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Radiation Revenge.

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Imagine this. It's an apoctalyptic wasteland. Millions of idiots trying to murder you. You don't know that someone loves you, so you put your life in danger for a man you don't even know. Great...

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Based off a video game... Fucking awesome one too. XD And no, this is NOT a killjoy story. In fact, they all look like they're from the Revenge era, thank you very much. :3 And if you think it's good, review please? If not, don't even bother. XD

"You can't do this."
"Of course I can." Gerard rolled his eyes.
"No! You'll get killed!" The older mans brother protested.

Gerard facepalmed, then sighed. He took out a pack of cigaretes, and a lighter. "Those will make your sences dull..." Mikey said in a small childs voice, "You need those, you know..." Gerard lit the cigarete, and took a long drag, as his brother stared at him in worry.

You see, Gerard was a man of no worries. He spent all of his life training for someting that could one day use his assistence. This one man hasen't even seen himself in the mirror for years, as I said, all of his time was used up by training. So today, Gerard had gotten a call by his friend, Ray. Ray was a mercanary, and apparently, he needed Gerard's help with something. Mikey, Gerards brother, of course denied.

"You won't make it." Mikey begged his brother to stay, getting on his knees, a small amount of tears escaping his eyes. "Mikey, will you calm yourself? I've been training since I was five, and here you are, acting like a woman and cleaning the house." Gerard smirked. Mikey stood still. He hated this fact, it was 100% true, and he left his warrior post to help his mother around the house... everyday.

"But Gee--"
"How many times have I told you, I'm not a child to be called 'Gee' anymore." Gerard growled.
Mikey nodded. "You may have been training, but you've never faught something in real life..."
"Oh shut it Mikey, I can take care of myself."
"You know what? Fine, you'll be running back home in less than half an hour." Mikey growled.

Gerard rolled his eyes, flipped away his midnight black hair out of his face, and picked up his combat knife. Mikey growled as he did this, flinging on his leather jacket and converse. (Yes, somehow they have converses and leather jackets in the wastelands XD) "Gerard, at least say goodbye to Mom and Dad before you go..." Mikey frowned. Gerard shook his head, skipped to the door, and opened it slowly, gripping the golden doorknob tightly. "I'm not coming back." He smiled, and with that, he whistled happily and walked out the house, more confident looking than he felt...

xoxoGerards P.O.V.xoxo

Oh please, Mikey thinks he can really scare me like that? Well I'm not falling for it, it's harmless outside, nothing can scare me and... AND HOLY SHIT IS THAT A NEEDLEBUG? I screamed and jumped back, stareing at the thing intensely... But then I realized. "Oh thank god." I panted to myself, as I realized it was just a harmless butterfly. The stupid things look just like them, except without the anntenas, they have needles sticking out. Needles, fucking NEEDLES! It's rediculous.

I kicked the golden brown dirt in my way, as I truddged down over to Rays house. The path was fairly beautiful, a wonderful blue sky, so blue it's nearly neon. Glowing radiated mushrooms lined across the road--If I were you, I wouldn't eat those--And the road was made of cracked concrete, thank god there weren't any pot-holes... And by pot-holes, I don't mean those huge dents in the road. I mean marajuana addicts digging holes and putting thin concrete or paper over them. Once you fall in, they shoot you in the head, and loot you of whatever you got so they can buy more drugs... But please, I can take those pricks. They're flys in my web, I can easily draw them of their blood before they escape.

Or so I think. Fucking hell, I should of brought water with me... I thought as I continued walking. Only a mile left, yippiekiyay motherfucker! I groaned and shoved my hands into my pockets, the hot sun smiling down at me, causeing me to frown.

Walk, walk, walk. Boreing as fuck. What now? I looked around as I walked, then as if this was some sort of cheesy cartoon, I saw a shop. Talk about quick events, eh? I raised an eyebrow, then headed twords it. If this was a trap, I could easily just take my knife and slit there throats without mercy, watching the blood pour out onto my hands and laugh, savoring each and every drop of crimson liquid they emit.

Without even noticing, I had already walked inside. "Heyo, can I help ya?" A man said behind the counter. He had a bob cut hair style, all bleach blonde and hanging over one of his petrifying blue eyes. "Uhm.. Do you sell water here?" I tilted my head, stareing into those odd looking orbs of his. They made him look like the stuffed animal I had when I was four... I named it 'Shyly The Teddy Bear'. Just looking at this man reminded me of my childhood... Creepy much?

"Ah, hip hip horray, you get the last one." He chuckled and handed me a bottle of water, as if out of no where. I quickly took a chug. "So, whatcha name? I'm Robbert. But... Lots of people call me Bob." he smiled.

"BOB, HAND ME THE LAST WATER!" A voice came screeching from the other room. Bob looked at me dumbfounded, as he slowly said, "Erm. Frankie Furter, I gave to a customer named..."
"Gerard." I said simply.
"Named Gerard!"
"Ugh. Fo shizzle?" Came the other voice.. I asumed named Frankie?

Bob just nodded his head, as if he expected the other man to see him. "Excuse me for a moment." Bob smiled, and walked over to the other room, where the man named.. Frankie Furter was held. Odd name. Go follow him, you never know, they could be planning to poison you. I widened my eyes at that thought, then did as my concious told.

xoxoFrank's P.O.V.xoxo

"How many times have I told you, you don't sell the water! You sell the damn AK Kola!" I groaned and facepalmed.
"That makes you even more thirsty." Bob raised an eyebrow.
"I don't care, I need my chems to tolerate this fucking place. The soda makes people thirstier, with means they come back, which results in us getting more mula." I glared.
"Your a monster, you know." He said quietly.
"Oh please, everyone's a damn ripoff artist these times. I want CRAZE-E, so I have to buy it. Drugs don't buy themselves, Hm?" I said frowning.

Bob shook his head and sighed again. "Sorry sir.. I'll make sure it doesn't--"
I widened my eyes and shot my head to the door, as a male about twenty eight, around my age, fell through the door frame. He looked up at us, as if he was completely shocked. I threw my hands up and rolled my eyes. "Yay, secret's out! Now we'll go out of buisness!" I grinned fakely. The man just stared, and Bob shook his head in disapointment. "You guys.. Are fucking... Just.." The man started, but Bob cut him off and said, "Yep, we know Gerard. Sick people... Well, sick person." Bob looked over at me and I rolled my eyes.

"I was gonna say genious." The man, I presumed Gerard blinked in curiousity. I raised an eyebrow at him. "Genious?" I said with a chuckle. He nodded, and Bob facepalmed. "I'm persuming your part of the Kartalige Kids?" I said with a small smile. He shook his head, causeing me to frown again. "I don't even know who they are."--He raised an eyebrow--"But I'm actually just traveling to a friends house. He's a mercenary, wanted me to help him with someting." He said with a proud smile.

Obviously this idiot hasen't been in the real world long. Bob nudged me and whispered, "Is this guy a problem?" I shook my head, mercenarys were usually just people who killed the one's they were assigned to. They would never allow their name passed around like this derp.

"Anyways... Do you think I could borrow some of those chems for the trip?" He said with a hopeful expression on his face. It was... Oddly appealing. Who are you kidding Frankie? That bitch is HAWT WITH A CAPITAL SEXY! Goddamn my gayness. I sighed and nodded slowly. Just a few. I glared, and took out three packets of CRAZE-E and a syringe. "Mix it with water, then inject yourself. It keeps you hydrated. Take too much, you could mutate... Like I did." I smiled, and opened my mouth wide. He widened his eyes as he saw my one flaw. He thinks your a freak for having two tounges! HAH. BITCH YOU GOT SERVED BY NATURE MUTTAHFUKAH. I rolled my eyes and Gerard nodded.

Just after that, he walked out of the shop, not even bothering to say, 'Thank you for everything, especially not killing a worthless pretty boy like me', or 'Before I leave, would you care for some goodbye sex, Frankie?' ...Ah, that last one would be nice... Course it would Frankie... Course it would...

xoxoNarrorator's P.O.Vxoxo

Gerard walked on, every half hour or so enjecting himself carefully with the CRAZE-E, hoping he wouldn't end up like Frank did. Frank and Bob however, continued selling AK Kola to scavengers of the New Jersey Wateland... or how everyone else would call it, the Old Jersey Wasteland.

Before you ask, NO, this is not like MCR with the whole band thing. Totally fictional, to your pleasure. Imagine a twenty eight year old Gerard Way walking through the desert ,shirt off and pants pulled up like short shorts. IMAGINE. IMAGINE IT. o.o

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