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Because I Loved You : Frerard

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In the Mafia Gerard and Frank are in love but Gee is a psycho, he would do anything for Frank, anything to keep them together...anything. *oneshot*

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"Frank! Pass the vodka over!" A voice screamed through the den.

"Gawd Forks, do it yourself, you lazy motherfucker!" I yelled back, I don't really know if it was directed at him though because my vision was a little hazy.

I lay back on the sofa and stretched my arms out, a person sat on the edge of the loveseat and I looked up quickly.

"Hey Forks" I grinned.

"Hey midget" He replied also very tipsy.

Forks has been my best friend for years, we joined the family at the same time. He had gotten me in really. Both of us weren't really the right build but he got in because his older brother was the famous 'Gerard Way' and I got in because of him.

"My brother really loves you, you know" He giggled at me.

"Oh really?" I giggled back.


"Well I really love him too, I wish he was here instead of on a job, my lips are cold." I mumbled playfully.

"Oh well I'll help you with that" He joked and swooped down, planting a quick kiss on my lips.

We both burst out laughing, completely pissed unknowingly being watched by a pair of pure black eyes.


The night's sky seems so black tonight, no light at all. They say it's like his soul but I know him better. But then, I wonder, do I really know him better? Walking along the lakeside at 2 in the morning carrying the feet of a decapitated body because of him, I can't help but wonder what my life has come to.

I can't handle the stench and I gag, pressing my face into the folds of my pinstriped suit jacket. This was a really stupid idea because now I can't see where we're going. My foot hooks onto a loose cobbled stone and I trip, letting go of the plastic wrapping in my arms. The next thing I feel is the cold, damp stones pressing against my face where a sharp pain was now stinging and a heavy weight on my back. I roll over quickly and feel the weight shift onto my front uncomfortably resting on my stomach. My gaze slowly moves upwards, hands ready to shove the weight off of me, but I don't get that far.

It was the body, if you could even still call it that. The mass of hacked up flesh and congealed blood made my stomach turn, the worst bit however was seeing the name tag attached to the body's clothes, I ripped it off as if this could change the name on it. If I ever needed proof he was a bloodthirsty psychopath it was here.

The stench caught me again and I pushed myself up, whirling around just in time, I vomited loudly and after a while the man next to me cleared his throat.

"Frankie?" He whispered. "What's wrong?"

Even his voice now, the very one that lulled me to sleep, now sent hair-raising shivers through my very core. And then I completely lost it.

"What's WRONG!?!?" I screamed from the floor. "What's fucking wrong Gerard?!?"

He just stood there and stared at me.

"You are wrong. You're wrong and SICK." I screeched. I thrust the name badge into his chest and he took it instinctively, looking down slowly.

The realisation hit him and he glanced round his eyes latching onto the body. Sinking to his knees he cried out. "Because I loved you Frankie. I love you."

The tag dropped from his hands clattering on the cobbled bank side.

'Mikey' it said. 'Mikey Way'


"Take him out." Commanded a large man pointing at Gerard with his chubby fingers.
"Yes Sir" Gerard replied with his famous half-crazed smirk plastered across his face. He was the only one who could act that way in front of the boss without getting wiped out, mainly because he was needed. That's what it's all about in this business, when you're needed you're needed. When you're not you're dead.

I shuffled uncomfortably; it was common knowledge that the boss wasn't too happy with my acceptance into the family, it wasn't that he didn't like me, I mean it's me, everyone likes me. It's just that even though I'm tough and a good fighter he thinks that my height and weight makes me a liability to the group.

That annoyed me when I first heard it, bones had to restrain me by sitting on my stomach. This was when I didn't know Gee, he came in and watched me being wrestled to the marble floor, then after a while he had ordered everyone out the room.

I remember it perfectly, the paleness of his cheek as he bent down to speak to me, how I had wanted to touch him so badly, just to make sure he wasn't a dream.

Momentarily forgetting that the boss wanted me taken out, forgetting that I was in this life, a life where I would always be free from the world but would never be free from myself.

That's why I loved him, he made me forget. He was like a painkiller to me.
I remember how he had whispered to me; how he told me that he would always keep me safe, that he would always protect me, no matter the cost.

I didn't know the depth of his insanity then, I just thought he was daring and that enticed me. He had then spoken to the boss and told him I was needed and then suddenly I was.

After that I went with him everywhere, they all knew we were close, however, they would never understand the depth of my attachment to him. I became his shadow. He became my world.

We went on like that but things grew, even though he never said it I knew he loved me too, It made me want to please him more, all I wanted was to hear him utter those three words to me and I wanted him to mean it.

We became a couple and he loosened up to me, he was able to tell me things and everything he did that showed any signs of affection I found myself getting butterflies and grinning like mad.

I never found it creepy or strange because I craved his attention, his love. The things I'm talking about are weird though. I realise that now.

It had started small though, a few men that had given me a hug after a good job, a friendly hug, Gerard had given them black eyes and one had received a broken thumb. No one dared mess with him after that but there were always newbies in the group. The ones that thought they were tough.

For example, A few weeks ago one of the other men, Snake, had made a crude joke about me, just in passing, nothing major, just a friendly jab.

The next day he had been invited out with Gerard and had not returned. I asked him about it but he refused to talk about it. All he said was that he was protecting me because I was his. That had, I'll admit, warmed me inside, to know he cared that much, but as many similar events took place I grew to know it wasn't 'right' . But then, who was I to complain, it was all done in love for me and I didn't really like any of the disappearing men anyways.

"Come on Frankie" An angelic voice broke my train of thought and I glanced up quickly. Apparently the meeting was over and someone else had been given a death warrant.

"coming" I whispered.

I don't feel the same around him now, I've grown up. I love him, of course I do, there's no way I could live without his love but... What he does is wrong. He can't kill off any man who even looks at me.

I love him but he's driving me away.

I follow him out the office, ignoring the death stare from the boss. People always say that Gerard is the only one who can control the boss. I often wonder why he doesn't have the job himself.

He walked back with me to the lounge area where a few of the guys were playing cards.

"Hey guys!" They called. "Come on over"

I turned to ask Gee permission but his attention was on the group.

"Frankie can stay but I have a job to do."

His voice was grave and shaking slightly, what was up with him? Maybe he's in trouble again. I hate it when that happens, I don't like seeing him in pain or stressed. I guess if he succeeds in taking this guy down then I can help him dump the body.

Just to show him that I'll be there for him, because I love him.
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