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Meet me, I'll be there.

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Frank and Gerard have been friends since forever, but when Frank has to leave for a job in another country, they'll do whatever it takes to see each other. No matter what.

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This will be a story I'll update every so often. It's a light, eventual frerard inspired by the book 'One Day'. It won't have the One Day storyline but, yeah, it's just inspired by the novel. Honestly, you have to read it. It is sooooo touching :) R&R and let me know what you all think
- Sara xoxo

Frank and Gerard have been friends since forever, but when Frank has to leave for a job in another country, they'll do whatever it takes to see each other. No matter what.


Gerard stood at the airport doors, watching Frank haul his suitcases full of belongings out of the taxi. It was a warm day, the sun was shining. But in Gerard's mind the sun was black. He was emptying slowly, his soul breaking shard by shard, bit by bit. Crumbling into nothingness. The day wasn't warm to him. It was cold. Frank was taking the sunshine and the heat with him.

Gerard watched people hugging at the terminals, delighted at seeing their loved ones once more. To hold them. To touch them. To kiss their cheek. This would be Gerard's last chance to hold him. His best friend. His blood brother. And he felt cold knowing that.
He had cried as was the nature when a friend you depend on so much leaves. But Frank didn't know that. Frank never saw Gerard's tears. It wasn't as if Frank was happy to leave either but he had to and he knew that. He needed the job, the money to support himself. Gerard and Frank had argued, fought, shouted at eachother. But it wasn't because they were angry, they were sad. Sad that the other was leaving.

"So this is it?" Frank asked and Gerard snapped out of his trance to see his friend stood in front of him, his luggage strapped to the trolley. His flight was in fifteen minutes, his hotel was booked, his passport in the shoulder bag he wore and a sad smile plastered to his face. Gerard realised that this was it. It was goodbye, forever. They had phones and the network to keep them connected, but it just wouldn't be the same. And they both knew that.

Over twenty years of friendship was torn. Frank was twenty-four, Gerard twenty-nine. Frank still had the whole of his life set out in front of him. He had a great new job in California, a good amount of money in his account and so much potential. What did Gerard have? A dead-end job, a small apartment and only two friends left, one of them being his younger brother.
Suddenly, Gerard found himself being grabbed. Frank latched himself onto him and was squeezing hard. A damp patch was forming on Gerard's shirt as his one, true best friend cried. Gerard's eyes burned.

"I'm sorry." Frank said, pulling himself away and rubbing his eyes. Gerard did the same, catching the few stray tears from his cheeks. "It's just that we'll never-"
"Never see eachother again." Gerard finished, the depressing thought lowering heavily onto him.
"There just has to be some way we can still see one another."
"Like a meeting place?"
Frank stopped rubbing his face and smiled,
"Yeah, a meeting place... Here!" He grabbed a pen from his bag and scrawled into Gerard's hand, "Meet me here. On this day, every year. If neither of us can be there, we'll find another way."
"Shit!" Frank cried, looking at his watch, "I'll be late for my flight!" He grabbed the trolley and ran full pelt through the doors. "Just show up, I'll be there every time!"
And he vanished into the crowd, leaving his best friend to wave goodbye to someone who wasn't there anymore.
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