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chapter twelve

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“Gerard, please,” I whisper, head tilted towards the dismal, rain filled sky, tears streaming down my ice cold face, “Believe me, forgive me…I love you…”

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Hey, I`m really, really sorry about the wait, I hope that you like the chapter. Just one quick question, sorry to be annoying, but do people still actually like this story? If you do could you please tell me becausecause I`m seriously considering giving it up.

Gerard`s pov
“Gee, I didn`t do any-“
“Save it for someone who cares,”
“Gerard, please believe me, I didn`t-“
“I said save it, Frank!” I yell and storm out of the room, not able to stay and here Frank`s pathetic lies any longer. I run down the stairs, burning hot tears sting my eyes, but I refuse to let them fall, I was not going to let him and that slut have the satisfaction.
“Gerard!” I hear voices shouting after me, footsteps rushing down the stairs after me. I turn down the corridor that led to the front door, grabbed a pair of muddy converse and shoved them on, not bothering to pause to re tie the fayed laces that were trailing the ground as I ran. It was tipping It down outside, I could hear the thud, thud on the roof but I didn’t bother grabbing a coat from the hanger in the living room, I hadn’t the time. I needed to get out of the house, to get away from Frank and that stupid bitch Liza.
“Gerard!” Mikey calls after me, I hear his soft footsteps behind me, getting closer. He was yelling at me, pleading me to stay calm, but I barely hear him, his words meant nothing to me anyway. I couldn’t stay here, not after what frank had done, or was going to do. He could tell me whatever he wanted, he could lie through his gritted teeth, I was not going to listen to him, I did not believe him. I wanted top, God how I wanted to, but I just couldn’t. I couldn’t get hurt again.
I slam the front door shut behind me, and keep running, not once looking back at the house. Rain pours down on me, easily and quickly soaking through me thin shirt I used to sleep in, chilling me to the bone. The dirty water splashes underfoot as I race through the puddles on the road.
I had felt pain before, many times, emotional and physical. Emotional was by far the worst. But nothing, nothing had ever hurt this fucking much, not when Lindsey kicked me out, not when she accused me of those evil things. no, knowing that Frank, the man I had loved with all of my heart sine the first time I had laid eyes on him, had been lying to me, that he was going to cheat on me with his slut of an ex girlfriend, knowing that he didn’t love me, that hurt worst of all.
Who could love you, the freak…who could ever love a freak like you?
The poisonous words echo through my mind as I run, I was across the road now, nearly half way down the street. I had no clue where I was going, I had no money on me or anything, I just needed to get away.
Alicia`s pov
“Frank…” I frown, it didn’t make sense. Frank loved Gerard, I knew he did, so what was he doing making out with that Liza bitch? It was so out of character, he was a good man, he would never hurt someone intentionally, I knew it. It took my frozen from shock brain less than a minute to realise what was going on here.
“Mikey, go get Gerard, don’t let him do anything stupid,” Mikey does as he was told without arguing for once and vanishes out of the room and down the stairs.
“Elizabeth,” I glare at her, putting as much ice and loathing into my eyes as possible, making sure that when I spoke my voice was venomous. She smirks up at me from her upright position on the bed, her eyes glinting in the light. “Out. Now. Never come back. Ever.” Her jaw threatens to drop but she somehow keeps it in place. She narrows her eyes at me and gets to her feet slowly, dragging the small movement out. She pushes past me, flashing Frank who was standing as far away from the bed as he could, a quick, flirtatious grin as she leaves the room. I hear the bedroom door across the hall she had been staying in slam shut as she collects her bag, then it reopens and gets slammed again.
“Frankie, are you coming with me?” she pokes her head around the corner of the door frame, batting her exceptionally fake eyelashes at him.
“No, not in a million fucking years, bitch!” he spits t hr and her face falls. She regains her composure soon enough though and glares at him.
“I hate you Frank Iero, I never liked you, I only went out with you in high school for a fucking dare!” She screeches and storms out of the room again, and runs down the stairs, cursing our names as she goes. The front door slams with an almighty thud, the silken left after it is almost deafening.
“Alicia, I never…”
I nod and smile at Frank sympathetically, “I know,” he looks surprised but says nothing. “But, Frank, Gerard doesn’t, he really hates Liza, and he already felt threatened by her just being here and when he saw you…” I trail off, sighing deeply. “I don’t think that he will believe you,”
Franks chocolate eyes begin to well with tears, but on his handsome face is a look of pure determination. Even as tears threaten to fall, his eyes gleam with something I had never seen in them before. “Then I`ll make him believe,” he said and like Gerard, Mikey and Liza, he rushes from the room. I follow him curios as to what he was going to do.
“Gee, Gerard I-“ he frowns, “Mikey, Gee, where are you?” this doesn’t stop him though, he rushes to the living room, grabs hastily pulls on his jacket and shoves his shoes on and heads out the door without a backward glance, phone in hand, desperately trying to get through to Gerard.
I would have gone with him, but someone had to stay to look after Cherry, Lilly and Bandit, who were somehow, miraculously still asleep, I was shocked that they had been able to sleep through all of the nose, but grateful.
I glance at the clock on the wall, it was just after nine in the morning and I was shattered. Yawning I sit down and grab my cell phone, and dial Ray`s number, praying that he would already be awake. Trust me; Ray was not a happy bunny if you woke him up. But if he was, that would be one more person out looking for Gerard, after what had happened last time, we didn’t want to waste any time finding him.
Frank`s pov.
I dial Gerard`s number over and over again, until my fingers were numb from cold and shaking, each time only getting through to voice mail.
“Gerard, it`s me, look, please pick up, you have to believe me, I didn`t do anything, it was all her, Gee, I swear!” I felt like screaming in frustration, but judging by the worried glances I was receiving from people, they already thought that I was insane, so I held back. “Please, Gee, I love you, so, so much, come home, and we`ll talk, okay? Please. I love you so fucking much, just please… ”
Sighing I put my phone away in my jacket pocket, praying that he would return my calls, or just go home. He surely couldn’t have gotten that far, he had no money, and it was tipping it down and he had no jacket. He had to be freezing. An image of Gerard sitting curled up crying somewhere on a grotty park bench freezing enters in my mind. I try to push it back, but it was no good. I had to find him quick, I was so worried about him and although I actually hadn’t done anything with Liza, seeing as it was her who had forced herself on me, I still felt so incredibly guilty.
“Gerard, please,” I whisper, head tilted towards the dismal, rain filled sky, tears streaming down my ice cold face, “Believe me, forgive me…I love you…”
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