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Chapter 5

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The beginning of the school day. We meet Frank's gang and best friend. Bit of violence, bit of drama, lots of swearing.

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>Frank's POV<

School, how can I even begin to describe it? As far as they go, ours isn't too bad I guess. One of my friends moved here a year back and amused us all with stories about slamming a door just right could make the surrounding wall crumble. It had been demolished eventually - by the wind. That was her story anyway. Whether it was true or not? But who cares - it makes a good story. Compared to that, our school is great. Really it's just some of the cunts who attend that make the place shit.

Really the place is a complete cliché of an American high school. There are the uber nerdy kids who spend most of the time in the library. Obviously there are 'popular' people - who everyone hates. The shallow, fake girls with peroxide blonde hair and the jocks whose brains are overloaded with vanity and testosterone. You can hear them coming from a mile away as they have a tendency to play whatever song was heading the Top 40 at full blast and talk about themselves at top volume. Then of course are the artsy, band fag type kids who hang in the music rooms at lunch. Some of them are ok actually, if a bit wimpy. Out of the three groups, they are the only ones I wouldn't mind hanging with. There are the 'hardnuts' who see themselves as being too cool for school, have multiple piercing and will all end up in prison before the age of thirty. Again, I don't mind hanging with some of these people, but for the most part they are far too damn full of themselves, talk bullshit and have a really crappy music taste. Then you had our group - mine and Phin's. I wasn't sure when we became the official leaders, but it just seemed to end up that way. We were the ones who didn't fit into any group - too tough for the nerds or arty people, too down to Earth for the hardnuts or populars. We were an odd bunch, hated by all and not giving a horse's shit 'bout it.

I wondered which group Gerard would end up with. My guess was probably the arty type kids - he seemed the type. Today he could hang with me, but after that he was on his own. If the guys in my group liked him he could stick around. If not, he's screwed. Either way, I'm not babysitting.

I pulled my car into its usual spot, twisted the keys out of the ignition and swung out, grabbing my bag in the process. Gerard climbed out the opposite side awkwardly. He was clearly extremely nervous.

"Come on," I said to him. I knew he was gonna get shit in this school and pitied him slightly. For all my talk about not babysitting, I did want to protect him from the fucked up stunts someone would try and pull on him, because he was new and nervous. I mean, in the sun his skin shone and his eyes were sparkling behind his black bangs. He looked completely out of place, and all the more beautiful for it. There was no one here who wasn't tanned - it simply wasn't possible living in this state. "I'll show you where reception is, you can grab your timetable, and I'll introduce you to some people."

"Thanks." Gerard replied, gazing apprehensively at the school. He was biting he lower lip slightly and I couldn't help but wish my teeth were in his' place. All in good time, Frank, I told myself, no use scaring him off.

"What's it like around here?" He asked, turning back to me.

"Ok," I shrugged. "If you get in with the right people, it's a laugh but no matter who your friends are you are gonna get shit off someone." That was true. Me and Phin seemed to be the only people who weren't given lip, despite looking like 'emos' and both being bi. If it was anyone else, they'd be eaten alive by the jocks and hardnuts for displaying either one of those qualities.

"Who gives out shit then?" Gerard persisted in questioning me, looking around at the other students as if that would answer his question. A few stared right back, some clearly checking him out. I glared at these people, my face telling them to back off. They did of course.

"Depends who you hang with, what you look like, what music you like, what you do in your spare time." I answered the question. "Really, if I were you, I'd look out for the kids who call themselves 'hard'. You kinda look like a poof and they have it in for most." Gerard looked offended at this. "Sorry man but it's true. You asked; I answered." He looked as though I had a point, and followed me silently to reception.

When we got there, he continued to loiter behind me until I gestured forward. I wasn't going to do his dirty work for him. Gerard blushed (again) when he realised this and began a quiet conversation with the receptionist. I didn't bother pay attention. The world walking by was much more interesting.

Actually, just standing in the corridor, people watching was one of the best ways to find out what's going on in the school. Couples walk past hand-in-hand (or mouth-in-mouth), friends laugh and shove each other, enemies stalk by and pretend to not notice one another. Listening to snatches of conversation was like a fast news round on the radio and by the time Gerard had finished with the secretary, I not only knew what the majority of people did last weekend, but their plans for the next.

"Uh, I'm done." Gerard muttered. I could feel his body heat, he was standing so close to me. Not that I minded. "You said you'd introduce me to some people?"

I nodded and started off down the corridor. When I reached my locker, I pulled out the folders that I needed for the day. Just down the corridor, where most of my mates usually hung around before school, I could see Phin flirting with some guy who looked star-struck just being in her presence. I grinned and turned back to my locker, fiddling with the padlock to lock the damn thing. Gerard was still behind me.

"Oi," I heard a English accented voice call out behind me. Unless I was very much mistaken, it belonged to a short (even by my standards) girl, a year older than me with blazing eyes and jet black hair. And I had a feeling I knew what was coming.

Even as I turned, I knew I was smirking in anticipation. I wasn't disappointed. The girl crashed her lips against my own, running her tongue over my lips, and demanding entry. I opened my mouth and felt her hot breathe mingle with my own, before she shoved her tongue down my throat. No one I knew kissed quite like this girl - it was like she was trying to make you swallow her tongue but it wasn't gross or over enthusiastic or anything. It was down right hot. She was in complete control and let you know it. So of course, it was her who broke the kiss.

I grinned at her flushed cheeks and fierce eyes, as I panted slightly. "Morning, Phin."

>Gerard's POV<

I couldn't believe anyone could remain as calm as Frank was after sharing a kiss that passionate. Mind you, I couldn't believe I was remaining so calm when it felt like something inside me had just shattered.

You should be glad, I told myself, now you don't have to worry or fuss over him - whether he likes you or not. Who would want you? Especially when compared to her?

This girl was gorgeous, as much as I really hated to admit it. Nearly as beautiful as Frank. Actually, I swear there were no people as good looking as those two back in Jersey. Was it just California that made them like this? But then, Frank had a New Jersey accent. Maybe it was just the state rubbing off on him then - hell, perhaps there was a chance for me!

The girl was as short as Frank, and most of her legs were on display as the black skirt she was wearing was cut extremely short. This was coupled with a vivid red top, that would have caught anyone's eye from miles away. Her skin was bronzed from the sun, and her curly, waist length hair an ebony black, matching the thick eyeliner that decorated her green eyes. I could see scars on her knees and elbows. She probably would have scared me, if not for the warm grin that was painted across her dark red lips.

"Someone's horny this morning, aren't they?" Frank practically purred. I felt a spark of jealously and made a mental note to learn how to kiss like that girl.

"Shadd'up!" The girl's smile widened as she talked. I noticed she had an English accent - amongst the strong American ones surrounding me, it was immediately obvious. "Yes, I was feeling horny, but fuck only knows where Andy is, so you'll have to do." That made Frank chuckle and me confused. Who's Andy?

"Who's this?" She asks, turning to me. It's unclear whether she's addressing me or Frank. He answered anyway.

"Gerard. I told you, he's gonna be sharing the loft with me." Frank was now leaning on the lockers set into the wall behind him. The girl cocked her head to the side and leaned on him. The two looked perfect together - a God and Goddess amongst mortals. Ok, maybe I was over-exaggerating a bit, but still, how on Earth did I stand a chance? (More to the point, why did I even want Frank? The guy has been nothing but irritating from the moment I first saw him. He is gorgeous though...)

"I'm Phin." The girl said to me, still studying me in a way that made me feel extremely self conscious. Her smile had lessened and she looked inquisitive. I raised my eyebrow at her name though. Thin? She laughed at this and launched into an explanation. "Yeah, kinda odd. Short for Seraphin. As in a Biblical angel. I think that's what it is at least. I also think my parents must have been drunk when they filled in my birth certificate. Still, at least no one else has the same name as me!" I couldn't help but laugh at her and she grinned back in response.

"Soooo...?" Frank dragged the word out, making it a question.

Phin seemed to understand. "Well, Jared apparently got with Kayleigh this weekend, which Ben is obviously not happy about. Lee has finally made up with with Amy, and Lissa is debating asking Bob out. Kyle had a punch-up over the weekend - don't ask who with; I have no idea - and winces every time someone touches him 'cause he's so banged up. I hate to think what the other guy must look like! Annnyywaaayyy... I'd say a major shit storm over the Jared/Kay/Ben thing is gonna break out in roughly half a minute... Let's not be late." She finished.

"Lead the way!" Frank grinned at her. "Oh, by the way, what are your thoughts on..." His voice trailed off and I leant forward, intrigued.

Phin glanced at me eyebrows raised, back off, written all over her face. I did so reluctantly. Being new I couldn't exactly expect to be let in on the secrets between the two of them.

"Errrr, eight, I reckon." said Phin, looking as though she was debating in her head.

"Seriously? More like two!" Frank retorted harshly. Phin just raised one eyebrow at him and he sighed in defeat. "Fine, truthfully? Nine." She grinned at that. I was extremely confused.

"Come on. The shit storm ain't gonna wait for us!" And she turned and walked down the corridor. I noticed my eyes weren't the only ones following her progress. Or more to the point, her ass's. Frank followed her with me in tow.

About halfway down the corridor there were two guys, about my age, facing each other off. A bunch of people, including Phin, had gathered round, watching with interest or backing one of the guys up.

One of them was a cool looking person, with ruffled brown hair and a sarcastic smile painted on his mouth. His eyes were ringed with black and were creased slightly at the edges. He was relaxed and gave the impression of not giving a damn about what the other guy was yelling. The one getting worked up had a short blonde cut, and was your stereo-typical jock.

"Just keep your hands off my girl!" He was shouting. "I've been going out with her for six months now - you can't just waltz in and fuck her you know!"

"Why?" asked the other guy, smirk still in place.

"'Cause she's mine!"

"And? She didn't seem to care about that. Why should I?"

"You dumb little fuck!" The jock lumbered toward the other guy's face. He dodged easily.

"Come on, Ben. Think about this - you're being unreasonable.

"Oh yeah? Scared to fight me?"

"Ben, we both know I could beat the living shit out of you."

"Then why not try?"

"Because I don't particuarly want to get myself excluded or cleaning the toilets for a month. If that's you idea of fun then go for it! I'm not fighting you though."

The jock - Ben - lunged again and missed. "Fine - don't fight! You'll get what you deserve!"

"Really? Because as I said, I think you're being unreasonable. After all, I didn't rape Kayleigh - she was gagging for it."

The jock looked stunned at this. Unfortunately for the watching audience, a teacher arrived just at that moment and ushered everyone away, saving Ben from having to respond. I guess from what Phin said earlier that the other guy was Jared.

"Does that happen often?" I asked, turning to Frank.

"No, of course not. If it did, no one would make such a big fuss about it. When something like that does happen though, Jared is usually involved - he has a thing for fucking with other dudes' girls."

"Oh," was my intelligent response. Just at that moment, the bell rang.

"Hey, let's see your timetable." I obliged, handing it to Frank. "You're in most of Phin's classes today, hang on - OI PHIN!" He bellowed across the corridor. She turned and hurried across.


"Gerard's in most of your classes today, can he stick with you?"

"Yeah, no shit off my arse." Then she grinned at me - talk about bi-polar. "Come on dude - I'll show you around."

I nodded and helplessly followed the short, black, red and gold figure through the bustling sea of students. I glanced back at Frank, to see him standing there, wearing his trademark smirk.

When me and Phin finally broke through the sea of people, we emerged in a large, bright classroom. The Californian sun was shining brightly through the windows and it was stiflingly hot. Phin was immediately called over to a group of half a dozen boys and girls, sitting in a group around a table. I noted that everybody but one boy was wearing eyeliner. At least I fit in to some degree. When Phin motioned for me to sit down, they all glanced at me curiously. I realised one of them was that Jared guy from the corridor.

"Oh, this is Gerard. He's the dude staying with Frank." Phin announced before sitting down on someone's lap and starting to suck face with them. The others rolled their eyes but otherwise ignored it. I stared, trying to figure out whether the person who was now having Phin's tongue forced down their throat was a guy or girl. They had large amounts of thick black hair, down to their shoulders and were wearing vast amounts of black eyeliner, but somehow looked like a guy. It was only after the two broke apart that I came to the conclusion that it was definitely a boy. He had a lip ring like Frankie's, skin nearly as pale as mine and was currently glaring at me. I felt my skin transform for white to red and ducked my head. I had been doing that a lot recently.

"Right, Gerard, this is my boyfriend, Andy - who's actually in the year above us so I have no idea what he is doing here," Phin pointed to the guy she was sitting on, "and these are my amazingly idiotic mates, Lena," a tall, platinum blonde girl, "Jared," the guy from the corridor, "Amy," a stunning red head, "Kyle," massive, dark haired, with a few bruises on his arms, "Lissa..." I tuned out after that as Phin continued to point people out. I wasn't being unfriendly, I just felt intimidated by this bunch of people who could clearly look after themselves. After the introductions ended, I nodded, trying to look as though I was paying attention. The group turned back to each other and began discussing music, books, gossip... I just felt complete lost. I could feel my blush still hadn't faded and although it was barely half nine, the air was warm and muggy. I sincerely hoped the classrooms would have air-conditioning, or my face would be permanently flushed.

It had barely even started, and yet I was already looking forward to the end of the day.

On the bright side, Phin had introduced Andy as her boyfriend. Which meant she wasn't going out with Frank...

What do you think? Personally, I love Phin -- she's a character I've had buzzing through my head for ages now. Andy, is based on Andy Sixx as in BVB. I am extremely obsessed at the moment -- my friend played me Fallen Angels a while back and I've been hooked ever since!!! Yes, I ramble, has anyone actually read this note - never mind the one at the top?? And did anyone guess what the numbers Frank and Phin were saying are about? I'll say in the next chapter but wondering what people think. Please, please, please review -- I'm begging you!!

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