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Now That Was Perfect

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Things are looking up.

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Returning home from dropping off Frankie and Frank at their respectable places of residence I am met by the sound of drumming and an odd thumping sound coming from my basement. I had completely forgotten I had lent out my house to Gee and Matt, so much for a little peace and quiet.

Trudging down the steps I wave at Gerard whose lips are pushed together, his eyes cast down at pieces of paper that scatter the concrete floor. Something must be going wrong. Gerard only makes the duck face when he’s frustrated or confused.

Upon seeing me Gee stops everything, coming to give me a hug, his lips pressing against my cheek, “Everything alright boo?”

Sighing, I shake my head, resting my head on Gerard’s chest, “I took Ivory to the hospital, and Mikey is still there with her. Your little sister is at home and I’m pretty sure Frank is never asking to hang out with me again.”

“I’m sorry baby,” Gerard answers, smiling at Matt who has come over to get a good look at me. The expression on his face tells me nothing about what he is thinking.

“So, this is the new Barbie doll you’re dating, huh, Gerard?”

I don’t like him. He’s not nice. I don’t look like a Barbie doll. Hiding in Gerard’s shirt I look up at Matt under my eyelashes wishing he’d leave.

“Yeah, but you won’t be calling her a Barbie doll after you see what she can do with a guitar.”

Still glaring at Matt I retrieve my red and black checked guitar from it’s stand, plopping my ass down on the floor in front of the hand written papers with multiple scribbles and cross outs. It’s clear whatever this thing is Gee put a lot of effort into it.

“What do I play?” I question not seeing any guitar notes written down.

“You’ll pick it up as we go along. Just follow Matt.”

Nodding I listen to the song through once without playing a single note, thinking where I could add things and what would sound good with which part. I’m not exactly the best at improvising but I think I’ve got a pretty good idea of what I can do.

As Matt begins the song again, I jump in, playing a few notes, adding more here and there. Gerard’s voice rings out above the instruments, recalling what happened just a day ago. Watching him I can see the passion in his eyes as he belts out the lyrics. This encourages me to push, adding more, stopping occasionally to write down a part that all three of us like.

After almost fifteen straight hours in the basement the three of us have almost finished off an entire song. Maybe Gerard talking about making a difference isn’t crazy. We could have something good going here. The three of us really could change people’s lives and not by drawing but through music.

This one song has lit the fire under our hearts, making us work for it. Playing through one last time I can’t help but get really into it, dancing around the basement, singing along with Gerard. This could really be happening.

Week Later

I’ve been bumped. Gerard got in contact with his old friend, Ray Toro, from high school and now he plays guitar. Granted he’s fucking amazing and I can only wish to play as well as him I am still just a little upset.

The work on the song that all of us have now affectionately started to call Skylines and Turnstiles is coming along quiet nicely, nearly ready to be recorded; it just needs a few more minor tweaks. Granted we can no longer use my basement due to noise complaints but that hasn’t really brought us down too much. Matt has allowed us to move all the equipment into his attic which is where Gerard, Matt, Ray, myself and even sometimes Mikey can be found on most days.

Now, sitting next to Mikey on a couch we’d hauled up the stairs, we listen to the band run through their very first song, all instruments fitting perfectly. It really is amazing to see what we have accomplished in just a little over a week.

Continuing to chew the flavor out of my gum I give Gee a thumbs up as he finishes. He’s amazing. I’ve watched him grown in confidence in just a few short days, his shy, timid voice, now loud and powerful.

Our relationship has moved forward and everyone, even Matt, who at the beginning thought I would be a distraction, accepts it. Gerard and I just have something. Sure we might still be clinging to each other because of what we saw but for now I’ll let things just go.

Hopping over to me, Gerard kneels down, kissing my lips, as I run my hands through his shaggy black hair. He really should get it cut.

“Anything this time or was it perfect?”

I giggle, “Belt a little more, and try to punch the words. It’ll make for a fuller sound. I can’t wait to record this and get it mixed.”

Biting at his lower lip, Gee smirks a little, one hand curling around my neck, the other resting on my cheek. Scrunching up my nose, my eyes flick across to the room where Ray and Matt stand, looking slightly awkward.

“Leave,” Gee growls before crashing his lips to my, our bodies falling back against the couch.

Gerard’s tongue begs for entrance which I gladly grant, exploring the crevices of his mouth, moaning just a little as one hand slips down to support my lower back. I pull gently at his black main. After a few short minutes Gee pulls away, smirking down at me.

“How was that?”

Chewing on my lip ring I smile, “Now that, was perfect.”
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