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Invertebrate? I Think Not

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Mikey solves a few problems. Then goes looking for the one thing he's missing. R&R

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Mikey’s POV

-Two months after being kidnapped-

I was sitting on the couch, awaiting Alicia’s arrival. Upon thinking for the past two months, I decided to tell Alicia how I really felt about her, for the first time. I was so excited. I bought her flowers, and lit a few candles. I just wanted her to know how strongly I felt for her.

I waited about twenty minutes before she walked in the door.

“Mikey.” She said coldly.

“Hey Alicia.” I said.

“How were you?” She sighed and rolled her eyes.

“I gave this really hot guy a hand job, and I got head.” I said with a grin on my face.

“Excuse me?” She barked.

“Oh my god. I was in the dark the entire time. I didn’t think I could be attracted to a dude like I am to this guy… I can’t look at other people -especially you- without thinking about how fucking hot he is. I mean, really. He couldn’t get any sexier if he tried.” I sighed. “And that damn pout… God… It drives me crazy. The thought of him alone does things to me… and I mean things.

“What the fuck are you talkin’ about?” She roared.

“Did I ever mention that I hate you? Like… With a burning, intense, seething, foaming, boiling, concentrated, deep, passion. So much I would rather cuddle with a cactus. A prickly, spiny, cactus. I would rather eat glass candy than talk to you.” I shook my head. She raised her hand to slap me, so I grabbed her wrist. “Don’t fucking touch me, you dirty tramp. I already moved my stuff to Gerard’s house, all I have to do is get out. I hate you. Don’t call me. Don’t shop at the mini-mart. Don’t talk to my brother, or his wife. Don’t associate yourself with me, you diseased bitch.” I said and left her standing there, her jaw dangling open.

It was 8:23pm, and I walked down to the mini-mart knowing my boss would be there for another hour. I walked in the door, and back to his office. He was sleeping I his chair, so I grabbed his bottle of water and dumped it on his head. He jolted upward, and looked at me, stunned. He drew in a breath like he was about to yell at me again.


“Wha-” He started.

“SHUT THE FUCK UP. I’m fucking sick and fucking tired of people taking shits on me! I’m fucking done!” I screamed. “You will fucking respect me, you low life asshole! I work here, just like every other damn employee, and you will treat me like you do with everyone else! With respect!” I finished and dumped his coffee on his lap.

“I could have you fire-” He started.

“I COULD FUCKING REPORT YOU FOR ALL THE SHIT YOU’VE DONE TO ME!” I said and tossed his laptop into corner. “Oh, and I want a fucking raise.”

“Fine! Fine! Jesus Christ…” He gave in.

-Three months later-

I brought Ray over again, he and I were getting pretty serious. We’d been dating for a few months now, and I really liked him. Being kidnapped was probably the best thing to happen to me. It made me stand up for myself, and it helped me explore my sexuality a little more. I found out I don’t like girls. At all.

I sat down with Ray on the couch, he wrapped his arm about me and kissed my upper cheek.

“So whaddya wanna do today, cutie?” Ray asked kept his lips close to the side of my face.

“Well… I dunno… Gerard and Lyn-z are gonna be gone with Bandit all day…” I began and kissed his neck. “Maybe we could just… Lay in bed…” I said between kisses.

“And do what?” He said and tilted his head to the side with a tiny grin.

“Everything…” I whispered, and he looked at me as I smiled and grabbed on to his jacket. I pulled him off the couch, and got to the steps. I started up the steps, I looked over to my side, and he was standing there in the middle of the living room, dumbfounded. I motioned him to follow me with my pointer finger, a smirk painted on my face. He quickly pursued me and hurried up the steps after me.

I stepped into my room, and Ray threw his arms around me, and started kissing me hungrily. My hands explored every inch of his clothed, strong body. My hands trailed up his chest from under his shirt, and his could feel his defined chest get goose bumps because of my touch. I removed my hands from the insides of his gray tee shirt, and into the sleeves of his black, worn leather jacket, and I slipped it off him gently, and it made a quiet ’thud’ on the floor.

He pulled off my top, pushed me on the bed, and pinned me underneath him. He continued kissing me, and I unbuckled his pants. He moaned in my mouth, then pulled away. He started gently kissing my neck. He started gently kissing my neck and rubbing his hand across my crotch. He nipped at my collar bone.

“Oh… Mmm… Frank…” I moaned. And then I realized what just came out of my mouth. The wrong name. Ray stopped kissing me, and looked up at me with furrowed eyebrows.

“…Frank?” He repeated.

“I-I can explain.” I stammered. I really couldn’t explain. The kidnapping was good for me, but it left this weird void feeling. Like I was missing something. Or someone.

“Then you know what… Go ahead.” He said and sat up, folding his arms.

“It… It was something five months ago…” I started.

“You told me you were dating some Alicia chick five months ago…” He said.

“I was, but…” I began before he interrupted me.

“You were cheating on her, and now you think about him when you’re with me, right?” He assumed.

“No, Ray… That’s not it at a-” I started.

“You know what… No… I’m done… I was looking for something a little more serious, and apparently you’re not ready for anything. I hope you can get your head cleared quick.” He said and walked out.

“R-Ray…” I said as I came to tears. I didn’t want him to think that was the case. I went after him. “Ray! Ray! Wait! Please! You didn’t give me any time to explain anything!”

“Okay, fine. I’ll give you two minutes to interest me in anything you have to say.” He said, his arms still crossed.

“I’m going to sound fucking nuts, but… here goes nothing…” I mumbled. “Five months ago, I was kidnapped by some freak who’s been watching me and this other guy our entire lives… He made us… do things to each other in order to get out… Ever since… I’ve felt like I was missing something… and I think he’s what I was missing…”

“Really?” He asked.

“S-So far I’ve only told my brother about it… And he says I should try and find him… But… I couldn’t make myself do it because he told me he was engaged… So I just figured I’d try and move on, but I can’t.” I said and put my head in my hands. He hugged me tight and kissed my cheek.

“How about we at least try and find him, okay?” He said.

“H-He have me his address… Maybe he still lives there…” I said,

“I hope so.” Ray replied.

-Time Lapse-

Ray put his hand on my lower back, and pushed me gently toward the steps. I walked up to the door, took a deep breath and knocked.

“Hello?” A woman with black hair answered the door.

“Does a Frank Iero live here?” I asked.

“NO!” She shouted and slammed the door in my face.

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