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i think the title says it all

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I'm not sure how many people have realized this, but the 9/11 may actually have had a positive impact on people's lives. I feel really mean saying this but it is true. Think about it, if Gerard had never witnessed this attack, MCR would probably not have started.
I know that everyone knows that MCR has saved so many lives over the past 10 years and without them, people would have succumbed to death as an escape because there would be no one there telling them to hold on because death really isn't the way out.

Every time I go on a plane and land safely, I think of how lucky I am, that I was not on those flights that crashed into the twin towers. I think of all those people whose lives were ended, innocent lives just smashed up, how if the planes would have landed safely, the passengers would probably go out into the airport lounge and hug their tearful family then go out and have lunch in a nice restaurant, talking about what they had done while they were away.
But they never got to do that.

And what if there were really bad guys on that plane. People with really messed up minds who had a chance of sorting it all out and becoming good people. But they never got that chance. Because of that terror attack, they would go to hell because they didn't get a chance to be better people and realize that what they had done was wrong. They never got a chance to be sorry.

Of course the 9/11 attack was not a good thing, but it bought a small ray of sunshine into a dark corner of the world:

The MCRmy

lina xoxo
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