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Chapter One - Amethyst

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Stupid snow. Stupid bag. Stupid bus. Stupid emotions.

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I shut the door to my sister's house, locking it behind me. For two years now, I'd been living with my sister here in Kansas while my little brother was with our oldest sister in Hawaii.

That's what our mom told us she wanted in her will. So for a little under three years now, I'd been leaving and coming back to an empty house.

I trudged through the seven inches of snow, pulling my black jacket and straightening the button pinned over my heart. When I reached the empty bus stop, I sighed heavily.

All the other kids here were sick of freezing to death in the snow while they waited for the bus to come. I had no choice. It was either ride the bus or not go to school in my sister's eyes.

I closed my eyes, tipped my head back and took a deep, lung burning breath. My hand found its way up to my necklace. The ice cold iron hissed quietly as I closed my burning fingers around it.

“Hey kid!” I opened my eyes, expecting to see the sub bus driver. Instead, I found a long black bus and a short guy standing on the steps.

“What?” I groaned, letting my head fall to the side. He looked at me closely and stepped into the snow. I noticed he was only wearing pants and a shirt.

“A few of the guys in the band want you to get on.” I scoffed and crossed my arms over my chest.

“Sorry, I'm not a hooker. Ya know in case this” I pointed to the backpack slung over my shoulder “didn't give it away. But if you turn right here, get on Pawnee and go down to Broadway, you should pass a few. Just watch for cops.” he snorted.

“Kid, either you get on and get a ride to school or you can stand here and freeze.”

I narrowed my eyes dangerously at him and a window opened. A guy with red and black hair stuck his head out. “Just get the hell on!” He looked familiar.

My whole body was screaming in protest, but I stepped onto the bus. The sudden heat made my glasses fog over. I took them off while the short guy walked me further onto the bus.

The strap on my old bag snapped and the whole thing fell to the floor, my books and papers scattering all over. “Fuckin great.” I groaned, putting my glasses back on, bending over and started scooping it all up.

A pale hand beat me to my sketch book. “You draw?” I looked up into the face of the shouter. “You mind?” he asked, holding it out.

“Uh......what the hell? Go ahead. Oh, and if you think you're gonna kidnap me or sell me on the human market or something, I have a crazy ass guardian and this is a phone, not a boner.” I tried to make it a warning and funny at the same time. He laughed.

I clicked my lip ring against my teeth in anxiety. He opened my book to the first page, which I always left blank in all my notebooks, sketching or not. “What's your name anyway, little drawer?”

the clicking stopped. “Amethyst. But my friends call me Hawkeye and their parents call me dumbass.” I said with a serious face. I pulled out a piece of paper and crumpled it up, getting ready for the question that always came.

“Hawkeye? Why?” I stopped walking, waiting until her was about ten feet away from me. In one hand, I was squeezing the little ball even tighter, making it as small as a golf ball and half as hard.

“Turn around.” he did and I threw the ball at him, hitting him right between his eyes. He blinked and looked at me. “That's why. I can hit anything without trying.” I smirked, pulling my phone out of my pocket.

“Wow. Really?” he asked. I nodded, just a little pissed at the time. Wow time really does freeze in the snow huh? He noticed my narrowed eyes. “Something wrong?” he asked, his voice wary.

“Yeah. I already missed my two favorite classes. Which happen to be the only reason I even go to school.” I texted my sister that I wasn't going to school today. “You're not from around here, huh? Oh and what's your name?”

He looked at me like I was high. “Don't you know who I am?” I shook my head and he scoffed. “I'm Gerard Way.” That rang a bell, but not by much.

“Oh!'re from that band!” I mocked him slightly, sticking my tongue out. He narrowed his eyes but smirked. I grinned slightly and pulled a bag of Skittles out of my writing binder. “Want some?” I asked, shaking some into my hand.

His eyes snapped wide. “Oh shit! Hide those before-”

“Skittles?!?!” two voices yelled at the same time. A really, really short guy ran out and jumped on my lap. A lanky guy with glasses followed not far behind. Glasses sat next to me.

“Who's this, Gee?” he looked at Gerard, who was flipping slowly through my sketch book. He didn't seem to hear any of this, so I took a Skittle from my hand and threw it at him. It hit the end of his nose, causing him to jump and look up.

“Guys! Frank get off her!” he shouted. Shorty- I mean Frank- climbed off my lap and set to my left. I stared at him.

“You guys are all vertically challenged.” I said shortly, causing a wave of laughter. Once it died down, I started listing them off. “Okay, so you're Frank,” I moved my finger to a distracted Gerard, “he's Gerard,” my finger fell on Glasses “Now who are you?”

He laughed and slung his arm around my shoulders. “I'm Mikey, Gerard's younger, more attractive brother. Now, who the fuck are you?” he smiled at me to take the sting out of his words and held his hand out.

“Hawkeye.” I took it. He seemed shocked at how hot my hand was, so, to distract him, I let go and poured some Skittles into his palm. “Kay so its Mikey the hot one, Gerard the vampire and Frank the elf?” I asked, giving the elf some candy so he wouldn't attack me.

“Pretty much. Do mind me asking about your name?” he murmured, popping a few colored circles into his mouth. I rolled my eyes at him.

“Hawkeye is just what everyone around here calls me. My name's Amethyst.” I started folding a shooting star as I spoke.

“Why Hawkeye though?” he asked, watching my nimble fingers at their work. I pulled a hair-tie off my wrist and shot the star at the wall.

It flew back and snapped Frank right in the middle of his forehead. He yelped as I put the hair-tie back on my wrist. “That's why.” I said simply, looking at my phone. A second later, it vibrated in my hand.

“Hawkeye?! Where the hell are you?!” my friends shrieked before I could say hello. I sighed and filled them in. My answer was four wails in my ear.

Raily took the phone from Crae's hand. “Well can you at least drop in here for lunch? We need you for the snow ball war against those dirty fuckin preps. They've been rushing us all day about losing without you here.”

I blinked. All day? The time on my phone was 11:48 am. Damn today was passing fast.

“Uh, yeah Raily. I'll be there in a few. Graveyard right? High or low?” Frank and Mikey gave me weird looks at 'graveyard'. I ignored them and listened to Raily's answer. A last second thought burst into my head. “Hey, I might have a few extra soldiers.”

I smiled and shut my phone. Even Gerard had stopped looking through my sketch book to gape at me. “So......who wants to play in the snow with some high school juniors?”

Frank and Mikey's hands shot into the air. The three of us looked at Gerard, who was biting his lip. “I'll go if Ray goes.”

“Is Gee holding me hostage again?” a gravely tenor voice shouted. A second later a walking mop joined us.

“Whoa bro nice fro.” I grinned at him. He did a double-take when he saw me and held his hand out slowly. I took it. “Hawkeye.”

“Ray. Why-” he started to ask 'Why Hawkeye' but Frank and Mikey saved him, shouting 'NO!' and 'DON'T ASK!'

I laughed loudly. “Are you all really scared of a little sixteen year old girl? Let me guess.......” I stared at Ray for a moment. “Thirty three,” my gaze moved to Frank “Ummm twenty nine or so,” now to Mikey “Thirty. Easy” my eyes fell on Gerard, who was gaping even wider “And you're around thirty four.”

Our eyes locked for a moment before I stood, stretched and went to give the driver directions to my school. Turns out we weren't that far from where we needed to be. About two minutes.

We passed the old church my ex had taken me to before she'd cheated on me. Ah, painful memories. I jogged back and clapped my hands. “Get dressed hobos! Ya got two minutes before we get there!” Mikey, Ray and Frank got up, grumbling.

Gerard cleared his throat, gaining my attention. “Are you really gonna mess around in the snow like that? You don't even have gloves!” I raised my eyebrow and snorted quietly. “What”

He looked miffed so I smiled sadly and explained. “You sound like my Mom.” I felt my eyes sting, so I flipped my hood up to hide behind it.

Okay I know I'm starting a bunch of different stuff when I really should finish what I have now, but when I get an idea, I write it. So if you don't like it, you can suck my big long rainbow dick!

On a nicer note, the reason I didn't get any of this up before is because my computer decided that all I wanted was a A/N and wouldn't let me write, listen to music or even log off of my Ficwad account. But now that I'm started, I can probably get a chapter up on this every day ~no promises, I am a junior in high school so..........~

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