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We we meant to be

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In a small urban town situated in Yorkshire, England was an 18 year old girl named Hollie. Holly was a huge fan of an American band called 30 Seconds To Mars. She was going to her first concert of theirs in Manchester. She was so excited that she made sure that she had everything ready the night before this included what she would be wearing. Holly had a dream that she wanted to meet the band aswell as be front row at the concert. After holly had finished getting her things ready she decided that she will go to bed.

Holly’s mum Clare woke her up at 7.00am by playing Night of the Hunter really loud in her room. This song was Holly’s favourite so she woke with a huge smile on her face. Her mum left the room to leave Holly to wake up fully. When she finally woke up she started to dance to the music. She got into her Mars t-shirt and her white skinny jeans. She put her ticket in her pocket and grabbed her bag and headed out to Manchester. As the venue was a 45min train ride away she had to leave early. When she arrived she was first there as it was 10am and the concert didn’t start until 6.00pm.

It wasn’t long before other echelon joined her and the time soon gathered speed until it was time to go in. the doors finally opened and Holly managed to make it to front row in the middle so she had perfect view of Jared. The support band came on. She couldn’t wait until the band had finished all she wanted was 30 Seconds To Mars to come on a play.

All of a sudden the room when pitch black and Escape started playing

“Time to escape, the clutches of a name, no, this is not a game, it’s just a new beginning, I don’t believe in fate, but the bottom line, it’s time to pay, you know you’ve got it coming”

All of sudden the crowd screamed “THIS IS WAR” with this the curtain dropped and everyone screamed. Holly screamed along with them as Jared appeared on stage with Tomo and Shannon. The band went straight into Night of the Hunter. During this song Holly was sure that Jared was looking straight at her for most of the song. But she wasn’t very sure if he was. Holly was enjoying the concert so much that she had fainted half way through.
When she woke up she looked at where she was, she finally realised that she was in the back of the venue in the doctors office. She got up and saw the doctor. She managed to get his attention before asking what had happened. The doctor explained to her that she had fainted and that Jared has stopped the concert to make sure that she was alright.

Before Holly could leave Jared has stepped into the room. Hollie couldn’t believe her eyes her idol had just walked into the room. She felt like she was going to faint again so she quickly sat back on the bed.

“ you alright” asked Jared with a worried face

“yes just felt a bit fainted again”

“just take it easy” he said again

Holly couldn’t believe her eyes that she was talking to her favourite person who she has a crush on.

“what’s your name then?” asked Jared


“that’s a nice name”

"thanks Jared"

"call me Jay"

"ok Jay"

“its fine hope you enjoyed the concert”

“thanks I did enjoy the concert well the part that I seen, I better be off I got a long journey home”

“here is my number text me when you get home”

“thanks I will so Ill see you soon then”

“yes see you soon”

“are you sure when you say soon cause your soon tend to mean longer than my soon”

“really does it mean that”


“ok bye then Hollie”

Holly walked out of the venue and straight to the train station to go home. Holly finally got home and went straight to her room. She got out her phone and typed in Jared’s number and text him saying:

Hi Jay, its holly, I just want to let you know that I have got home safe and sound but nearly missed the last train home but I made it so thanks for caring for me at the show.
From Holly x

She wasn’t expecting him to reply but she was laying on her bed when her phone went. She grabbed her phone and saw that she had a text message from Jared saying:"""
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