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Hidden Hearts

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Two knew young women come to town with pieces to puzzles the three Kane women need. In short Kendall gets the shock of her life, while Erica finds out Josh has a twin sister and she has another chi...

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Title: Hidden Hearts

Plot: Two knew young women come to town with pieces to puzzles the three Kane women need. In short Kendall gets the shock of her life, while Erica finds out Josh has a twin sister and she has another child that Dr. Madden has hidden from her. Bianca comes back from Paris heart broken and all at the same time.

Disclaimer: I do not own this TV show nor do I own most of these characters. If I did then I'd most likely have had something like this happen some time ago. ;-)

This story is a mixture of an AU and a spin off of AMC's story line now. ...There are some things that follow the story but then there are A LOT of things that don't. For instance Gwen and Maggie's relationship I'm making it a happy one (mostly happy) But if you don't understand the history of some characters that's because I made it up. Anyway...on with the show...hope you enjoy.

Part 1

Simone wasn't sure why she was even in today, Greenlee and Kendall were off together doing god knows what. Dani had been here before but she had left about an hour ago to get them dinner, now as Simone sat here at her desk looking over another file she had to ask herself why she even bothered. Greenlee and Kendall were here less and less and worked from home, and it seemed only Dani and her actually staid in the office for more then an hour at a time. Kendall and Greenlee continued to work their asses off for the company it was just hard to know what they were doing when they worked from home and left Dani and her in the dark about what they had gotten done and what they hadn't.

Simone was taken from her thoughts when the elevator sounded letting her know that someone was about to exit the metal contraption and into the office. Happy, thinking it was Dani with their dinner; she stood up and walked over to the entrance of their office and waited for the doors to open. Simone was surprised to see a woman she didn't know walk off the elevator.

"Hello...?" Simone said looking at the younger woman.

Woman might be stretching it she thought as she looked at the young girl in front of her. There was no way that this girl was over the age of 16. Simone found she recognized the girl but she didn't have a name to go with the recognition. The girl wasn't a size 2 or 3 like those stick figure models she was perfect not skinny but not over weight. She had long dirty blonde hair; it was wavy on the verge of curls and came to just below her shoulders. She was very tall, even for her young age Simone noted that the girl was slightly taller then she was. Simone looked the girl up and down she was very tall and seemed to be fit, her bare arms showed her arms and the muscles that lie under the skin. She had on a backpack that clung to her back, the black straps sticking out against her light pink embroidered tunic.

"Hi..." The girl said looking at Simone trying to get Simone's eyes back up to meet hers.

"Can I help you?" Simone asked putting on a smile realizing this girl came here for a reason.

"Um...actually I think you might be able to." The girl said as she started to pull off her backpack.

Simone seeing this, after everything that has happened here in Pine Valley, took a step back just in case. After all it wouldn't be the worst thing to happen here in PV to have a teenager as a hit man come to kill either Kendall or Greenlee, cause there was no way this girl was looking for her or Dani. The girl saw Simone step back and she looked at her for a second before she gave a sad frown and kneeled down on the floor, her backpack now standing straight against the tile floor as she looked through it.

"You're Simone Torres, one of the four ladies of Fusion." The girl said smiling as she looked up at Simone.

Simone heard this and took another small step back; maybe this kid was after her after all. Though the girls smile told her otherwise she would rather be safe then really really sorry.

"I'm here looking for Kendall Hart.... I'm an old friend from Florida." The girl said as she stood up. She brushed her pant legs cleaning off the dirt and dust that got on them while she was kneeling. She was about to show Simone a photo of Kendall and her together when they were little but was stopped when the elevator sounded and Dani walked off the elevator ranting about how long it takes to get food at SOS on a Friday night.

"I swear we should just buy the place and then we'd be for first to get food every time, I mean we spend enough money there a year!" Dani said as she brushed past Simone and put their food down on Greenlee's desk.


"I mean...I'm sure with all our money and with help from Kendall and Greenlee we could buy that place..."


"...Oh and they didn't have lobster bisque so I just got you clam instead." Dani said as she unpacked the food that was inside the bag.

"Dani...!" Simone said louder.

"What?!" Dani asked as she turned around and stared at Simone and then her eyes moved to the girl standing in front of Simone. "Oh....hi." Dani said as she walked over to the two women and put her hand out for the girl to shake. "...I'm Danielle Frey, my friends call me Dani."

The girl smiled and extended her hand to Dani and took hold of hers and shook it. Simone looked at Dani and then at the girl and gave a small smile.

"I know who you are and its nice to meet you." The girl said smiling as she let go of Dani's hand, she saw the confused look on Dani's face and she blushed slightly. "I'm a big fan of you all. Women of Fusion... that is." The girl said looking back up at Dani and then Simone. "Oh...I'm sorry. My names Melissa." Melissa said looking at Simone with a smile. "Melissa Hart."

Simone and Dani heard this and their mouths fell, that's why she looks so familiar!

"Oh my...."

"...god! What's taking so long...this little girl misses her mother!" Another woman said as she walked out of the elevator and up to Melissa.

Simone and Dani's eyes just couldn't get any larger even if they wanted them too. They were speechless, Kendall had a sister, and Kendall had a teenager sister that was a teenage mother! Kendall was an aunt! Kendall had a sister! When in the world did all of this happen?

Melissa looked at Simone and Dani and frowned as she nodded her head a few times. Melissa put her photo back into her bag, zipped it up, threw it over her shoulder and walked up to Molly, the other woman, and took her daughter from her.

"It was nice meeting you. I'd appreciate it if you didn't tell Kendall I'm in town...not yet. I'd like to be the one to tell her myself." Seeing Dani and Simone both just nod she walked into the elevator with her cousin Molly following her.

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