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We Have to Go...Now

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Partly Frankie's POV (not frank iero but the Frankie who auditioned lol)

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Windshield wipers force the rain off of my front window as the tiny black car I drive around in speeds down the slick roads. Leaving Gerard and Matt to practice whatever it is they’ve come up with I am on my way to see Frank Iero my long time friend. Beside me, Frankie jams out to the music blaring over the CD player; something by the Misfits.

“So you and my brother, huh,” Frankie says turning down the music, staring at me with those green hazel eyes.

“Yeah, kinda, I guess. We both saw the same things, right now I need him,” I answer wondering what would really happen if things between Gee and I got serious.

“Cool,” Frankie says as we pull into Frank’s flooding driveway right behind his old beat up car, the bumper still almost falling off.

The blinds being closed sets me wondering if Frank is actually home or if we had driven twenty five minutes only to have to turn around and go back. A tiny ball of energy picking me up and spinning me around confirms that Frank Iero is indeed home. He’s a crazy little mother fucker…I’ll give him that.

“I’m so sorry Molly,” he says quietly still leaving us to stand out in the rain, our clothes drenched.

Shrugging I stare longingly at his nice warm, dry house as Frank waggles his fingers at Frankie, pulling her into a bone crushing hug. I don’t know why those two aren’t together.

Frankie’s POV

Frank’s wet shirt presses against mine feels funny. Then again the fact that he’s even hugging me sends electricity throughout my entire body. I’m pretty sure it’s not healthy to like someone this much. None the less I can’t help feeling all warm inside when he even so much as looks at me. Stupid hormones; if that’s even what’s causing this.

“Frankie,” Molly says, placing her hand on Frank’s shoulder, “Can we pretty please go inside?”

He laughs, bending over and giving Molly a piggy back inside the dry hallway leaving me to trail behind. I really can’t feel too jealous, I mean Molly and Frank have know each other since high school. Those two are just used to goofing off around each other.

Once inside I look to my rain soaked black skinnies and…shit, I’m wearing a white Harry Potter shirt today. Crossing my arms over my chest I try to act as nothing is wrong but Frank can obviously see the tiny little pink flowers through my shirt because he begins to laugh. Showing him my middle finger I head down the hall to his room content on stealing on of his shirts.

Throwing my wet shirt on the floor, I grab a black Misfits shirt and take in the smell. Frank always carries around the scent of coffee, candy and cigarettes. God I love that smell.

Plopping down on his unmade bed I try to act normal as Frank and Molly come down the hall, both topless, hitting each other with wet shirts like those sweaty guys do in locker rooms.

“So Frankie,” Frank says sitting down next to me, slinging his wet shirt across the room. It hits the wall leaving a wet mark before falling to the ground next to mine. “How’s Geetard?”

Molly blushes, her fingers moving unconsciously up to her light pink lips, eyes sparkling. I’m still not sure about that relationship but Gee and Molly seem alright for each other. I’ll keep my mouth shut and let the chips fall. I swear if she hurts him I’ll kill her in her sleep.

“Am I missing something?” Frank asks, brows knitted together looking adorable in his slightly confused state.

Both Molly and I begin to laugh before I blurt out the facts, “Molly and Gerard are dating.”

This only confuses him more. As Molly goes to explain her phone sounds leaving me with the task of filling Frank in. This should be interesting.

Trying to remember how to breath and form words at the same time I close my eyes, the picture of Frank’s naked torso flashing behind my closed lids…this is not helping.

“So yesterday, well obviously you know what happened but anyway, Gee and Molly were on their way to school when it all went down. Gerard came home and told Mikes and I that Molly was his girlfriend. I don’t think it’ll last long.”

For some reason it is so much easier telling Frank the way I feel about my brother and Molly’s relationship than it is to tell Mikey or anyone else. For some reason I trust the hyper, dark haired, pierced man in front of me. Let’s hope he doesn’t screw me over by blabbing to Gee or Molly or even Mikey.

“Why?” questions Frank picking at a string in his pants.

“They are both just really flighty people. It's not that I think they don't like each other, I just think that maybe right now they are together for the wrong reasons,” I answer as Molly hurries back into the room.

Her normally pale face is whiter than a sheet, her eyes ablaze, nervously flicking from object to object, her fingers trembling, “We need to go…now.”

Author's Note: I hope you like it. Sorry I left you with a cliff hanger there but I knida felt it was necessary. I should have the next chapter up by tomorrow or Wednesday. Happy reading and don't forget to review. :)
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