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What happens at the hospital.

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A/N: It's been quite a while since I last updated. I felt the last chapter was rushed because I was so desprate to update, so I took a bit more time on this one. It's longer and (hopefully) better! And Doctor Winters I nicked off the show casulty. I'm too lazy to make up my own charachters. :P

"Gerard Way?" calls the nurse, 60 billion fucking years later. The man himself is, however, still asleep. I nudge him "Gerard, wake up, the doctor is ready to see you now." I say, he stirs slightly and makes a sound of protest. Eventually, he blinks his eyes open - they're sticky with gunk.

I help him up and we begin to walk to the cubicle. When we're there, Gerard lies down on the bed and I sit on the side of it, holding his hand, he grips it back weakly. It's not long before the doctor joins us.

"Hello, Mr Way, I'm doctor Winters." she says, looking directly at Gerard. Doctor Winters has reddy-brown hair tied back in a messy bun and wears no make-up. Gerard says nothing back. "What appears to be the problem?" she tries again. Gerard continues to ignore her, weather he's scared or just to exhausted to speak, I don't know, it's probably both actually.

I decide to step in, "Well, um, he has a fever and other injuries too.."

"What injuries?"

"He, um, has a cut on his right leg, don't you Gerard?" I look over him and nods, face buried in a pillow. Doctor Winters pulls back the end of his trousers to inspect the wound. She calls over the nurse; the nurse sets about cleaning and dressing the cut.

"Its defiantly infected, that is probably what's giving you the fever. I'm going to start you on some antibiotics." She says while writing something on a chart. Gerard nods once more, arms wrapped around him protectively. "I just need you to lift up your shirt up for me so I can check you're heart rate and breathing." She says, pulling a stethoscope from around her neck.

Gerard looks very reluctant, so I give him an encouraging smile and he tentatively lifts his shirt up. Doctor Winters seems fairly startled by the array of bruises, but she takes his heart rate anyway and tells him to "Breathe in... And out".

When she is done, she puts the stethoscope back around her neck then says quietly "How did you get your injuries?" She inquires, "And that rash on your hands, how did you get that?" Gerard
frowns, a troubled, far away look in his eyes, as if he is remembering something dreadful. Doctor Winters must notice this because she asks again softy,

"How did you get them Gerard? Did someone do this to you?" He looks around, a deep frown still set on his face, I'd give anything to know what he's thinking at the moment, then he nods, just a small move of the head, but it's enough.

Doctor Winters sighs, and then unexpectedly turns to me. "What’s your name?" She asks, looking at me suspiciously.


"Okay, Frank could you step outside for a second? I want to talk to Gerard alone." Gerard's head snaps up at this. He looks at me, pleading with his eyes for me not to go, he suddenly looks even more I'll, something I didn't think was possible.

"Don’t worry Gerard, it'll only be for a minute." He still looks terrified, so I give him a smile and kiss his clammy forehead, before stepping out of the cubicle. Once I'm outside, I go close up to the curtain, shamelessly trying to hear what's being said. I'm not sorry at all, that should probably worry me but it doesn’t - I just need to hear what Gerard's saying.

"Who did this to you?" I hear Doctor Winters asks gently.

"I.... I don't know.." Is his quiet reply. I can tell he's crying by the way his voice shakes.

"Did Frank do this to you?" She lowers her voice.

"No! No, Frank would never ever do that to me!"

"Okay Gerard... I'll just be a minute.." I realise that this means
she's leaving the cubicle and scramble to try and make it look like I'm not listening in.

When she gets out she eyes me suspiciously again.

"Frank, do you have any idea how he got those injuries? It's very unusual for someone to get a fever this bad from just small infection. I need to know what else it was that happened to him, so I can treat him properly, and don't play dumb with me, something else is going on." She says sternly.

Jesus.. This fucking woman. I sigh, I might as well tell her if it's going to help Gerard, even if I do have to reveal my criminal actions, as long as Gerard gets better, that's all I really care about at the moment. I just hope he isn't too mad at me. Taking a deep breath I launch into the story of how I found him in that awful place and what a bad state he was, and still is in mentally and physicly.

Doctor Winters looks incredibly sad for a moment, then all of a sudden the sadness leaves her eyes, she seems to slip professionalism back on like a jacket. For a moment I sympathise with her, sometimes when faced with something so distressing, the only thing you can do is try and focus on the job in hand.

"Excuse me, could you take this man to a private room please?" She says to two porters, gesturing towards Gerard’s cubicle. Then she turns to the nurse, "We need to get a blood sample and test for..." and then she goes on to list a load of complicated medial things, which I don't understand.

I go back to the cubicle where the porters are wheeling Gerard’s bed in the direction.

"Frank.. Where are they taking me?" He asks worriedly, looking at me with his wide eyes.

"They're just taking you to private room Gerard." I smile,

"Are you coming with me?"

"Of course I am, now you just get some rest, I'll be right here." He
smiles a tired smile back at me and lies down on his bed.

The room Gerard is moved too is small and plain, but at least its private. Not long after we arrive in the new room, a nurse arrives. “Mr Way?”

“Yes?” Gerard replies.

“Hi, I’m Kate, I just have to do a quick blood test on you.” She says, smiling kindly.

“Blood test?” He repeats, face paling, eyes widening. Shit, just when I’d got him to calm down.

“Yes, you’ll only feel a little scrape, and then its over.”

“No.. I don’t want a blood test.. Please I’m fine… please don’t.. please” His eyes fill with tears.

“I’m sorry Mr Way, doctor’s orders, we have to test for things.” Gerard’s tears spill over when she pulls out the needle.

“Hey.. hey, it’s alright Gerard because.. Because, um, she won’t be actually injecting you with anything, just taking a blood sample.” I say reassuringly, Kate smiles and nod in agreement. “It’ll be okay, you can do this, I know you can.”

“You’re right, I can do this.” He says, frowning in determination.
I hold his hand and he buries his face against my neck, I can feel him shaking. I hear him whimper as the needle is pushed into his skin.

“Shhh, it’s okay.” I whisper while stroking his hair with my free hand. I look over and watch the plastic part of the needle fill with Gerard's blood.

“Aaaannd done!” Says Kate as she takes the needle out of him.

“See, I knew you could do it!” I say as I hug him.

“Yeah, but I couldn’t have done it without you.” He says quietly, smiling. His cheeks are flushed; it’s probably from the fever, I think. “I’m gonna go to sleep now Frank, I’m feeling pretty tired.” He says, and then yawns adorably.

“Okay.” I reply, there really isn’t anything else to say.

“Will you be here when I wake up?”

“Sure I will!” I say. Then Gerard lies down, his hand still in mine, and falls asleep almost instantly. I, however, am far to worried about what the test results are to sleep. I fear the worst has just began.
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