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Big changes(part1)

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A new chapter is finally up! read and see. xo.

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*Frank's POV*

I pulled Gerard's tshirt over my head. It smelled like him. It made me feel good. I dragged my skinny black jeans on, and ran upstairs. They all sat in the kitchen and drank coffee. "Here Frankie.." Gerard said and handed me a hot mug of coffee. I love it when he calls me Frankie. "Thanks Gee." I said and smiled at him. He blushed a little and returned to his chair. "I'm going to the mall today." Bob said. "Can I come? I need to buy a new comic." Mikey said and clasped his hands. "Suuure dude!" Bob said and highfived Mikey. "I'll go too. Maybe we should leave the two lovebirds alone.." Ray said and puffed Gerard in the side. Gerard blushed and punched Ray on his arm. Bob, Ray and Mikey finished their coffees and left. "So uh.. Do you wanna do something?" Gerard asked. "I dunno.. Watch tv? Go watch a movie?" I suggested. "We could like, uh, watch tv.." Gerard said and shyly smiled. "Sure!" I said and followed Gerard into the living room. Gerard put on MTV rock, and we sat down in the couch. "I just have to.. You know, I really like you. And I can't be your friend if you don't feel the same.. I-it just breaks me down." Gerard said and pulled his knees up to his cheek. Tears slowly rolled down his cheeks. "Hey, Gee. I like you. Okay? I love you, to be honest." I said and Gerard looked at me. "Really?" he sniffled. "Yes, Gee. Really." I sighed. "O-oh.. I just thought you hated me after what happened.. In the park.." he said and wiped the tears off his cheek. I grabbed his head with my hands and looked into his eyes. "I could never EVER, hate you!" I yelled and the tears burned behind my eyelids. "You're the most amazing person I've ever met, okay?!"
"O-okay.." Gerard sobbed and looked down. "Please look at me!" I begged. Gerard didn't move his eyes from his feet. "Goddammit!" I yelled and pressed my lips against his. At first, Gerard was in something I believe was shock. Then he kissed me back. I slowly pulled away and looked into his eyes again. "I love you Gerard. Don't you ever think anything else." I said and he nodded. I pulled him into a hug and rested my head on his shoulder. "You know Frank..? I haven't cut since I met you.." Gerard whispered. I looked at him. "That's great Gee. Really!" I said and smiled.

The other guys got home a few hours later, and found me and Gerard sitting in the couch holding hands. "So.. Things are... uh, good between the two of you?" Bob asked. I nodded and Gerard smiled at me. "Cool." Mikey said with his well known poker face. "Well, congrats to both of you, but get ready for even more bullying at school.." Ray sighed. Gerard sighed too. "I know.. But I don't care. I only care for Frankie." he said and looked at me with sad eyes. I smiled and wiped a tear off his cheek. I wondered how many tears you could have, wherever they came from. "Don't cry.." I whispered. "Ladies, stop that. I'm dying from sweetness." Bob teased. Gerard stuck his toungue out, causing Bob to laugh. "I have to go home, I bet my mom wants to see me." I said and stood up from the couch. "I'll see you tomorrow?" Gerard asked and followed me to the door. "Yeah, of course! Oh, do you want your shirt back?" I said, but Gerard shook his head. "It's cool."
"Okay. See you tomorrow then." I said and kissed him quickly on the side of his mouth. "Bye." he said before I closed the door behind me.

*Gerard's POV*
I'm happy now. Sincerely happy. I have the cutest, most caring boyfriend in the whole universe. I walked back to the living room, and met three pair of staring eyes. "What?" I asked. "You're smiling." Mikey said. "I don't see that very often."
"I guess I'm happy then." I said and walked downstairs to my room. Frank's Misfits shirt, that was still wet from soda, hung on my desk chair. I threw it in the laundry bag, and started to draw. Two hands, tightly wrapped together, now started to form on the paper. Frank's hand with his skeleton glove, and my hand that was pale as usual. My phoned buzzed in my pocket. I picked it up and slid it open.

Things with the uploading is fucked up, so I'll post this chapter in two parts.
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