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Chapter Fifteen

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[A/N] - Sorry for lack of updates. I'm not very good with violent chapters which is kind of how I wanted this chapter to go but apparently I'm going to have to think of something different... Also I've re-started school again so I can't stay home all day and just write FanFics ;/ So here goes nothing...

"I refuse to tell you." I spat "I'll never turn Lady Madness into a slave for you!"
"You're going to tell me." Korse said, his lips turning down into a deep frown "Or we'll start killing off your friends one by one. Starting with your stupid brother."
"My brother is not stupid!" I cried "And don't you dare hurt any of them!"
"Kobra, have you ever thought about who's side I'm on?" Korse asked "Have you ever considered that maybe you're the bad guy?"
"I'm not the one threatening to kill your family or turning innocent people into idiot servants."
"I only turn them into servants because they resist us." Korse said "We only want to help people Kobra. We want to help make their lives better. Emotions and feelings... They just get in the way. I mean, look at the mess you're in now. If you didn't love Lady Madness then I wouldn't be here threatening to kill your family."
"You're just jealous," I hissed "Jealous that you don't know how to love."
"What makes you think I know nothing of love?" Korse yelled at me "You know nothing of my past Kobra Kid!"
"I don't believe you're on the good side."
"Why? You think that Colourful Shadow gave up your headquarters? She just took the blame for it because she knew you guys would never believe her and that we'd punish her if she blurted out the truth. Honestly Kobra, you can be such an idiot sometimes. Jasmine didn't tell us where you were. We've known for months where you hide out, but we've been keeping our distant. Because other than killing off a few of our workers you haven't done any real harm to BLI and plus it's quite fun having someone to fight with all the time."
"But you kidnapped Missile Kid!"
"Yeah because it was fun, quite frankly."
"Missile Kid didn't think so."
"I didn't have fun when you kidnapped my bride."
"She wanted to go. Korse, she really doesn't want to marry you."
"I love her, okay Kobra Kid?" Korse snapped, tears filling his eyes. To be honest, I was surprised. I'd never seen Korse like this before. It was rather scary "Do you know what it's like to love someone and know they don't love you back? And then you find out that they gave up their true name to your arch enemy!"
"I..." I thought about this "Well, have you ever thought about showing her that you love her?"
"I tried to!"
"What, by showing her the methods of torture you use on Killjoys?" I shook my head "She doesn't want to be here, she wants to be set free."
Korse suddenly wiped away his tears and snarled "I'd hurry up and tell me her real name if I were you. Or Party Poison gets it."
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