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My Lost Little Girl

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Hello and welcome to another exciting fanfiction from Amber! This one is going to replace temporarily my Season 3. So here you go!
"Stop! Please don't take her away! She's only a little girl!"
My fretting husband yelled into nothing as I sat up. Rolling over in the bed, I tapped his shoulder a few times, "Mikey. Mikey. Wake up!"
After another tap or two, he finally awoke, shaking his head vigorously, "Whaaa?"
I rolled my eyes playfully, "You were screaming at nothing. Bad dream?"
I layed my head back down on the pillow and he stretched his arm around my neck, "Oh nothing. Just some... odd... stuff."
"What kind of," insert finger quotes here, "'odd stuff' are you talking about?"
"Oh you know, weird things that people dream about. Nothing in particular, just random stuff."
I stuck out my bottom lip, hoping it would persuade him to tell me, "Pwease?? Pwease tell me."
He closed his eyes and sighed, "It's nothing, really. Absolutely nothing..."
He trailed off and turned his head away form me, I could tell he was asleep and I exhaled loudly. I was going to find out what he was dreaming about, whether he'd help me or not.
Mikey was gone, already out to Gerard's house. They, Frank, and Ray were planning MCR things, I'm not exactly sure.
My closet, being the stupid asshole it is, was stuck again. The only thing I managed to rip out from the small gap between the wall and the door was my grey skinnies. Pulling them on, I muttered about fixing the door and went over to Mikey's closet. I planned on stealing a shirt, like I did when was necessary which was often. Sliding open the closet door, I rummaged around the piles of shirts Mikey often wore. When I finally selected a shirt, my hand hit something.
Digging around in the pile, I pulled out a box. Nothing special, just an ordinary shoe box. I pulled off the top, expecting a pair of shoes it was a shoe box, leave me alone, when I saw a couple papers. I flipped them right-side up and saw... legal documents?
I skimmed the paper quickly. Adoption? New Jersey? Amri Way? I started over, putting the paper back and picking up the box, where I sat down on the couch in the living room. For then, I read in depth everything that was in the box. It was adoption papers, from 1999, for a two-year-old girl named Amri. The next paper was a notice from Social Services, saying that if Mikey didn't contact them immediately, they'd take Amri. A few more notices similar to that. On the bottom of the box was a small slip, "Mr. Way, we are sorry to inform you that we shall be taking Amri Way to Social Services Friday, August 20, 2004. Please have her ready by that time."
Mikey had a daughter? And they took her away? At the very moment I put the paper down, the door unlocked.
"Alicia? Hey, babe, where are ya?"
"In the living room. I gotta talk to you about something."
He walked into the living room with a smile on his face, but it quickly faded when he saw what sat in my lap, "You found it?"
I nodded, "You wanna tell me what happened?"
He sighed and I could tell he was trying not to cry. I pulled my feet up onto the couch as he sat next to me, "You wanna hear the long, horrible tale? Okay then."
Hello my FicWad readers!!!! Long time, no see! How ya been? Good? Good.
So this is my new story that will be replacing Season 3 in the 'update regularly' catagory.
And 'Amri' is said 'Am-re', just so ya know.
Anyways, rate and review if you'd like to! I wanna know what you think of the new one!
Amber (the author)
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