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Old Memories

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"But you're only half! You can't be turning evil like him," Mikey said, disbelievingly.

"It just started happening, I can't control it," Gerard sadly said. I moved my hand back to my throbbing cheek, making me wince in contact. Mikey saw, he removed my hand from my face and examined it.

"That was a pretty hard hit, are you sure you're going to be okay? We can hold off on your training for today." I shook my head, "No, I'm fine. We need to do this." Mikey took one last look at me and nodded before walking back to the house in a fast angel-speed.

"I'm so so so so sorry Leda!" Gerard apologized.

"You can't control it, I understand," I said sullenly.

"I'll make it up to you, I promise."

With that, we moved right into training.

"So I'm going to teach you how to move fast." I raised my eyebrow as I stood in my place across from Gerard.

"I thought I couldn't do all that supernatural junk."

"Well, you can fly. So whose to say you can't?" Gerard smirked. I gave him a look, one that said "I'm still mad at you."

He quickly moved along. "So when first learning how to do this it's tricky but after you do it for the first time, it'll just come naturally." I nodded.

"The first thing you have to do is think about the thing that makes you happiest in the world, now you don't have to do this ever again, it's just a first time thing."

I took a moment to think. Then, it came to me, a flashback popped in my head.

~-(theeeee flashback)-~ 4 months ago

I woke up to a camera in my face. I buried my face in my pillow, trying to hide from it's view.

"Good morning beautiful," My boyfriend's angelic voice said through the loud storm that was just starting. I moved my head off of the pillow to look at him. He had a digital camera in his right hand while his left supported him on the bed.

"Gerard what are you doing?" I asked, embarrassed by my ugly morning hair being filmed.

"I just wanted to record you, beautiful," He leaned down and kissed me with the camera watching.

"But I don't want my morning hair being filmed," I pouted and snuggled into the warm blankets.

"That's not your morning hair, that's your sex hair," Gerard smirked, while he continued to record me.

"It's still too messy," I said. The storm picked up a bit more, making the room colder, I threw the blankets over my head in seek of warmth.

"Oh come on, you know I love your sex hair. Uh what are you trying to do under there?" Gerard asked, he pulled up the covers and turned the camera to another setting so it could film in the dim lighting.

"Gee, if anyone sees this footage, I will cut off your pinkies," I threatened. I mean, I wasn't wearing anything because of last night.

"No, it's for my eyes only," Gerard said, like a jealous boyfriend. I stole the camera from him and continued the filming on him.

"Then this is for my eyes only." I stated, referring to his nakedness now being on the camera.

"Agreed," Gerard smiled into the camera. He stole it back.

"Him what to do on this perfect, cold morning in bed with my beautiful naked girlfriend. I don't know, a pillow fight maybe? Nah, what ever shall we do?" Gerard acted overly clueless.

I laughed, "I think I've got an idea." I reached for the camera, he moved it from my grasp.

"Gerard, no more filming," I ordered.

He sighed, "Fine."

~-(Out of theeee flashback)-~

I smiled at the memory, it was one of my many favorites. I didn't know what ever happened to that camera, though. That made me nervous, someone could have it and blackmail us.

"It must be a very good memory," Gerard's voice cut in to my thoughts.

"Yes, it is." I nodded with a smile plastered on my face.

"You wanna tell me what it is? Or do I have to stand here and be curious all day?"

I explained the whole memory to him. He smiled but didn't say anything about it.

"Alright, well get it set in your head. Then, when you're ready, let it run through you and relax all your tension." I relaxed a great deal with the memory replaying through my mind.

"Good, now you have to want, want with all your might to be by that tree, but keep thinking about the memory relaxing you" Gerard pointed to a nearby tree. I did as he said and with little to almost no effort, I had reached the tree in the blink of any eye.

"I did it!" I jumped up and down in glee. It really worked!

"Good work Leda you learned faster than Mikey, but don't tell him that it'll make him feel bad," Gerard said when he reached the tree.

"Thanks for teaching me Gerard," I said sincerely, this was majorly helping my mood.

"No problem Lee," Gerard bowed and turned back to the house, slumping his shoulders as he walked. I knew he was feeling really crappy about his new found anger and his secret getting out. I didn't wanna go over the whole cheating thing again. If we were gonna fix each other and start over, then it would make the world a better place. But I just wasn't sure if I wanted to give him another chance. Frank and Mikey would distance themselves and I didn't wanna lose 2 of my best friends. I used my new super speed to get back to the house in at least 2 seconds. Gerard was still walking, he didn't even notice when I was grabbed from behind.
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