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Alex and Kayla meet me and Ned

Category: Toolbox Murders - Rating: R - Genres: Erotica, Fantasy, Horror - Warnings: [V] [X] - Published: 2006-06-07 - Updated: 2006-06-08 - 408 words

"Ello?" called out a raven haired man.

He and his wife had just stepped into the Lusman Arms apartmets in good old Hollywood. The man and his wife looked at was going around. Many a police and doctors going around and a man fixing a light fixture.

"May I like help y'all?" asked a raven haired girl.

"Yes," said the man. "I'm Alex and this is Kayla."

"Like I care?" she scoffed.

"We're the Higgens!" said Kayla.

"Well howdy do!" she said with a fake smile. "The Higgens!"

"Yes, uh, can we have the key to our apartment?" asked Alex?

The girl searched her pockets. She laughed. "Must still be on the key board down in the basement!"

She turned to the man on the ladder. "Nedd!" she whined.

Ned came off the ladder. "Yes, Mickey?" he asked?

"I left the Higgens' key down in the basement!" she said.

"You're a dolt!" he said. "You knew they were coming!"

"Yes, but it must've fallen out of my pocket when I was giving you a blow job!" she said. "So,
Jace must've picked it up and placed it on the key board!"

"So, you want me to get it for you?" he asked.

"Uh, duh!" she said.

Ned turned to leave and Mickey smacked his ass. He turned and looked at her. She winked.

"Where's is the damn manager!" demanded Kayla!

"I am the damn manager!" said Mickey. "Uhg! This must look real bad!"

The couple shook their head. "With the police and sex goin' on, it seems like the Looseman-" Alex was cut short.

"Lusman!" she said. "Lusman Arms!"

"Seems like a hell hole."

"Okay, let's start over!" she smiled. "I'm Mickey soon-to-be Lundy and I run this flea bag!"

"Hello," said Alex. "I'm Alex Higgens and this here is my lovely wife, Kayla."

"How do you do!" Kayla said. "So what's up with the police and crap?"

"Oh! A girl commited suicide!" said Mickey.

"Suicide?" gasped Alex.

"Yes, Suicide!" said Mickey. "It's a damn pain too!"

"It must not make this place look to good," said Kayla.

"Oh, like I care," said Mickey. "It's a pain cause me and Ned we're gettin' it goin! YOW!"

"Are you and Ned like a couple or something?" asked Alex?

Mickey laughed and flashed a diamond ring. "He's my soon to be husband!"

Ned came back with key in hand. "Well, here you go," said Ned and handed Alex the key.
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