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Good Luck Finding Your Leprechaun

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Mikey requests more information. Jamia grows a little as a person.

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Mikey's POV
“Whoa!” Ray said and walked up behind me.

I knocked on the door again, not about to put up with this shit. She clearly knew him. I wasn’t about to settle until I knew were he was. I needed to know if I had a chance with him. Why spend time fantasizing over something that could become reality. What did I have to lose? I barely have any self respect, and dignity has been out of the picture for a while. All I wanted was the chance to have this one guy, and damn it, I’m going to get it.

“I told you no. As in that stupid asshole doesn’t fucking live here.” She said and went to close the door, though I stuck my arm in the way before she had the chance.

“New question… thank you…” I began and sighed. “Do you know where he is?”

“How the fuck am I supposed to know? I’m the ex fiancé! I don’t give three shits where he goes, or who he sleeps with, or who he thinks about sleeping with! He’s not my problem!” She said as she threw her arms up exasperatedly.

“…Will he be here again?” I asked, feeling a little upset that he wasn’t just here, and I couldn’t just tell him what I thought. On the up side, at least the fiancé was out of the picture.

“He might be back in a week, do you want me to tell him you’re looking for him?” She sighed and rolled her eyes.

“Yeah, that’d be great…” I said, with a small smile.

“What’s your name?” She asked.

“Mikey Way.” I said.

“Five months ago Mikey?” She asked.

“…Yeah, I met Frank about five months ago…” I said.

“In a dungeon?” She asked, raising her eyebrow.

“…Kinda…” I said.

“LICK MY ASS, YOU SON OF A BITCH! YOU‘RE THE REASON MY ENGAGEMENT FAILED!” She screamed and slammed the door in my face.

“Wow… She’s got quite the temper…” Ray observed. “It must be that… whaddya call it… Verison? Vonage?… Vintage?… Va… gina! It must be that vangina making her all crazy and bipolar and what not…”

“…You don’t know what a vagina is?” I asked, and raised an eyebrow.

“I do… I just forgot what it’s name was…” He shrugged. “Do you think we should watch the place, or the neighborhood for your boyfriend?”

“I-I… maybe… no… yes?” I said, unsure. All I knew was that for most of the day, all I thought about was meeting Frank… Just.. Talking to him… Kissing him again. I just wanted at least one memory of him… One memory of him that was on purpose. Not something that happened because of some old bizarre man.

Ray and I walked back home, me thinking about Frank the entire time. It’s not like I loved him, no. I just wanted to know if there could be something more between him and I… Maybe it would become love… I don’t know, I just have this passionate sense in me that says I need to try…

-20 minutes later-

Jamia’s POV

I was lying on the couch, pissed. Who the hell did that fucker think he is? He ruined my future, he ruined my life. I wanted Frank so bad, but I knew all he could think about was that… that guy… I’m not even going to tell Frank he came over. Why should I give a shit?

We’re not made for each other.
I don’t want to tie you down.
I don’t want you to tie me down.

We’re not made for each other. He wasn’t made for me. It was just something that was drug out for way to long. It’ll all fade away, and I’ll love someone else.

I don’t want to tie you down. It’s true. I didn’t want to keep him from being happy. I didn’t want to keep him from experiencing what his life had in store for him. I didn’t want to be the one thing he regretted for the rest of his life because he continued to see me. I didn’t want to purposely sabotage any of his chances at bliss.

I have to tell that Mikey guy I know Frank’s cell phone number. He’d want to call. He wanted to talk to him. He’s interested in Frank, and Frank’s interested in him.

I ran to the door, and quickly opened it, running onto the sidewalk in my socks and pajamas.

“M-Mick-Mikey?” I called, and there was no one around. “Mikey, I-I know how you can reach him!”

I stood outside for a good five minutes before I walked back inside, and got over to my phone. I picked it up quickly and dialed Frank’s number. He didn’t pick up.

“Frank… That Mikey guy came over looking for you. He’s looking for you, and… I chased him off, and then figured I shouldn’t stand in your way of whatever you want… Frank… I’m sorry… Bye…” And then I hung up.

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