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chapter four

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“Call the cops, do whatever the fuck you want, but just forget about this, alright!?”

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Gerard`s pov
Hell. He had seen. Frank had seen. His bruised mouth falls open slightly as his bloodshot eyes take in the sight of the almost healed marks and bruises on my wrist.
““Gee, what are they?” he asks in a concerned voice. I shake my head, worried he would figure out what they were and how they had gotten there.
“No-nothing, don’t say anything, there’s nothing there-honest-I”
“Who did that to you Gerard?” frank grabs hold of my arm, in a way that was gentle yet at the same time forceful. i desperately try to shove him off of me, but he ignores that and succeeds in pulling the worn sleeve of my hoodie back up, to my elbow this time, revealing the purple bruises and the even fainter cuts that had once bled scarlet.
“Who did that to you Gerard?” he demands again, in his sternest voice, one that radiated power and authority. I couldn`t tell him, I couldn’t tell anyone. I wouldn’t let them be hurt as well.
“No one, please, believe me, Frankie,” I plead, peering at him from under my messed up hair, praying that he would just drop the subject. He didn’t have to know, he didn’t need to, it was none of his fucking business. Anyway, it wasn’t like he cared, he had no reason to, not after what I had done.
“Gerard, please, tell me,” he sighs and I take this opportunity to pull my arm back out of his weakened grasp. “I want to help you, I shouldn’t,” he sighs deeply again, “but I do. Please, let me,”
I shake my head, no way in hell was I going to tell him, he would probably think that I deserved it anyway, I know I deserved it.
“Forget about it, forget about me!” I scream my voice shaking as I blink back even more tears. “Call the cops, do whatever the fuck you want, but just forget about this, alright!?” I run.
My feet pound on the tarmac, my hair flies out behind me as I run, nearly blinded by my tears. I hear him screaming after me, but he does not follow. Good. I had hurt him enough already. I wasn’t about to have him hurt anymore. I reach my house in record time, praying Mikey wasn’t in so that I wouldn’t have to answer any probing questions. He wasn’t. A note was left by the phone; it read “Gee, where the fuck are you? I`ve gone Alicia`s, call me when you get this. I`ll be back at three, alright?” I crumple the messily written note into a ball in my hand and chuck it into the bin. I was alone, or so I thought….
Frank`s pov
“AGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHH!” I scream, throwing my head back, glaring up at the sky. I was so fucking confused and frightened. I was still in agony, but I put that to the back of my mind, it was best not to think about what had happened. I just couldn’t understand it. Why should I still care? After what Gerard, my best friend had done to me, I should hate him, but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. Then there were those marks on his wrist, they had trailed up the rest of is pale arm as well, different coloured bruises, and cuts, all at different stages of healing. I should care, I didn’t want to care, but I did.
What was wrong with me?
I sigh and sit down on a chair, wincing at the pain as I do.
“Why wouldn’t he tell me?” I ask the empty, silent room. “I was his best friend, surly he could tell me if he was hurting himself?” it just didn`t add up, sure Gerard had been suffering with depression and addiction for some time now, but he had always told me that he would never do something like that, that he would get better. Sure, I was not able to trust him anymore, but he just didn’t strike me as the kind of person to cut or injure himself like that. Surly the drugs and alcohol was enough?
My phone rings, breaking my thoughts, blasting out some old song that Gerard had used to love.
I pick it up and frown, I didn’t recognise the number. I pick it up anyway, partly out of curiosity, partly because I needed some kind of distraction.
“Hey, Frank.” My eyes narrow, knew that voice. It was Jay, Gerard`s ex boyfriend. What was he doing phoning me? He knew that I hated his guts, I didn’t really know why. Maybe it was the way he talked, like he knew everything, or possibly because of the way he treated their relationship, like it didn’t matter. I knew the feeling was mutual, he had told me on more than one occasion he didn’t like me, that he wanted me to stay away from “his” Gerard.
“What the fuck are you doing calling me?” I snarl, anger boiling up in me.
“No idea,” he laughs, “do you know where Gerard is?” he asks.
“No,” I answer honestly, not really seeing why it was any of his business, Gerard had dumped him last week.
“Shame, see ya later, possibly,” he hangs up, leaving me feeling more than a little worried and confused. How did he get my number? Why did he want to see Gerard? I knew that it shouldn`t bother me, but I didn’t want Jay hanging around Gerard again, he was the one that had got him hooked on drugs in the fist place.
I dial Gerard’s number, wanting to warn him that Jay was looking for him, despite what he had done, I didn’t want Jaye messing him up even more than he already had. We had been friends for a long time; I owed him that, right? Maybe?
You owe him nothing. The voice in my head spits, but I ignore it.
“Frankie?” He sounds shocked, possibly even a little frightened. Odd. My stomach tightens. Something wasn’t right, I knew it.
“Gerard?” silence on the other end. “Gee, are you there, look I-“the line went dead.

Ohhh...dramatic ending...Anyway, I hope you liked this chapter, I`m afriad to tell you that there won`t be too many more left. Probably two, possibly three, it just depends. I think the ending is going to be bitersweet, still trying to work it all out in my mind.
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