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Frank finds out who Mikey is.

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Gerard uses his sketchpad whenever he can over the next couple of days, unfortunately he's often to tired, and when he does use it, it's never when I'm there. When I enter his room in the morning, I find him drawing, but when he realises I'm there, he closes the book immediately, blushing heavily.

I can't help but be extremely intrigued as to what he's drawing in there. Although Gerard’s stomach pains and sickness continue, his fever goes down quite a bit and apparently he's responding well to treatment. He has regained some of his strength and can now stand up with a little help.

Doctor Winters begins to talk about him leaving the hospital and moving on to taking his medication at home, only coming in for weekly injections and check-ups. I'm extremely relived by this, as I'm beginning to hate this hospital. I'm getting sick of the routine of it all.

Going to Gerard’s room in the morning, basically staying there all day except for lunch, then going home to sleep, only to come back to the hospital in the morning. Not to mention the fact that the whole place is basically a swirling pool is misery and pain. If I stay here much longer I fear I might just lose my mind.

One day, Gerard is sitting up in bed and drawing something, but he has the sketchpad at an angle so I can't see what he's drawing. He keeps throwing nervous glances my way. "Whatcha drawing there, Gerard?" I ask him, curiosity getting the better of me.
He just shakes his head and starts putting the sketchpad away. "Awww c'mon, please show me? I did buy you it." I reason.

"You'll laugh at me." He mumbles, looking down with a frown on his face.

"I won't!" I protest, would I ever laugh at him? Well maybe, but that's not the point. "I promise I won't laugh." I say seriously.

"Fine..." He says begrudgingly, passing the sketchbook over to me. I grab it before Gerard has a chance to change his mind. I begin flipping through the sketchbook, and I have to say I'm extremely impressed by what I see.

Gerard’s artwork has a comic book style too it, but it's also very dark. I love it. "Gerard this is brilliant! I love the way..." But as I turn the fourth page I see something that makes me stop talking. A drawing of my own face staring back at me. It's really good drawing too. I glance over at Gerard; he has his legs pulled up to his chest and his face hidden in a blanket.

"Gerard.. Why have you drawn me?" I ask bluntly.

"I haven't." He says, his voice muffled, face still hidden. It's pretty damn obvious that he has.

"Well who did then?" I ask, a grin spreading across my face.

"I don't know." Gerard looks up, a blush on his face. The poor boy really doesn't do him self any favours.

"Well, whoever has, they've made me very handsome." I observe out loud. Gerard’s blush darkens and my grin gets bigger. It fun seeing him like this. Looking through the sketchpad I see there is lots more drawings of me, all in different positions, they really are good.

"Gerard... I know it was you who drew these, they're in your sketchpad."

"Fine, I did." He says dejectedly, perhaps realising that I'm not a complete idiot. I'm very flattered that he's done all these drawings of me, if a little bit creeped out, but mostly flattered. But... Why the hell would he want to draw me?

"Why? I mean they're really good but why would you draw me?"

"I don't know... I wanted too." He says, than adds quietly, while looking at his hands, "You have a nice face, I suppose.." A nice face? No ones ever told me that before. I feel myself smile involuntary.

"Well, um, thanks, you have a nice face too I guess." I say, Gerard’s looks up at me, and then returns my smile. We sit there, lamely smiling at each other like idiots for a minute or two.

That's when Doctor Winters walks in. A man follows her. He has grey thinning hair and wears a grey suit to match. He wears glasses, but underneath them I can see he has a kind face. He appears to be carrying a tape recorder.

"Hello Gerard, Frank." Doctor Winters nods at us. "This is DCI Paul Jones, he's from the police, and he just wants to ask you a few questions."
"O-okay.." says Gerard, he's looking extremely worried so I give his hand a reassuring squeeze. The man takes a seat in the un-used chair next to me.

"Hello, I'm Paul, as you know." He says as he shakes Gerard’s hand and mine. "How are you both today?" He asks as Doctor Winters replaces that bag Gerard’s IV stand.

"Okay, I suppose." I say, looking over at Gerard, who nods in agreement.
"That's good to hear... Now, Gerard, my colleagues and I are eager to start the investigation, but first and foremost, we need an official statement from you, saying what exactly happened to you." He speaks slowly, his voice soft. Paul switches the tape recorder on. "Take your time."

"I... I don't know where to start." Gerard says, his voice barely above a whisper.
"Just start from the beginning. What was the last thing you remember
before you were taken?"

"Well, um, I remember it was the week before Halloween, my--my brother Mikey and I," Ah, so Mikey's his brother. Why hasn't Gerard told me about him before? Why hasn't Gerard tried making contact with Mikey before? And, Halloween was only a couple of weeks ago; judging by the state I found him in, he'd been there longer than that.

All these thoughts run through my head in the space of about two milliseconds. Not wanting to interrupt Gerard, I decide to keep my trap shut until he's finished. "We were moving into a new apartment, our old one had gotten to expensive, but this new one had a really low rent. But when we got there s-something happened... I don't remember... And then I woke-up in this cage... And.."

Gerard’s face is all screwed up like he's going to cry. His shoulders are shaking and he has his arms wrapped around himself. It breaks my heart to see him so distressed. "I... I can't..." He shakes his head; tears flowing freely down his face. I turn to Paul.

"Can't you just... Leave the tape recorder in here, and Gerard can,
say what happened to him, to me?" I ask Paul, and then turn to Gerard. "Would that be better?" I ask, he nods.

"Well I'm really supposed to be here.. But if you think it will help,
I'll just be waiting outside, call me in when you're done." Says Paul, before getting up and walking out of the door. I turn my attention back to Gerard. I take both his hands in mine.

"It’s alright Gerard, just you and me now, you can tell me." I say, Gerard nods shakily, and begins the story I've secretly wanted to know since I
met him.
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