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Gerard has a small, emotional moment while visiting Elena's grave.

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A/N: Honestly, I wrote this simply trying to test the use of Microsoft Word on my iPhone. Mostly why its so short.


Gerard Way frowns as he runs a few fingers on the grass he sits on. His hand moves forward until his skin meets something hard and cemented. The tombstone he touches has a name etched upon it: "Elena Way".

His beloved grandmother lay on the ground below it, below him. She was so close. Gerard had not been this close to her in a long time. He had not visited for a while now.

Yet his memories of her were still very fresh, as though they had only happened three or four days ago.

One memory that came to mind was the memory of when they were about to embark on their very first tour. Nervous and scared, he and Mikey had packed in a hurry. It had been Elena who had stopped them, in her arms all the essential things that Mikey and Gerard had forgotten to take with them.

"You two take good care of each other." she had told them both, tears quietly slipping from her eyes. "And remember that if things start to get hairy, if either of you get into trouble, do not hesitate to come home immedeatley. You're always welcome here."

At the time, both boys scoffed at the idea. Why on earth would they want to come home? They were about to enter the exciting life of being big, famous rockstars.

If only they knew how hard things would get.

Gerard wishes he could take her offer now. Of course, he could always go back to his old home nowadays. Travel from state to state had become something of a daily habit since The Black Parade tour.

No, the offer he thought of was the offer of coming back home to her. To a normal life, where he would give her a hug after a long day at the comic book store, and she'd hand him a bowl of porridge and tell him to eat because he was getting too skinny again.

Gerard felt his heart in his throat at the thought. Such a different lifetime ago that was.

Yet oh, how he wished he could go back.

"I miss you, Elena." he speaks to her tombstone in a shaky voice.

"I miss her too..." says a voice from behind him.

Gerard looks over his shoulder to see his brother Mikey standing only a few feet away, watching him. They stare at each other for a moment before Mikey kneels down on the grass himself, one hand finding it's clutch on Gerard's left shoulder.

"Are you okay?" Mikey asks him simply, his eyes unmoving from the grave before them.

Gerard shakes his head, no.

Mikey does not inquire further, but instead wraps his arms around his brother completely. They both continue to stare at their grandmother's tomb, unmoving and silent.

Gerard clutches Mikey's arms tightly, holding on to the only piece of that life he would ever have left.

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