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chapter five

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“Hello Gerard.”

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Gerard`s pov
The house was empty and rather dark. Rubbing at my tired, red eyes I make my way back into the living room and automatically reach for the light switch, it may have been day time but it was dark and more than a little creepy in the empty house. I frown when the lights don`t come on but shrug it off, I couldn`t be bothered to try and figure out what was wrong, the light bulbs probably just needed changing, it was a job that could be done later, right now I didn’t have to patience or the energy.
I sit down on the edge of the sofa, head in hands, ready to have a good cry. I hated myself, I completely hated myself. I wanted nothing more than to just crawl up in a dark corner and die. I couldn’t do that though, Mikey needed me, even though I knew he would be much better off without me. From upstairs I hear the quiet creak of the floorboards, but put it down to m my imagination. I was the only one here, Mikey was with Alicia and who else could it possibly be? Frank? I highly doubted it. No, no one was there, it was just my overactive imagination playing tricks on me again, after all, I was shattered and I was confused and consumed with hate. Not to mention hung-over from all of the strong alcohol I had drank.
I hear the floorboards creak again, once more I ignore it. And again. My mind tells me to run, but where to? Besides, what was I running from? There was no other living creature inside this house but me, nothing. All the doors and windows were locked, the gates into the back garden were bolted and padlocked and none could have gotten through the front door and upstairs without me noticing. I was safe, I was perfectly safe. There was no need to be afraid. I was imagining it, I had to be.
I close my eyes and lean forward, my head still in my hands, feeling as though I was going to be sick. I hum a song in my head, one that just so happened to be Frank` favourite, to take my mind off if the sick feeling in my gut and the noises I had to be imagining.
The floorboards creak once more and I am sure that I can hear footsteps coming down the stairs. I sit up in fear, certain I was not imaging things anymore, but by the time I realise this it was too late.
A dark shadow falls upon the doorway, a tall, muscular one I don’t recognise at once, but when the shadow speaks I instantly do, with fear and dreads welling up in my gut.
“Hello Gerard.”

I`m sorry it is so short, but I felt it was best to leave this chapter like that.Plus, my boyfriend/best guy friend suprised me by coming round so I couldn`t write more. I`ll try to update soon, hopefully a longer chapter, Thanks for reading and I hope you liked this chapter
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