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Almost Yesterday

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The survivors of X-19 flee to the desert but what nightmares await them.

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Okay so hi guys whats up its me XD My name is Paige Peckham but people tend to call me Pudge ( not cause im fat but because when i was little i was chubby) and this is my new story its about a diesease that causes horriable deaths to anyone who gets it and sadly its very contagious so the survivors (obviously the MCR gang cause they rock and some other people later on.) But in the desert its not all that safe so yay.So lets get started shall we.

It had happened so quickly,no one had saw it coming,it just sort of happened.It originated in London some scientists were messing around with Cancer trying to find a cure but something went wrong.No one knows what exactly happens all anyone can guess is that the diesease escaped from that lab,the British Goverment were alerted immediatly and David Cameron and his family were flown straight out of the UK and to a safehouse somewhere in Europe.

If your wondering who David Cameron is,he's the current priminster of the UK or leader of the Tories as alot of teachers in my school call him.

He was shortly followed by the rest of the Goverment,it was hushed up of course ,the public had no idea what had happened,or the deadly illness that was about befall them ,so they carried on with daily life.
But soon enough people started to realise something was wrong.The goverment hadn't been heard from in about a week,that was the first sign.Rumors started to spread that there was going to be Nuclear bombs dropped on England and Ireland and the Goverment had just packed up and left trying to save themselves not caring for the people in the country,of course many people shrugged this off, telling anyone who said these rumors they were idiots.
Sure enough no bombs were dropped but people were dieing and it wasn't pretty.People were been locked away in special facilitys if they caught the virus but that didn't stop people from getting ill.
Trips in and out of the UK stopped as the rest of the world tried to keep the Virus locked down
in the small island but of course it was to late there was no way to contain it.
You see they had waited to long to iniciate the lock down.
The virus takes a while to show symptoms,so people had been getting on planes all around the world carrying the virus soon to be named X-19. I know that X-19 is a plane but it sounds cool so yer...
Which meant that other countries were already contaminated.America was hit hard with people dropping dead in the streets.Im sure you know what happens when somthing like this happens,thats right absolute anarchy,everyone paniced.
People started running to the country sides or to different states praying that it hadn't been hit-which obviously had happened-or trying to reach relatives that lived across the country,and then you had the people who went looting,stealing priceless jewellery and paintings in the hope of getting money for them.
Then you had people who were stealing X-box's and playstation 3's or clothes I never really get why people go stealing pointless shit like this when theres something really bad is happening it seems kinda stupid,but then again maybe it makes sense to them.
Then you had the people who locked themselves in their houses and prayed that it would all blow over.I was one of those people.
My names Mikey by the way ,Mikey Way or for my full name Micheal James Way.Its been 4 months since X-19 hit and me and my brother Gerard ,and our friends Frank,Ray and Bob are all trying to get from New jersey to California,I know that sounds stupid but we are trying to get to the Yuha desert.Why? because we got a distress call from a man name Darrel and his friend Jacob they say they have a little girl called Grace with them and I know its only three people but still its other survivors.
We can only pray we'll get there in time

To-night, this frost will fasten on this mud and us,
Shrivelling many hands, puckering foreheads crisp.
The burying-party, picks and shovels in shaking grasp,
Pause over half-known faces. All their eyes are ice,
But nothing happens.~Wilfred owen Exposure

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