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chapter six

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“I`m dead Gerard,” I say bluntly, “I got all the time in the world.”

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Hey, I`m sorry this is so short and not all that good. I wrote it in a rush but as it is only filler I don`t think it matters all that much. I`ll update as soon as I can, please read the note if you have not already done so

Frank`s pov
They released Gerard from hospital the following day, when his mother told him he looked as though he could have literally jumped for joy. Poor guy. I knew from experience that staying in a hospital for a long time was not pleasant, it was boring and tiring, not to mention painful and worrying. It was still boring now, and I wasn’t even the one being treated, I had to just sit there most of the time, not being able to speak or do anything, in case someone else noticed the sudden chill in the air or the fact that a coffee cup was floating a metre of the ground. I went for walks around the hospital a few times, I went back to visit Lacie, but she had been moved and I didn’t know where to.
“Gerard, mama`s in the car waiting, time to go” Mikey, Gerard’s younger, slightly irritating brother tells him excitedly, happy to have his brother back, even though it had only been a day and a bit of staying in t he hospital.
“Kay Mikes, I`m coming,” Gerard mutters and follows him out of the door and down to the exit. I follow behind him, my black converse clad feet floating a few inches off of the floor.
“Oh Gerard, I`m so happy your alive, things could have been much worse,”
I roll my eyes from where I was stood outside of the Way`s car, deciding to just follow them to the house by foot, not risking getting in the car. Gerard sees me and grins, but quickly wipes it away when Mikey turns to give him “WTF” look. I giggle.
Over the next few days as he recovered, I had little to do with Gerard, he was too busy being pampered and waited on by his mother, Mikey watching on slightly amused, slightly jealous.

“Hey, Frank, are you still there?”
“No, I left you, what do you think idiot!?”
“Just wondering, you`ve barley spoke to me over the past couple of days.” He says sadly, sitting upright in his bed, where he was surrounded by brand new Cds and comics and art supplies. Lucky bastard.
“I kinda can’t leave, not until I`ve helped you, anyway and-never mind,” he looks up at me confused but lets it drop.
“I`m alive though, what else are you supposed to do here?”
“Basically I`m supposed to make you happy again, stop you feeling like shit all the time.” I smirk, “to help you get the girl, usual fairytale shit like that,”
He turns away from me; face reddening, sighing “Oh. I think your wasting your time,”
“I`m dead Gerard,” I say bluntly, “I got all the time in the world.”
“what`s it like, is it sad, cause you don`t really seem sad, your all smiley and joking and stuff.” I bite my lip, unsure what to say, more than a little shocked with Gerard`s forwardness. None had ever asked me that before, no one.
“Its…not awful, I guess. It didn’t really hurt either. I just wish I wasn’t so young, you know, but some kids don’t even see the world before they die, so I guess I…I dunno…” I sigh and trail off, a sick feeling in my stomach. I had a constant longing to go home, but I couldn’t do that, I wanted to see her, but I couldn’t. I wanted to be alive. I wasn’t though and I never would be again.
It was kind of ironic really, people were always telling me to stop wasting my life with music and to pay attention in school and make something of myself, and I had ignored them, I hadn’t really seen the point. My motto had been “Life, your born you live then you die.” I had been so stupid, I had taken everything for granted, and now I had lost all of it, every last piece.
“Frank, I`m sorry if what I said-“
“It`s fine, Gee you were only curious.” He nods and closes his eyes. It was only early, just after eight at night, but Gerard was till recovering and needed his sleep.
“Night, Frankie…” he smiles, not opening his eyes and rolls over, so that is back was facing me.
“Night, night Gerard.” He falls asleep almost instantly, I wait until I hear him begin to snore gently, and I creep out of the open window, I had things to do, people to see, even though they couldn’t see me…
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