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Into The Looking Glass

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"He's coming to get me."

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Ryan was awake before Spencer made it back home. He sat at the table, legs crossed as his arms hugged himself tightly. The house was so quite. So very, very quite. It was driving him mad. He wanted Spencer to come back. To take care of him and make his usual noises. He felt so sick and scared when he was alone. Like all of the demons from the past could come back to get him if he didn't have someone there to protect him.
Salty tears started streaming down his face as he remembered everything that had happened in the past. His stomach started tying itself in knots, his throat closing up as his broken ribs burned. The sound of his tears hitting the wooden table he leaned over created an unsteady beat; the only sound that was made with his sobs.
The front door opened, and Spencer was automatically greeted with the sound of Ryan's sobs. He gave a small sigh, looking at the clock as he dropped his keys in the bowl, slipping his shoes off. It was five in the morning, and the sun wasn't even up yet. Spencer wandered into the kitchen, pulling Ryan in his arms. "Shh, it's okay. Every thing's going to be fine." Ryan clung to Spencer, gripping onto the fabric of his thin t-shirt. His face was buried in Spencer's neck, soaking it with his tears. Spencer sighed, picking him up. He held the younger boy like a mother would a crying child.
"He's coming to get me." Ryan whispered the words, looking up at Spencer with terror in his eyes. Spencer stared at him, tears begging to fall as he looked at his tortured friend.
"No. Not with me around. I promise I won't let him hurt you ever again." He kissed the top of Ryan's head, holding him tighter. "I'll never let them hurt you, I promise." Ryan buried his face in Spencer's neck once more, the older boy carrying him into the living room. He sat on the couch, lying down with Ryan on his stomach. He rubbed the younger boys back comfortingly as he latched onto Spencer like the anchor that was keeping him in this world. Spencer glanced at the clock above the TV, giving a small sigh.
He still had an hour to kill before he had to leave.

They were calling him to play. Saying his name over and over as they lead him someplace he thought he'd never go. The sound of a violin and accordion playing a crooked tune was the only sound other than their cackling. He was alone with the voices as they lead him through the valley of death. The corpses covered the ground, an endless horrific sight. The smell of decomposing bodies being overpowering.
"Keep walking Ryan. You have to play with us." He gazed at all of the rotting cadavers, spotting a deer that was eating the remains of one of it's own kind. Blue clouded eyes with red spilling over. A hand went up to his mouth, keeping him from vomiting as he looked at the grotesque sight. "Come play with us." The voices echoed, ringing in his ears. The sound made his feet move, having them shuffle across the rotting carcasses.

"Ryan, wake up." Spencer was shaking the younger boy, being on the verge of a panic attack as he watched Ryan's face contort again. "Come on Ry, it's time to get up." Ryan's nails scratched at Spencer's skin, his sweat dripping onto the other boy. "Please?" Slowly, very slowly, Ryan opened his heavy eyes. He looked up at Spencer, panting as he tried to get over his nightmare.
"Shh, it was just a dream." Spencer pushed some of Ryan's damp hair out of his face, tucking it behind his ear. "Want me to call in sick today so I can stay here with you?" Ryan nodded, resting his head back on Spencer's chest. The younger boy was feverish, the affects of his nightmare showing on his terrified face.
"Will you read me a story?" Spencer smiled.
"Of course." He picked the younger boy up, carrying him to the library. He stopped when he saw the mirror that hung on the wall. There was something about it that seemed to taunt him. The ground in front of it was covered with little pieces of dried paint, making his brows knit together as he stared at the odd sight. Something was wrong. Very very wrong.
"Spence?" Ryan stared at the older boy, having their eyes meet before Spencer walked over to a chair. He set Ryan down in it, going over to one of the book shelves.
"What do you want me to read?" He took a nervous glance over at the mirror before meeting Ryan's eyes once more. He shrugged and Spencer grabbed a book at random, setting it in the chair next to the smaller boy. "I'm going to go call in sick, okay?" Ryan nodded and Spencer left the room.
He walked towards the kitchen but stopped when he saw the window. He had just been out there an hour ago, and it had to have been at least eighty, but the window told him otherwise. He walked towards it, his brows furrowed in confusion. The wind blew, making the old house creak as ice pounded at the window. Outside, there was a snow storm. The only one Spencer had ever seen. His eyes widened as he watched the white specks float down to the blanket that had already formed. He looked at it completely dumbfounded. It never snowed in Nevada.
It was impossible.
He took a deep breath, going back to what he was doing. He repeated over and over in his mind that it was just his imagination. That his mind had decided to play tricks on him. Even with repeating it, he still couldn't help but have a nagging feeling in the back of his head. He called work, telling them he wasn't going to come in. And they told him he was fired. He dropped the phone, letting it hit the floor and break into little chunks of plastic. Letting out a shaky breath he walked back to the library.
Ryan had moved from his chair to the floor, sitting with his legs crossed and close to his chest, his arms holding them in place. He was staring at the mirror, sitting right in front of it. He had lost his shirt, showing Spencer his scarred back and the bandages that wrapped around his ribs. Spencer bit his lip. He was so scarred, so hurt from a man that was supposed to love him.
"Hey Ry, why'd ya move?" Ryan didn't even flinch, instead he continued to stare at his reflection.
"It keeps moving." Spencer stared at the younger boy, watching as he moved his head ever so slightly so he was looking at Spencer in the mirror. "Little beasties keep showing up around the edges." Spencer walked over to Ryan, sitting down next to him. He stared at the mirror, trying to see what Ryan saw. "And it ripples like water when you touch it."
"Oh really?" Spencer raised one of his eyebrows, his mind telling him that Ryan just forgot to take his medication. Or he might have taken to many pain killers.
"I'm not crazy Spence." Ryan turned to look at his friend, the two staring at each other. Ryan's face was lifeless, Spencer's showing concern.
"I never said you were." He watched as Ryan stood, his bare feet making a soft padding sound as he walked across the wood floor to the mirror. He gently placed his hand on it, the surface rippling. "Well fuck. What is that?" Ryan shrugged.
"I don't know Spence, but I think...I think it might lead us somewhere." Spencer watched him, gauging the other boys expression. With a sigh he took to his feet, walking over to Ryan. He put his palm against the reflective surface, watching it ripple like liquid glass. He added slight pressure, his hand sinking into it. He pulled it out quickly, cursing under his breath.
"I wanna go in." He looked away from his hand and over to Ryan. "Please?" Ryan held out his hand for him to take. Spencer debated for a minute, before he gave a soft sigh and took Ryan's hand in his.
"Anything you want." Ryan smiled at this, and squeezed the older boys hand. "Ready?" He nodded and they both carefully stepped towards the liquid surface of the mirror, taking a deep breath before walking through it.
Only time could tell what was on the other side.


PartyPoison:I hate being sick, but I have a weak immune system, so I get sick easily.
For me, if I end up trying to get sleep I have to get at least five hours. If I don't get it, then I get a huge migraine and end up being incapable of doing anything all day. Yet, I go without an ounce of sleep and I'm just dandy. (When I'm trying not to have my face slam into the table.)

AnotherKnifeInMyHand:Fantasy and sifi are two of the greatest genres ever invented. I felt that there needed to be slight background information before jumping into the new world. Their going through a lot, and the stories only just begun. (Wait to see what happens next)
I'm feeling a lot better now, so it's only a matter of time till I get sick again.

secretive:I hope you end up liking it and don't think reading it was a waste of time. (That would be bad)

reinventlove152:It is the greatest version I have ever encountered. (I adore the White Knight, he is so funny.) But I'm going to do a sort of cross with it and the Looking Glass Wars series. It should be...interesting.

-xoxo Pansy.
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