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The goverment's true face

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The world is a mess, can Chester Bennington, Mike Shinoda and DJ Ashba solve this.

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Screams of small infants losing their parents to the deadly fights in the city filled the night. Everyone fighting for freedom, for their lives. The government they once trusted showed its true face. MPs and soldier were sent out to rid the world of criminals. What the soldiers didn’t know, or care about, was that they were the criminals.
The president, Darren Clark, was truly mad. He was ruthless and didn’t care who or what got killed. Clark was practically Death Note; he sent messages to the men at his service to kill everyone in their way. Everyone had to vote him as president since he had just killed the competition with his bare, chubby hands.
The sort-of peaceful city of New York was killed. Trash cans weren’t the only thing on fire, buildings were too. Parts of the graceful hotels and restaurants had been destroyed by the 5’oclock bombs set off around the city. People tried to hide but most were found and murdered on the spot. Rotting bodies were left on the streets, left for the bombs to rid of them.
Some very unlucky pregnant women in the hospital had a knife carve through them and the babies ripped out. They would die soon after since the men stabbed into any organs they could find, including their hearts. Doctors were kidnapped and taken to their base to help with their wounded men, not that there were any.

A group of people had teamed up to stop this. This team included the still remaining Chester Bennington, Mike Shinoda and DJ Ashba. These were the only musical celebrities still alive in New York! Chester and Mike had just managed to survive the last explosion in the basement they lived in for the past month.
No other state or country could help since Clark ruled over them too. Anyone who got out of a certain country or state would be hunted down by his men and killed merciless. Nobody thought he would go down but the team was sure his rule would end quite soon.

Chester had found the others a place to stay. An abandoned underground lab that led straight to Clark’s first base. They looked around for the power switch and Ashba found it.
All the bright lights sparked up and lighted the creepy lab. Spiders and shadows retired back under the tall test tubes. Mike was startled when he nearly walked into a row of test tube containing what seemed to be humans.
These humans were all naked but didn’t seem to have sex parts, none of them did apart from one in the corner of the lab. Mike walked across the metallic floor over to the test tube. Everyone noticed him but only Chester followed him to the creature.
It was a woman to be precise, young and tall with light brown hair. DJ Ashba came over to the female in the test tube and couldn’t help but stare at her enormous breast. He whistled in a sexy way and read the name plate under it. Angel. Chester circled the tube and signaled Mike when he saw her back.
The lumps on her spine could be easily seen and a massive scar flowed from her small shoulders to the middle of her back. Mike noticed a small feather between the sides of the scar. It looked really painful though.
Just above her ass sprouted a long tail. Chester had thought it was part the equipment at first.

They all heard a cracking sound coming from the glass surrounding the creature. Before anyone could react the glass shattered and the scar on her back let loose for a pair of pink-ish white wings. The creature screeched as blood started to pour from the open wound. It flew over to the other test tubes to free them but without success.
A shadow moved from behind the crates by the shattered test tube. The creature leaped over to the crates and dragged out the shadow.
It was a man. Dressed in black, deep purples and reds. He was obviously an emo.
The creature threw the man against a wall and grabbed one of the glass shards. It ran over to the man who had disappeared in thin air. The angel looked around puzzled but somehow flew into a wall. A faint figure made of black appeared and stabbed the angel with the shard, ripping its heart into piece. The struggling angel grew still and slumped onto floor.
The figure disappeared into thin air again and left the confused men alone. They looked at each other and stood up slowly.
“What the hell was that?” Mike asked, puzzled more than normal. They looked at each other, shrugging.
“Let’s just forget ‘bout it, OK?” Chester said simply.
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