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what i failed to say

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admiting and goodbyes FRIKEY!!!! one shot

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greetings earthlings, i've been told that my one-shots are good (not all i have uploaded) so i'm gonna upload more one shots and see what you guys think :) please r&r it would be really amazing. enjoy
never let them take you alive sophie :) x

Mikey's p.o.v

I had to tell him... i just had to. I was to scared to tell him face to face so i grabbed my phone out my pocket and began to text.

Frankie, i don't know how to say this,
but it's eating me inside out and i just gotta tell you.
I'm scared to say this to your fac,
e so i thought this way would be easier.
I love you frank, i always have.
I'm not sure if you feel the same way, i hope you do,
but if you don't then i hope this doesn't ruin are friendship
Mikey xoxo

I read through the text and hit the send button. After staring out the window i made my way to my bed and drifted off into a peacefull and happy sleep...
..I woke up too the sound of Misfits blaring through my phone. I rolled over and hit 'dismiss' on my phone to turn of my alarm. I rolled over a little more to get out of bed but instead i got out bed quicker than i thought by falling out and landing on the floor. Easy way out i guess.
I checked my phone to see if Frank had text back but he hadn't. Maybe he had no credit. After thinking for a while i decided that i would go over too his house, I had a spare key to his house anyway, he gave me and Gee one cause we stop over so much as we did with him. I pulled myself up of the floor and headed over to my over packed wardrobe. I grabbed out my red skinnies, Black flag top, Smashing pumpkins hoodie, black and green studdied belt and my old black doc martins. Rushing i dragged them and switched on my hair straightners. After dragging them through my hair, i headed down stairs and out the door.
It wasn't along walk to Franks, he only lived down the road. The weather was cold and gloomy, i loved days like this. I hated summer, it's always too hot. A few minutes later i arrived at Frankies house. I pulled my key from my pocket and unlocked the door.
"Frank, it's Mikey, were you at?" i yelled as i entered the house.
no answer. I headed for the staris and shouted again
"come on frank, i'm not playing hide and seek again"
still no answer... strange normally he would jump out on me by now
Confused i headed up the stairs and into his room.
"frank, you in here"
As i entered further into his room i saw him lying peacefuly on his bed. He looked so cute when he slept. I walked round to the other side of his bed to try and wake the sleeping beauty.
"frankie, time to get up." i shook his shoulder gently
"frankie, come on" i shook him again but there was still no response.
I began to panic...
"Frankie, please wake up, Frankie please" i put 2 of my fingers to his neck to find a pulse but there was none. I turned my head with tears falling down my face to be greeted by a empty bottle of sleeping pills which had only been collected yesterday. He'd took them... The whole bottle. I looked back at him and took hold of his hands only to find a crumpled piece of paper. I carefully unfolded half and read the 2 words on the front 'To Mikey' I unfolded the rest and read the words that stained the paper.

i'm sorry, but i didn't know what else to do. My parents think i'm a disappointment. I can't do anything right. Things never go the way i planned. I couldn't keep facing the fact that i was useless and was no god for nothing. I wanted to tell you this but like i said nothing goes the way i plan so this would end horribly and i wouldn't of been able to stand you not talking to me, so here goes....
Micheal James Way, i love you, i have done for years but i could never tell you because your to good for me, you probably don't feel the same way anyway. i mean why would you go out with someone like me anyway.
despite what i have done, i just want you to know that, i will always be with you no matter what and my love for you is never ending....
Tell Gerard, Ray and Bob that i'm sorry but thank them for giving me the best in life, they made me have one reason for staying but you gave me the most in life, i'm sorry i couldn't give it back..... I hope we'll see each other, but not soon.
I'm sorry and I love you
Frankie xoxoxo
He never got the text........
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