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Like the Dirty Whores you are

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Frerard I was bored this morning and this was the result:P

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Cliche Stage Gay Commence!

Our lips crashed together like waves and the shore, entagling us in a passionate kiss. I slid my tongue in quickly, tasting his minty mouth as he stopped playing to wrap his arm around my waist. I could get lost in this moment forever, never letting go of him, but the audience’s shreaks of pleasure and my brother’s disapproving look got me to stop. I shoved him away playfully, returning to the song, but the microphone against my lips nearly made me shudder. It just didn’t feel as right anymore as his lips, but I forced myself to keep singing.

My mind was racing and my heart was beating out of time, but at the moment, I didn’t care. I was reliving every moment of that kiss inside my head, from the taste of his lips, to his arm wrapping around me and pulling me closer. My eyes wandered around the stage, eventually landing on my little Frankie. I almost whimpered at the sight. Someone had thrown a condom onstage and he had it attached to the microphone and in between his teeth, playing and sucking on it at the same time. He was sweat drenched and focused on a guitar, nothing sexier than that.
As the song came to an end, I strutted over to his side of the stage and he crawled in between my legs, still managing to play although I was now standing over him. If I wasn’t turned on before, I sure as fuck was now!

The rest of the concert flew by, and before I knew it, I was thanking the audience for coming out, but I had a little something in mind that would-hopefully- work out
for me.

“Now! Is there anything you guys would like to see or hear before we go?” I had just plainly stated that we’d play one more song, but no, that’s not what they call for.

“Fre-rard, Fre-rard!” I laugh and smile.

“Are you suuuree?” I wiggle my eyes at them and within milliseconds, my ears are filled with countless screams of “yes!” Now that sounded dirty. I make eyecontact with Frankie, him wiggling his eyebrows at me, causing me to laugh.

“Kiss him! Kiss him! Kiss him!” The audiences screams were deafening, but it gave me enough confidence to do so. I glanced at the audience one more time, but I was tackled to the ground and within seconds found lips on mine. Knowing it was Frankie I kissed back, us pulling away after a few seconds. Both out of breath and with smiles on our faces, I pushed him off of me, wrapping an arm around his shoulder as we stand up. By now, my brother had a microphone, and was walking to the front of the stage to talk to the audience.

“oh god…” Frankie mumbled next to me, but I just laughed.

“Hey, give him a chance, he might actually say-“

“So what did you guys call that…? Frerard?” The audience screams,

“yeah, nevermind.” Frank nods and giggles next to me, resting his forehead on my shoulder for a few seconds.

”Why do you guys think it’s so sexy?” he kneals to the front of the stage and puts
the mic to some girls face. She looks directly at us.

“Most fanbases are like ‘awww, they should get married’ the MCRmy are more like ‘fuck each other like the dirty whores you are and let us watch.’” That should be offensive, but I can’t help but laugh, because the whole audience agrees. Mikey looks terrified and hands me back the mic, but I can’t help be proud that he actually spoke.

“fuck each other like the dirty whores you are and let us watch? Really?” The front row nods and by now I am laughing and shaking my head. “Ah, I love you guys. I bet there is no other fanbase like you. So remember, stay beautiful, keep it ugly, and never ever let them take you alive…while Frankie and I fuck like dirty whores back stage and none of you get to watch.” I stick my tongue out at them as they scream. Most of the band laughed at my statement and the stage fades to black. Frankie walks ahead of me, carrying his beloved pansy. We all collapse on the couches backstage, exhausted.

“What the hell happened out there to night? It was like…Frerard mania!” Bob laughs, the blonde on an adrenaline high as were the rest of us .

“Gotta give the fans what they want, right?” I ask.Everyone nods and laughs besides Frankie, who seems to be staring off into the distance with a slightly pained expression on his beautiful features.

“You alright, Frankie?” He looks up at me for a second, an unreadable expression in his eyes.

“yeah, I’m just tired, I’m going to go to the bus and sleep until we get to the hotel, alright? Wake me up when we get there?” I nod and watch him off, sighing and worried.

After a few seconds, the guys look at me.

“You need to tell him.” Ray states first, looking straight at me.

“W-what?” All of their gazes was making me nervous. I can perform in front of thousands of people with out a problem, but when it comes to these three, I’m nervous as shit.

“Come on, Gerard. You’d have to be blind to not see that you love him.” I blush, trying to come up with a snappy comeback.

“Of course I love him, he’s my best friend.” Good catch.

“No, Gee, you’re IN Love with him. I’m honestly surprised shitless he doesn’t notice it-at all.” Mikey coos.

“Okay, you guys don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about. Frankie’s straight, I’m straight. You’re all starting to believe our crazy fan girls who want to watch
all of us have an orgy! Even you and me, Mikey! They call it waycest! Just…drop it, alright? I’m going to bed. Wake me up when we get to the hotel.” I was angry and defensive which I know didn’t make things look any better. I stalk off to the bus, hearing the last bit of their conversation.


“This is why we don’t let you talk to the fans.” I climb on the bus as quietly as I can, hearing tiny sobs after a few seconds.

“I k-know… I know…I couldn’t help it… It just…happened.” I take a few steps, walking over to Frank’s bunk. “I g-gotta go…Gee is here…because it smells like cigarettes and coffee…bye…What do you want, Gerard?”

“What’s wrong?” He sighs, trying to calm himself down. I want to open the curtain, but I know he’ll get pissed if I do.

“Nothing…I’m fine.” I roll my eyes.

“You’re obviously not fine…Open up.” I knew what his answer was going to be though.

“No.” He’s so immature sometimes.

“Come on, Frankie…” I heard him whimper, then pull the curtain back. He was sitting there, knees up to his chest with tear stained eyes. I crawl in and sit facing him
in the same position. “What’s up?”

“I’m just tired…we’ve been on tour for a while.” I catch his lie right away and laugh slightly.
“You’re such a terrible liar.” He looks down at his still shoe covered feet.

“Come on, F, I know when something’s really bothering you.” My heart was breaking. I hated
seeing him like this. I reached over and put my hand under his chin, gently forcing him to look up at me. His russet eyes meet mine and he lets out a shaky breath.

“I fell in love with someone who will never love me back.” I shake my head, confused.

“What are you talking about? Jamia loves you so much!” He looks down and mumbles.

“That’s not who I’m talking about…” I felt like maggots were crawling around in my stomach, but I decided to share how I was feeling too.

“I know exactly how you feel.” He looks up at me with an annoyed look gracing his features.

“Doubt it.” He scoffs and looks away but I laugh slowly.

“When they look at you, you feel like you could conquer the world, until they look away. When they touch you..or…get close to you, you never want to let go because there is that electric shock that flows through your body and it’s the best feeling in the world. And…when they talk to you, you feel like you could tell them anything but you won’t, because you’re terrified they’ll never talk to you again.” He turns back towards me, eyes softer, “and…if they sit on your lap…or…or…kiss you, you feel like there’s no one else in the world but you and your perfect little companion…and just watching them do what they love is the greatest thing you could ever spend your time doing… and people begin to wish you were dating, although they doubt you ever will be…” I bite my lip when I realize I’ve said too much. His eyes were wide and I looked down, blushing.

“Wh…what?” I couldn’t meet his eyes, so I turned to climb off his bunk.

“You’re the one I fell for, Frankie…I’m sorry.” I begin to stand up, but he grabs my hand and pulls me back down, tackling me onto my back and looking at me through
estatic eyes.

“Gerard, you’re fucking crazy! I’ve loved you since…I can’t even remember when I didn’t!” I feel a smile spread across my face and narrow my eyes.

“Prove it.” He leans down and kisses my lips, me eagerly kissing him back. I wrap my arms around his waist and he drops his hips onto mine, pretty much sitting on top of me. We pull away after god knows how long and he has the biggest, most adorable smile on his face.

“Mmmm…cigarettes and coffee…signature Gerard.” I blush and pull him close again.

“But what about Jamia?” My heart drops when I rememeber his girlfriend. He sits up and his stoner giggle echoes thoughout the bus.

“You thought I was dating her?” I nod, confused. “Gerard, she’s a lesbian!” This statement made me ten times happier and I pulled him in for a tight hug, both of us laying down and his chest on mine. I could feel both our erratic heartbeats finally beating out of time. I brush hair out of his beautiful face and kiss the top of his head, sighing. I was so content lying there with him in my arms, that I felt myself drifting off to sleep.

“I love you, Frankie…”

“I love to too, Gee, so much…”


The three other band members climbed onto the bus quietly, as to not disturb their vocalist and rythem guitarist, but as Mikey walked past his brother’s bunk, he paniced.

“Where’s Gerard?” Bob’s giggle found it’s way to Ray and MIkey’s ears and they both looked at him. He pointed to about a footlong crack in the curtain around Frank’s bunk. Mikey peeked in and smiled at what he saw. Frank’s head was resting peacefully on Gerard’s chest, hand covering Gerard’s heart. Gerard had his arm around Frankie’s waist and a content smile on his cheeks, surrounded by his raven halo of hair. Both were sound asleep. Mikey grabbed a camera and took a quick picture, making sure to capture the moment forever.
Not surprisingly, he was okay with his brother being gay, but he still wanted to be the first to tell his parents!

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