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Goddamn, that girl was good at hiding stories.

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Hello people of FicWad. Long time no see.

So here's the deal. Listen up.

Recently, i.e. yesterday, Lornaigh's stepmother contacted me with the following message.

"Katherine, what the hell is 'unitedsuck007'? There are numerous stories on my Microsoft Office which is marked by it. I have a very bad feeling this is something to do with Lornaigh, isn't it?"

She sent me all of the stuff she found in her MW marked "FW"-and guess what's there?

-another two stories by Lornaigh

-three one-shots

-and, last by not least, MORE CHAPTERS OF FULL OF HOLES.

This is adding to First of the Gang to Die and Holiday in Cambodia. So all in all, that spells out pretty fucking awesome.

I mean, seriously, the amount of people who email me and Jane is crazy, still asking if that stuff has continued. We all know Lornaigh had a fondness for storing her creations elsewhere, but Jesus, this makes her own laptop, her sister's, her father's, her friends, mine, her stepmothers-

Christ, how did she even do that I mean God above-

So,if you guys wanna read them, I'll holler at Jane-since I'm a little occupied at the moment-and she'll do her best to get shit up. If ye don't, we won't.

Love & gay fictional smut,

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