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Results and End Date

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The end date is near! Hurry hurry HURRY!!!!!!!

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As you all know, I need characters for Best Party EVER! and I hate to tell you guys that the end date for the auditions for the first 5-10 chapters is Saturday, 9/17(that's in two days, babes!!) I know ~sad face~ it sucks, but I'm already using some of the characters I got in the first 11 reviews. And as a tiny little tease.........I'm already writting chapter 3 =3 I'm lookin at it right now, sittin here to my left :p I know, I'm evil. But you love me for my Frerard smut and awesome writting. So show the love and come up with more characters!!!!! And yes, you can audition more than once you guys! Hugs and Hookers - Lala
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