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chapter six

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I was not complaining of course, but I was curious, very, very curious.

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Hey, I`m back...for now at least. My home ed check up thing has been changed to next Tuesday so I may disapear for a day or so then, but seeing as I have most of the things sorted I needed to sort, chances are I won`t. I am sorry this is a bit shorter than usual, but I will try to make the next one longer. I would like to take this time to thank everyone who reads this story, those who gave me some character info to be in it and those who have left a review telling me they liked it. I really, really apreciate it and it makes me smile to know that you like it. I would also like to say thanks to someone in particular, whose advice and tips I have tried to rememeber and put into practice. TheGiinger, who is Rachael in this story, thanks for the advice, you are certainly in no way being bitchy for trying to help me improve my writing. That`s all, hope you like the chapter, please let me know if you do

Gerard`s pov
Mother. Her pretty youthful yet weakened face was like a mask, there was no emotion shown on it. Her eyes were firmly shut, her skin even paler than usual. Her ever present smile was still painted on her lips, even now, even in…I could not bring myself to say the words, it was much too soon, too sudden, and much, much to painful.
Frank turns around to face us, his handsome face showing nothing but sorry. He tries to flash us an apologetic smile, but it does not come out right. He looks almost as sad as we me and Michel were.
“I am sorry, I am so very sorry for your loss,” he apologises, the first to speak ever since the doctor had left short while ago.
“It is not your fault, your highness, mother has been ill for some time now and she lost her balance on the stairs and when she fell she landed in such a position that broken her neck. It was an unavoidable accident.” Michel repeats what the doctor, a highly thought of man, the king`s own doctor had told us before leaving us to “grieve in peace” as he had put it.
“Sire, I understand this must be a terrible time to ask you this, but-“
“leave us Robert, please.” Frank waves the sandy haired servant away, not raising his head to even look at him from where he sat, crouched with us on the floor next to mother`s broken body.
Mother. I missed her something dreadful already, I missed her laughter, her cheerfulness, her wide, warm smile…I missed her, and I wanted her back. We were alone now, me and Michel. All alone. There was no way I would be able to pay for all of the necessities we needed such as food and clothing on my own, considering I had just been fired by my employer and Michel, despite having a small amount of money of his own coming it, it would be no where near enough.
“Gerard, Michel…” Frank sighs, running his hands through his dark hair, pushing the strands out his eyes that had dared block his view.
“I am so terribly sorry for your loss, as I mentioned before. I understand that things will be..Difficult for you from now on, and I would just like to inform you that I would like to help in any way that I can. If either of you should need anything, anything at all, if it is in my power I will try my best to do something about it for you.” Michel`s jaw drops, but he quickly regain s control of it and closes his mouth. It was ill mannered to do that, mother always told us that, even when we were young children.
“I-well thank you sir, but why-“
“Please, Michel, address me as Frank, we are friends, are we not?” his jaw threatens to drop again, but this time he just manages to hold it in place and nods, bewilderment clouding his eyes.
“Thank you Frank,” he mumbles, “but…but why? If you do not mind me asking.” His pale cheeks flush slightly and he lowers his gaze, feeling foolish.
“We are friends, are we not?” he repeats his earlier words, a small, fleeting smile toying on the edge of his lips. “Friends help one another, it is only right that I help you if I can and if you should need it. Besides, it was on my property that your beloved mother tragically lost her life, I feel that if I did noting that I would be doing a very mean, dishonourable thing.” He gets to his feet and dusts himself down, “And despite what many would have you believe, I am not a mean man and I believe in honour. And in the short while I have known the two of you, I admit that I have grown rather fond of you, I have not many real, true friends, most want me for my great riches. I can see that is not the case with the both of you, yet you so desperately need it. I would like to help you, with money, with anything, if you will let me.”
We both nod, barley believing our ears. Frank Iero wanted to help us, he considered us to be his friends.
“I-we thank you from the bottom of our hearts, your ma-“ Frank narrows his eyes at me, “Frank.” He smiles.
“I shall get Raymond to make the…funeral arrangements if that is alright with you both?” I glance at Michel and he nods sadly, not making eye contact.
“Yes. We would like it to be done as soon as…as soon as possible if that is alright.” I mumble ad he nods, understanding. I wanted mother to be at peace as soon as she could be, I wanted her to be safe and buried quickly, in hopes that Michel and I could move on quicker.
“Please excuse me for a moment then,” he walks away to find Raymond, leaving us to morn for our dearly loved mother alone for a while.
“Gee, what are we going to do? We cannot expect Frank to help us, even though he has promised to, he will probably change his mind by morning.”
I shake my head, for some reason I trusted this man, this supposedly evil king. I barely knew him and yet I did, he would keep his word. Why was an entirely different thing though, I honestly did not understand why he would want to help us, or even why he had wanted us here in the first place. I was not complaining of course, but I was curious, very, very curious.
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