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my chemical ghosts

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Mini frerard. At a sleepover things get a little too scary for Frank...

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hey, it has been a while since I`ve done one of these. To tell the truth I wrote this ages ago in the summer, but I never actually posted it. I hope you like it, if you do I may begin writing more like it again

Mikey`s pov
I stare at my older, annoying brother as he jumps around the shared room, disturbing dirty clothes, toys and comics that had been left, rotting on the stained carpet for a for few weeks now.
“Frankie`s coming over, Frankie`s coming over!” he squeals excitedly, over and over again, jumping up onto his bed and jumping on it, his clean clothes and a few drawings he had done earlier flying off, landing somewhere in the room, never to be seen again.
“Yes, Gerard, Frank is going to stay here tonight as his mama`s out of town. And Mama says she`ll see If Ray and Bob`s parents will let them stay the night as well.” I roll my eyes, sitting down on the edge of my bed, watching s Gerard slowly begins to calm down after his sugar rush.
“Yay, when will they get here?!”
“Boys.” Mama enters the room, hesitantly kicking a dirty sock with her foot, almost as though she expected it to bite her or something, if it was Gerard`s, chances are it would. “I thought I told you to clean up in here,”
We both nod sheepishly, not able to meet her eyes. She sighs and walks over to my bed and sits down next to me, Gerard stays where he was, getting ready to sulk.
“Everyone will be here in half an hour, you`ll never have this clean in time.”
“They can still stay here, right?” Gerard asks, sitting upright, his eyes wide with fear, worried that he would not get to see his precious Frankie after all.
“Yes, of course they can, I can hardly cancel now. I’ll just have to think of something,” she sighs again, a more draw out one this time as she inspects the room further. “I know, you can all camp out in the living room tonight, I`ll get your father to look out the old sleeping bags.”
“YAY!” we both run over to her and hug her, she laughs and ruffles my hair affectionately. She doesn’t dare do the same to Gerard, only Frank was allowed to get away with that.
Mama gets to work setting up the sleeping bags, unrolling them after dad had dug them out of the cupboard in their room. Only a minute after she had finished, the doorbell rang.
“I`ll get it!” Gerard screams and runs out of the room to answer it, eager to see Frank, I follow, wanting to see my friends as well.
“Hi Gee!” Frank wraps his arms tightly around him, both of them smiling widely.
“Now Frank, I want you to behave for Gerard`s parents, okay?”
“Don’t worry, he`ll be fine,” Mama smiles at her best friend and takes his overnight bag full of clothes for the morning off of her and puts it down on the floor.
“Ray, that goes for you too,” His mama kisses him swiftly on the cheek and he mumbles a quick goodbye.
The two of them walk away, and head back home, happy to be free for a few hours.
“Bob, if you misbehave I`ll come right back here and pick you up,” his mama warns him sternly, before hugging him tightly, ignoring his protests and heads out of the house, waving goodbye.

Gerard`s pov
YAY!! Frankie was here! After mama had left us alone to go and get some sweets we all head into the living room where we would be sleeping tonight.
After watching TV and playing games for a bit, mama comes in and tells us we had to go to sleep because it was late. Grumbling we all do as we were told and get into out sleeping bags, I was next to Mikey and Frankie and Bob was in between Ray and Mikey.
“I ain`t tired!” Bob complains, sitting upright in his bed, grabbing a flashlight from his bag. “Let’s tell ghost stores!” we all nod our heads happily, Bob told the best ghost stories.
“Okay so there was this old building somewhere, a mansion and it was haunted by the ghosts of the people who used to live there.”
“What was it called, this mansion?” Ray asks his best friend, rather sceptically.
Bob shrugs, “erm paramour mansion, okay, I don`t know why it just was,” He adds, seeing Ray about to interrupt again.
“Well there was a group of five best friends,” he smiles at all of us, “And they were in a band. They decided to stay there and do some work, like band stuff and bad things happened to them.”
“Like what?” Mikey asks, his voice trembling slightly, sitting upright, clutching his unicorn teddy to his chest.
Well, erm one of them kept seeing things like evil ghosts and fire and stuff, they kept coming after him, trying to strangle him,” I gulp and absentmindedly clutch my neck, that didn’t sound too nice.
“And objects kept moving around like pictures and glasses and stuff. They heard voices in empty halls and the bathroom flooded at night even though there was no water running.”
“What happened to the band?” I ask, curious, it sounded horrible, I dint know what I would do if it was happening to me, part of me would want to try and stop the ghosts, like get rid of them or something but I would probably also want to get as far away from it as possible.
“Well three of them died," he switches the flashlight off, encasing us all in darkness, causing us to jump slightly. “One was drowned while he slept, that was the drummer, the erm, guitarist was burned to death...while he was still awake and the other, the erm, singer, yeah the singer was strangled while he slept.” We all shiver.
“What happened to the other two?”
“Well the other guitarist and the erm, the bassist ran away after finding their friends bodies, but they couldn`t run forever from the spirits. They followed them and they drove them mad, the two killed themselves by jumping off a cliff. Their bodies were never found. The end.” Bob smiles smugly, seeing that we were all somewhat terrified.
“Wow that was so scary, I actually almost thought I felt a hand on my neck when you were telling it, it was that real sounding,” Bib grins at the praise, chucking the flashlight onto the floor, and lies down, ready to go to sleep now.
“Night guys,” I whisper. Everyone replies apart from frank, was he sleeping? “Night Frankie,” I whisper in his ear, only to find that he was shaking.
“what`s up?” I ask concerned.
“I`m scared to go sleep Gee, what of the sprits get me?” oh poor kid, he thought it was real.
“Hush…your alright, it’s not real, ghost don’t exist, Frankie,”
“Really?” I nod, pulling back the covers of my sleeping bag.
“If you want you can seep with me tonight, I`ll stop any spirits hurting you.” He nods and gets in bedside me, laying his head on my chest. It was a little cramped, but I didn`t mind, I wanted to make sure my best friend was okay.
“Yes, thank you Gee. No scary ghosts are gonna get me with you around.” I laugh quietly and kiss his forehead.
“Nope, no scary ghosts are ever gonna hurt you Frankie, I won’t let `em.”
He snuggles closer and closes his eyes, falling into a deep slumber almost instantly.
“Love you Frankie,” and then I close my eyes and join him.
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