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Never Coming Home

by quietliar 1 review

A sad short one-shot romancy-thing in honor of 9/11. Not really anything to do with mcr.

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I sit on my coach blasting a random radio station and dancing happily around my appartment that I share with my boyfriend, alex. He and my brother took a little 'male bonding' trip. They wouldn't tell me where they were going but I had an idea. They loved the Boston red socks and they were having a big game this weekend so there was not much to wonder about.

My phone rings and when I pick it up I hear alex on the other end.

"Hey babe," he says cheerfully. "We are about to board the plane."

"Then why on earth are you calling you can't miss the flight. I want you home asap. Do you hear me," I say jokingly into the reciever.

"I know I just couldn't go any longer without hearing your voice. Love you babe. Oh and your brother says hi and Boston won."

I practically hear the smile in his voice when he hangs up the phone.

I sit around for a few hours ignoring the world awaiting the arrival of alex followed by my brother. So when the phone rings I assume its them telling me they got in. How to this day I wish it were.

"Turn on the news," my mother sobs uncontrolably into the phone.

I don't hesitate and turn on the tv. That's when I see it. The plane number of the flight my brother and alex where on is on tv. In the side of a building. And as the building begins to crumble under the weight of its shattered support system so does my heart.

Never again will I joke around with my brother. Never will alex sweep me into a loving embrass and kiss me softly. My two best friends lost to me forever in a cloud of toxic smoke.

I don't know if anyone will read this but I don't care. This is for the brave firefighters who first responded to the crash. The people who brought down that plane in the field in pennsylvania. And the families and friends of all those who died as a result of 9/11.
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