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Chapter 1

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Kain Goes to find a way to release raziel and Save nosgoth

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Chapter 1: Journey for Raziel

Kain watched from the balcony in the ancient vampire fortress, knowing that only a few moments ago, he had made the ultimate choice any being could make, damning Nosgoth into decay in preserving his own life. As he looked down on the Soul Reaver, glowing with gold and blue fire that was Raziel's spirit a small part of him wished that he could have been as brave as his first born son, and taken up his role in saving the land.

But now was not the time for regrets. The Elder God was buried under thousands of pounds of rubble, buried there for hopefully all eternity. His "Wheel of Fate" had been stopped, but for how long?

And now Kain stood on the balcony of that ruined city, knowing his younger self now walked away from the Pillars, planning to build his empire and rule Nosgoth in it's now ruined state. Over time and numerous trails which would bring him closer and closer to death, Kain would eventually resurrect the beloved Sarafan warriors, making them his lieutenants; Raziel being the first.

Due to Me and Raziel's paradox, Some Hylden still existed and needed to be stopped.This will be a problem, as was the task of staying the Elder God's hand, Kain decided it was his turn to pull some strings, undoing a few acts that should never have come to pass…

Namely, Raziel's spirit entering the Soul Reaver.

Kain's choice was decided. As he took to his bat-flight, he felt the determination to do what he wished, overcoming any sense of reason or caution.

He would free Raziel from the Soul Reaver.

As he flew over the lands, Kain thought vaguely of going to the Pillars, but he stopped himself and instead, headed in the opposite direction. He knew what cataclysmic events would occur should he meet his past self. Personally, he wondered if this endeavor to save Raziel was wise in itself.

But his determination was boundless. He had been manipulated and turned about too long. Raziel's sacrifice was to free all spirits and beings from the "Wheel of Fate" and with the burying of the Elder God, which seemed accomplished for now. It was now his turn to move the pieces on the board.

His journey continued until he found a small human town, not large enough to be worth placing on a map, but big enough to suit his purposes. At the moment, he needed to feed.

Forming back into himself upon a rooftop, Kain glanced down to the street, watching all of the humans stroll by on their daily routines, no clue as to the fate which awaited them around a corner.

The sun was setting, and Kain knew it was a prime time for hunting.

Leaping down from the rooftop, Kain landed silently in an alley. He watched, hidden in the shadows awaiting the human which would be his meal.

Within a few minutes he spotted him. A young, but strong looking human walking quickly towards the alley, too wrapped up in his own actions to really pay attention to where he was going. From the large lump under his cloak, Kain guessed that this particular human was a thief, and the alley was his getaway; not for long.

The human dodged into the alleyway, nearly running into Kain. The human began to snarl some angry remark at Kain, only to have his jaw fall open at the sight of the vampire. The thief dropped the object hidden in his cloak which shattered on the ground; a bottle of some sort of alcoholic beverage by the smell. The human moved to scream, but Kain clamped a large claw around the human's throat cutting off the scream before it started.

With a grin Kain snapped the neck of the human and drove his fangs into his neck, drinking the hot, crimson life blood that ran through the human's veins. The euphoria of the kill and the draining of blood left Kain feeling almost giddy and intoxicated, but with the strict guards on all emotions and feelings Kain had created, the moment lasted but a second. One second of the blood induced intoxication was enough for a vampire to be spotted by a guard and be destroyed. Kain wasn't taking any chances. He wasn't about to be killed by some lacey guard because he stupidly let down his guard; not after all he survived.

And with his hunger stated, Kain now sought what he needed next. His body, despite the endurance his vampiric blood gave him, was exhausted after his fight with the Elder God. He needed a place to rest, preferable a more secluded place.

Climbing back up to the top of the building, Kain stole a heavy black cloak hanging on a string, set out to dry. The soft texture and light weight of the cloth hinted to its higher price. Luckily, the owner was taller than most humans, allowing the cloak to effectively cover Kain's appearance. People would not take well to a green skinned, clawed foot and handed vampire walking among them.

Once again dropping to the ground, Kain headed off in search of refuge.
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