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chapter four

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“Way to go Poison, ya finally grew a pair, did ya?” Ghoul speaks through his infectious laughter as his flame haired best friend walks in...

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hey, I`ve got to keep this short and sweet as I`m at my cousins, who says hi by the way, so I hope you like it, pease tell me if you do

Party Poison`s pov
We were both standing talking outside of the base, hiding behind one of the walls of the base, so that we were partially hidden from anything that may have been out there that could have posed a danger to us. I was blushing furiously, unable to answer Jinx`s question, how was I supposed o tell her?! She wouldn’t want to talk to me ever again if I told her the truth.
I peer around the corner of the wall, thinking that I had heard something. I wasn’t wrong.
“Dracs!” I scream, instantly pushing Jinx behind me, trying my best to protect her. I refused to let her be harmed, even though she was more than capable of taking care of herself, I still had to try and protect her.
“Stay behind me,” I order, holding my ray gun out in front of me, keeping my finger on the trigger, ready to shoot as soon as the dracs were close enough. These monsters wren to going to get much closer, they were not going to hurt us. I was not going to let them.
“Poison, what the-” she frowns up at me, her own ray gun held out in front of her as well. I could see that she didn’t not understand why I didn’t want to let her fight, but it wasn’t as though I could tell her the reason right now, was it?
There were two of them, they were just visible from where we were standing and I don’t think that they had seen us yet. Thank god. I knew that as soon as they did, they would come charging towards us, and try to shoot us down. Well, I had news for the bastards, it wasn’t happening.
“Jinx, stay behind me,” I tell her again, authority lacing my hushed voice.
“What, why?!”
“Just do as I say for once, got it” I didn’t mean to snap at her, but I was tense. We couldn’t kill them at this distance, but we didn’t want to risk waiting too long in case we were seen.
“Stay, please” I whisper, praying that she would stay where she was, where they couldn`t see her. The two of them were nearing us now, if they looked directly at the wall, they would be able to see us. It was now or never.
The poor creatures didn’t see it coming; I jumped out at them, from behind the wall of the base and shot them both in the head once, killing them instantly. I watch as their bodies go limp and they drop their weapons, not feeling the slightest bit of sympathy. I allow myself a brief smile and after a quick scan of our surroundings, put my trusty ray gun back in its place, hoping that I wouldn’t need to use it again today.
“Help me find somewhere to dump the bodies, Jinx.” I said, leaning over one of the fallen dracs, reaching down and hooking my arms under it. No answer. “Jinx?”
“Why did you do that?”She asks confused. “Why did you try to protect me, they could have shot you!”
I stand there, feeling more nervous than I had when I had seen the dracs approaching us. I couldn’t tell her, she wouldn’t understand. If I told Jinx how I felt, I would ruin everything. She was too good a friend to me; I could not risk losing her. It would tear me apart.
“Just help me lift the dracs and we`ll dump them somewhere, alright?”
“Poison, what is up with you today? You’ve been acting strange for ages, what is it? You can tell me, I`m your friend, I want to help you, I-“
“That`s the fucking problem, Jinx!” I scream, throwing the body to the ground, no longer caring about it.
“What, I don’t under-“
“Of course you don`t! You don’t understand, do you!?” the rational part of my brain is screaming at me to shut, up, but I ignore it. Jinx wanted to know, well then I`d let her know. Sure, she`d hate my guts for it, but I had to tell her, I was sick of keeping my feelings a secret; I was so fucking sick of it.
“Jinx,” I sigh deeply and run a shaking hand through my tangled hair. “I don’t want to be your friend….” I trail off, seeing the tears beginning to form in her beautiful eyes. I felt so guilty, I had made her cry.
Why couldn’t you just keep your stupid mouth shut?!
“Y-you don’t want to be my friend anymore?” I sigh again and shake my head, bright red hair falling irritatingly into my eyes as it always did. I had to be honest with her; I couldn’t lie to her or to myself anymore. I had to tell the truth, no matter how bad the outcome.
“No, I don’t,” her eyes widen and a single tear slides down her perfect cheek. I close the small gap between us and raise my right hand, and gently wipe it away, marvelling at how soft her delicate skin was.
“Get off…” she mumbles, not meeting my eyes. “You don’t like me anymore, remember?”
“I never said that,” she had no idea how much her words hurt. I didn`t like her? She had no idea. “I do like you Jinx, too much, way, way too much,”
She frowns, “what are you on abo-" unable to resist any longer, I silence her by pressing our lips together, just for the briefest, sweetest moment. I don’t know what made me do it, after trying to resist for so long, but I was glad I did, even though I knew she didn`t feel the same.

“P-Poison!?” She backs away from me slowly, raising her hand to gently trace her lips. How I wished that it was me doing that…her eyes are wide with shock, but I am yet to see the disgust and deep loathing I was certain would have been there.
“I-I’m sorry, I just…”I sigh, “I like you Jinx, I really, really like you,” great, I sounded like a fucking lovesick teenager. “I know that you don’t and I`m sorry-“
She surprises me by placing the hand that had been touching her lips to cover mine, silencing me.
“How do you know that I don`t?”

Grace`s pov
“OHMYGOD!” I squeal, running back inside, rushing over to where Raven, Static and Ghoul were sitting.
“What?” Static Willow smirks, almost as though she knew what I was about to say.
“I just saw Poison and Jinx outside talking and guess what?!” I ask them excitedly, everyone else has now heard the commotion and came over to listen.
“What`s that idiot brother of mine done now?” Kobra asks, rolling his eyes as he wonders just what it was that Grace was so happy about.
“He kissed her!” I squeal, jumping up and down on the spot, earning laughs from Jet, Dark Fire and Crimson.
“`bout time too,” Static smirks, “He`s been crushing on her since he first saw her, about fucking time.” Jet glares at her a she curses, but she just flips him off. Newsflash, he had better things to worry about than Grace hearing curse words.
“Yeah, I know right?” Kobra agrees with her, shaking his head slightly, a massive grin on his face.
“What did Jinx do?” bee asks Grace about her best friend, curious and excited to know what her reaction had been.
“I dunno, I ran in as soon as I saw.” Grace answers, and bee frowns slightly.
“Who cares, ask her when she comes in,” Bullet speaks for the first time since hearing the news, not understanding the big deal about it. So fucking what, Poison kissed Jinx, Whoop-de-fucking-doo!
“Way to go Poison, ya finally grew a pair, did ya?” Ghoul speaks through his infectious laughter as his flame haired best friend walks in, holding hands with Jinx. Both had a pleased, yet nervous smile on their faces and their cheeks were flushed a deep red.
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