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We are all illuminated lights are shined in all our faces blinding.

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Gerards P.O.V

How could she do this to me? She must know I like her!
I snuck out of the room before they noticed me and sat in the hall with my head in my hands. Frank came and sat next to me.
"You okay?"
"Yeah just...stressed"
"How did Sam take it?"
"I don't know. I haven't told her"
"Why?" He gave me a concerned look.
I then whispered:
"They were kissing" he gave me a shocked look.
"Sam and Mikey? Kissing? What the-? "
"I know right?"
"Gerard? Do you think I should break up with Carly?"
"Um Frank that might start another fight"
"Yeah but she's changed. She listens to that shit. She wears pink all the time. She's become a bitch"
"Because of Macenzie..."
I was about to say something but Mikey came in grinning.
"Why so happy Mikes?" Bob said coming in with Ray.
"No reason" he said replacing his grin with a small frown.
"Where's Sam ?" Frank asked. She appeared next to Mikey just as he said that. She had a black eye,a busted lip , her hair had blood and dirt in it and she was limping a little but she was smiling.
"You okay, sugar?" I asked her.
"Yeah I just need a shower and some sleep" she said walking towards the stairs. We all nodded. She then turned and said:
"Why was there a police car outside again?" We all looked at Bob he shrugged and said:
"The cop said that under suspicion of murder because he ran over a girl called Amanda"
She sighed and muttered something that sounded something like 'Sicko' then walked upstairs.

Sams P.O.V.

I can't believe my Dad could be this sick. He was never like this when mum was alive. He was happy. We were happy...
I took my shower and it cleared my head a little but when I got out I looked at myself in the mirror. Mikey had told me he loved me and that I was beautiful. The only person who had ever said that was my Mum. Macenzie and her friends had told me I was better off dead. I glaced at the sharp razor on the side.
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