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The Journey Begins

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Josie shows the boys what she's got.

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Josie sat, shivering violently. Her hands were wrapped around a white cup filled with hot water. The warmth filled her and she now had on a big t-shirt, some boxers, and socks. So it wasn’t cold that was making her shiver. She looked up to see the blonde, Patrick, pull up a chair. He sat down directly across from her.

“Who are you?” he asked.

“Right to business, I see.” Josie snapped back. Patrick smiled.

“Sorry… But I suppose that if you want us to help, we should know why you need us.”

“My name is Josie. I’m-”

“She’s the only half-blood in the universe.” A voice chimed in. It was the dark haired boy, Pete, who had attacked her earlier.

“Shut up. That isn’t true.”

“But it is. Why else would you have every other vampire after you? Your blood makes us stronger. Stronger than regular blood,” he sped over and grabbed Josie’s shaking arm with incredible pressure, “She has more power then a human. But she needs the power because she’s perpetually in danger. She’s…” he paused to breathe in, “Delectable.”

“Let go. You’re hurting me.” she began to struggle.

“Pete, knock it off.”

“Just wait Patrick. Wait.” He snapped angrily at him as he held her. The angrier Josie got, the sharper her movements became. Pete began to have a hard time holding her. Finally she stood and ripped her wrist out of his grip, kicking him backwards with enough force to knock him to the ground. She quickly regained her balance and ran to him, straddling him and laying both wrists to the ground, holding him there before he even had the chance to try to stand up.

“Josie’s back…” she muttered incoherently to herself.

“See what I mean?” Pete yelled to Patrick, “She is able to defend herself.”

She heard Patrick’s footsteps behind her. “I already knew that. She knocked me out as soon as I opened the cell we were holding her in.” He chuckled, and Josie got off of Pete. He hopped up.

“I suppose we can get rid of her then.” He brushed himself off and began to walk away.

“What the hell are you talking about? Get rid of me! Why would you ever do that? Besides, I thought you said you needed me.”

“We do. As bait.”

“Way to let her down easy, Pete. Why don’t you go take out your pissy attitude on someone else?”

But he wasn’t paying attention to Patrick, because as he began to walk away, Josie stopped him, and got in his face.

“If you want me as bait, use me. But I will not be treated like garbage. And I will NOT let you determine when and where I have to go.” She sternly told him and walked back over to her chair. That’s when Patrick chimed in.

“Okay then… Let’s get started! I just have to go over some logistics… we’ll be taking you on your first hunt tonight.”

A/N: Look out for the next chapter. Some crazy shit is about to go down!
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