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Dulce et Decorum Est

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Based on ghost of you (charater death)

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Mikey played his guitar,slowly and precisly getting each melody perfect as he looked around the room of dancing couples.All of them looked heartbroken but he couldn't blame them,every man in this large ballroom would be leaving tommorow for France to fight alongside Britian in the great war.
He was of course upset when he saw Harmony the girl he had been in love with since he was ten dancing with Max Damesdone.He still remember the day he had told Harmony he loved her it had stuck in his mind,burned in and unable to leave,slowly torturing him when he was alone.

Mikey walked up the sunny street a bounce in his step and smile on his face.He reached his destination and sleeked his hair back and took a deep breath before knocking on the door and waiting patiently.Sure enough only a few seconds later Mrs jenson opened the door and smiled widely.
"Hello Micheal how are you?"She asked
"Im very good Mrs Jenson"He said beaming
"Well what do I owe the pleasure?"She asked in her gentle voice
"I'm here to see Harmony"He said
"Of course one second...HARMONY COME HERE"she shouted"well I'll take my leave say hello to Donna for me" and with that she disappeared into the house
"Hey Mikey"Harmony said pulling her long time friend into a hug which he returned straight away
"Harmony I need to tell you something"Mikey said nervously
"Okay fire"She laughed
"I love you"He blurted out quickly
Harmony stood there in shock she didn't know what to think,Mikey had been her friend since,well forever and she thought of him as a brother and nothing else,she let out a sigh before talking.
"Mikey I don't feel that way about you i'm so sorry,but I think of you as a brother,but after this im not sure if we can be friends after this"She said chewing on her bottom list
"Wait did you just say we cant be friends because of this,are you serious ,your willing to give up our friendship that quickly"He stated narrowing his eyes
Harmony immediatly regretted what she had said of course she still wanted to be his friend he was a wonderful person she couldn't live without him in her life.
She tried to take it back but it was to late he had already walked off looking distraught.

After that day Mikey and Harmony didn't talk anymore,Harmony tried but he just shrugged her off.
Harmony started dating a boy named Max and they were the IT couple everyone thought they were the cutest couple.
Harmony thought she loved Max she was convinced that they were perfect,but now she knew,she was been manipulated by the people around her who was telling her that her relationship was perfect.
Then Max came and told her he was joining the army she congratulated him and it unnerved he she didn't really care he was leaving,it was when she heard the news that Mikey way and his brother Gerard and their friends had joined the army that she first shed tears about the war.
She ran to Mikey's house and knocked frantically for five minutes before Gerard ,Mikeys older brother and Frank mikeys friend.
Only Harmony knew that Frank and Gerard were dating outside of their tight group of friends and she didn't really care she thought it was rather sweet.
She screamed and cried and begged Gerard not to let Mikey leave but he said it was to late.

Harmony looked up and saw Mikey on stage plucking awkwardly at his bass and she felt a pang of sadness knowing he was leaving tommorow.Harmony decided she would tell Mikey how she felt when he got of stage.
Sure enough an hour later Mikey and his friends got of stage and she instantly made a beeline for him but when she got close she saw him kissing a young pretty girl with long black hair a sparkling brown eyes and she clapped and laughed as she hugged each member of the band before they all went to the bar and sat and joked happily trying to forgot the daunting day that was coming tommorow.
The end of the night came against everyones will and the women stood and watched sorrowfully as the men leave the ballroom.Mikey turned and stood still and just stared sadly.
For a second Harmony ,one hopeful second,she thought Mikey was looking at her but when she turned slowly she realised he was looking at the girl he had been with all night who was standing behind her.

Two months later

Alicia sat crying next to Mikey's coffin next to gerard who was now missing a leg,he had been severly depressed not only was Mikey he's little brother dead but he's boyfriend has been declared missing and everyone knew what that meant.
And what made it worse was Alicia was pregnant with Mikeys child...she never got to tell him.
As for Harmony she married Max and had three children their names,Skylar,Violet and their youngest Micheal James and Frank anthony they were twins.
Although Harmony was married she still cried for Mikey and for his child who still doesn't have a father.
Wars ruin families and lives.

My friend,you would not tell with such high zest
To children ardent for some desperate glory
The old lie:Dulce et Decorum est Pro Patria Mori.

It is sweet and fitting to die for your country
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