered back.
"LIES" he spat and punched me in the eye "You were out getting drunk weren't you? Fucking every boy in sight.I bet you're pregnant,You little whore!"
He screamed and threw me onto the glass table,which smashed at the force he threw me.
"You know what get your stuff and get the fuck out of my house!!!"
"But I have nowhere else to go!"
So I ran up stairs grabbed everything I owned and shoved it all in a suitcase and walked out of the house,my hair a mess and tears streaming down my face.
I walked down the path and sat on the curb wondering what to do.
I brushed all the glass off my back and out of my hair.
When i had finished that I looked at my hands.
They were covered in blood.
I then heard a familar voice. "Sam?"

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