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Friendship: Where Do You Draw The Line?

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Gwen is the grandchild of Integra, living in america. but when Alucard is passed onto her, the world is sent into a spiral down hill.

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Chapter 1
Gift for Gwenevere
3rd person

Felix shifted the baby girl in his arms as he watched a group of people climb out of the just landed plane. It was a group of three but several personnel were behind them carrying their luggage. The elderly woman at the head had long blond hair, big round glasses, and a cigar in her mouth. To her right was a young woman with blond hair, blue eyes, and an extreme girly figure. To the far left was a man with long braided brown hair, an eye patch over his left eye, a large backpack, and a large hat. Behind them the group of employees was carrying three large coffin shaped boxes. Felix stepped towards the woman as she walked towards him.
“Good evening mother. Welcome to America.”
The baby girl in his arms reached out for the woman who smiled and took her out of Felix’s arms. In a strong voice she cooed the baby
“You must be my granddaughter, Gwenevere”
The brown haired baby giggled, its light green eyes lighting up. The woman let the baby finger her necklace and started telling the little girl her stories as she walked away from the plane.
“Mother, I think it best if you don’t do that”
The woman stopped walking to face her son
“She's my grandchild and she needs to know what's out there”
“But I'm her father and I don’t want her to know”
The woman frowned and turned away
“We’ll talk about this later”
Felix sighed. He was clearly unhappy about his mother’s visit and wanted it over as soon as possible.
“Felix, grab my bag”
Felix sighed
“Yes mother”
Felix grabbed a small bag from the man with the eye patch who smiled and ruffled his hair like he was a child. Felix had known this man since he was born but it didn't mean he had to like him.
“Hey squirt”
Felix forced a smile
“Greetings Commander.”
The man laughed
“Pip, my name is Pip”
Felix shrugged; he could care less about what his name was.
“Hello again Seras”
Felix was looking at the only sane person of the three who was smiling at him. Her left arm had a long white glove and long sleeve but her right arm was exposed with a rolled up sleeve. The reason didn't matter to Felix; Seras had always worn it that way since he was little.
“Hello sir.”
Felix nodded feeling awkward at being called “sir”. So he decided to turn back to his mother who was pointing and talking to some of her men while still holding his daughter.
“Mother, why are you here?”
The woman was in the middle of setting the baby on one off the coffin shaped boxes. It was completely black with a phrase written on it. Felix snatched his daughter off the box and stepped away from it as if it was a disease. His mother turned with a confused look as Felix pointed with anger at the coffin.
“Why is HE here!? I don’t want that thing any where near my daughter.”
The woman smiled
“It is Gwenevere’s 3rd birthday and I, Sir Integra as her grandmother, am here with a gift.”
“Why couldn't you mail it like a normal person instead of bringing your posse?”
Integra smiled
“Because you just can't mail a coffin and protection force”
Felix furrowed his brow
“Eh? Protection force? For what?”
“Yes, she needs protection from you and vampires”
Felix really didn't want his mother here; she was always trying to rule his life and tell him what to do.
“Felix, this is the first time you have held your daughter is it not?”
Though he would not admit it she was right. His only child had been staying with a friend from the day she was born while he did whatever he wanted with his life. Being tied to a child was not what he had in mind when he ran to America to get away from the Hellsing organization.
“That’s none of your business”
“She is my grandchild so it is my business. You are unfit to take care of her. The ghouls have already attacked haven’t they?”
Felix looked to the ground nodding. It was true; ghouls had attacked while he was visiting his daughter. His friend was the one who had to fend them off. He had been too scared and ran; leaving his daughter and friend to deal with the monsters themselves.
“She needs protection and that’s your fault. You're the one who got with a HER”
The way his mother said it made him clench his fists. He passed Gwenevere to Seras who cradled the baby having absolutely no idea what to do with it. Felix stood in his mother’s face
“She may have been HALF vampire but that doesn't mean you get to bash her. You walk around with that thing…” Felix jabbed his finger at the coffin “…and act like its ok!”
Integra grinned
“At least I didn't have a kid with him”
Felix’s face grew hot
“But you let him go around…”
Integra placed her hand up to silence him
“That’s quite enough Felix. Either you let me do what I want… or I will force you to let me do as I want”
Felix rolled his eyes; this was typical mother behavior.
“Fine, do as you please. But do not put that think in my house!”
“It’s not going in your house. It’s going to whoever she's staying with. Which I assume is them”
Integra pointed to three people standing by a black car. One was a small blond headed boy, a redheaded woman, and a man dressed in pure Australian garb. The man waved and Felix pinched the bridge of his nose, clearly displeased by his current situation.
Having that monster somewhere near his daughter would be just down right horrible. He himself had grown up in England with that thing and he didn't want his daughter to go through the same torment. That creature had bugged him from the time he could speak; and even before that! The vampire had taunted him saying he’s too weak to be the heir to Hellsing and he refused to serve him. He had no willpower and gave into almost anything. He was a Scaredy-cat and a coward with no chance of having responsibility over anything.
The vampire had been right but he had no right to bother him with it every day and make him feel awful. That was one of the many reasons he had moved to America. To get away from the evil mayhem that partook in England and within his family; he had never dealt well with chaos.
“Come on Felix. I would like to get Alucard settled in before the day is out”
Felix sighed and took back his daughter from Seras. Integra had made up her mind; there was no stopping her now.
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