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Young And Loaded

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-------------FRANK'S P.O.V----------

I woke up with my head on Alex's chest. I sat up, startled. What had happened last night?!
Looking around me I could see bottles of booze, food debris, and sleeping bodies of my friends.
Gerard and Lydia lay beside eachother, and Amber and Mikey were lying, facing eachother. Jayde, Nolee, Bob, Ray, Charlie and Epsilon were all lying in a tangled mass in the corner.
I stood up and groaned. I had a pounding headache. How much did we drink last... My stomach jolted as I looked over at Mikey. So that's what had happened. I felt physically sick. Sure, he was cute, but I was in love with Gerard! I ran to the bathroom and heaved over the toilet. I wasn't sure whether it was because I was hungover or because of what me and Mikey had done in the closet, but I do know that afterwards I felt a lot better.
I walked back into my room to find Mikey and Amber awake and making out. I sighed loudly, hoping to catch their attention, but, no such luck. The continued to kiss. I sat down and leaned against Gerard.
"I love you.." Came his muffled voice from beneath me. I turned, startled and looked down at him.
"Gee! You scared me!" I laughed nervously, leaning down and kissing him.
"I.. I love you." He muttered again.
"I love you too." I smiled, facing him.
"I love you..." He repeated. I frowned, slightly worried.
"Mikes... MIKES!" I called, not looking away from Gerard.
"What?" Asked Mikey from the doorway.
"I love... you..." He said again.
"Mikey, he keeps on saying it!" I felt shaky and ill. What was happening.
"I love you!" Gerard wailed. He sounded like he was in pain.
It sounded ridiculous, I felt ridiculous. Mikey stared, thinking.
"He could be having a stroke, the last words he said or were said to him, he keeps on repeeating them." He recited, quick and clear. I nodded quickly and shook Lydia awake.
"Wha's 'app'nin?" She asked, her hair tangled and her eyes red.
"Gerard. He keeps on saying-"
"I love you!" He whispered, pleading in his eyes.
"Well, isn't that normal?" She yawned.
"Yes. But he's in pain. Could be a stroke..." I grabbed my cell and dialled '911'.
"Emergency. For Police Department," came the easy electronic recording of an unknown woman's voice. I immediately hit 3 and was forwarded to the New Jersey hospital.
"My friend's having a stroke, please, I need someone here as soon as possible." I babbled, interrupting the friendly voice of the person on the end of the phone.
"Okay, adress please?" She asked. I recited the address and hugged my knees to my chest, my bottom lip trembling.
"We'll send someone right away." She said, kindness leaking through the phone. I pressed the End Call button, my hands shaking.
I sat and waited for what felt like forever until Ray came over and rested his hand on my shoulder, pulling me back into a hug. I shook him off, a tear falling from under my eyelid and onto the soft red carpet.
"I love you." Came Gerard's voice. I looked down at him and sobbed once. I shook my head, pressing my eyes onto my knees, the tears soaking through my jeans.
The doorbell rang and Alex leapt up, running down the stairs three at a time and pulled open the door.
"They're upstairs." He gasped, barely audible from my room. A man and woman in white rushed through the open door. I winced as Gerard spoke the three words I had waited for him to say for so long. But now he was saying them, I just wanted him to stop.
"Can I come with you?" I whispered to the paramedics. The didn't hear me. I said it louder. "Can I come with you?"
"I'm sorry kid, this is an emergency."
I looked up, tears now flooding down my cheeks. "Please..."
They shook their heads and lifted Gerard onto a stretcher.
"I'll be there soon, Gee.." I whispered.
Mikey followed the two people out the door and I heard the front door close behind them. He was allowed to go, he was family.
I was surrounded by people. So why did I feel so alone?
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