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Get up

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Well here's chapter four, enjoy.

I awoke in a heap still in the corner of Ray's bunk, the sudden exposure to sun light leaking through the windows making me wince and my head pound. I let out a faint 'ergh' sound and shielded my eyes with my forearm.
"HE'S AWAKE!!!!" I heard my brother announce from the other side of the bus. Two figures started racing towards me and I immediately tensed up.
"Dude it's just me and Mikey, Frank's gone" Ray assured me but the thought that Frank had just left me here made everything 10 times worse. I knew he didn't love me anymore and that hurt enough but leaving me here alone, unconcious? Now that was cold even for him.
I relaxed myself and sat up straight next to Ray and Mikey. They looked exhausted but relieved and it just made me wonder how long I was out for.
"Guys?..." they both looked at me instantly with eyes that told me they had been worried sick, "How long was I unconcious?"
They exchanged looks of concern before Mikey spoke.
"A couple of hours. When I left I was only gone for an hour. Me and Ray have been waiting 2 hours for you to wake up" Mikey was looking at the floor like he always does when he's trying to hide tears or a facial expression that would break my heart. I had a feeling it was both this time and I felt a small tear gather in the corner of my eye and stream down my cheek leaving a wet trail.
I felt Ray force us into a little group hug and he squeezed us so much I could barely beathe.
"Guys stop crying or you'll get me going" he said with a little grin. I wiped my tears away and gave Mikey a playful punch to show him I was okay. Bad idea. He wrapped his arms around me and I could feel him breathing unevenly and sobbing into my shoulder.
" D-don't let him do this a-again" he stuttered through muffled sobs against my T-shirt. "Just don't I know it's hard but please try" he lifted his head and looked me in the eye. His face was red and damp from all the tears he had cried for me and I felt my heart tear in two. My little brother was crying because I can't stand up for myself. I should have felt like I wouldn't let it happen again and I would do everything to stop it but instead I felt like I didn't deserve such a wondeful baby brother. All I could think of once again was the pills and how inviting they seemed right now. But I couldn't tell him that.
"I'll try baby bro" I lied while staring at my shoe laces which had suddenly become extremely interesting.
Mikey sniffed and pulled up his t-shirt to wipe his eyes revealing his little pale stomach. I made an effort to try and tickle him but he wriggled away claiming that he should make us all something to eat.
"you guys haven't eaten yet?" I asked slightly suprised. I mean Ray isn't the type of guy to wait for food. If there's food he wants it there and then.
"Well we were more concerned by the fact that you were out of it than our growling stomachs" Ray laughed.
I tried to keep my mind on my wonderfully prepared meal of pasta (Mikey makes the best pasta ever for the record) but I just couldn't help thoughts flying round my mind like tiny poisonous bats infecting my every thought.

So urr yeah... not much happens in this chapter, sorry. I'm just trying to work out how to write a very crucial part of this story and I've just gone back to school so i'm crazy tired. R&R's would be great :)
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