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Part 7: Stones And Surgery

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Gerard is in pain.

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Part 7: Stones And Surgery

They gave Gerard plenty of the untouched vodka to drink. He was hesitant, as he had not dranken straight vodka for a long time, let alone hot vodka. Mikey had to hold his head in a tilted position, while Frank tipped the flask into his mouth in what he hoped was a moderate pace.

They were not sure exactly when he was intoxicated enough. Once they got somewhat of nod out of him, they assumed it was safe to begin. They laid him down on the ground, Mikey sitting by his head while Ray and Frank stayed on either side of his legs.

They had to remove his pants completely, a surely humiliating experience for Gerard. Mikey was greatly relieved when he saw that Gerard was wearing underwear, as he had been unsure that he was. However the underwear was also very dirty, stained with traces of urine and unmentionable things. He knew he would have to discard the underwear from this point on, as to prevent Gerard from sitting in his own filth any longer.

The leg in all it's ominous blackness was revealed. Ray had ripped off some of his own shirt, and he wrapped the strip of cloth around the inner thigh of Gerard's injured leg.

"You got the rock?" Ray asked Frank. Frank nodded and picked up the spear like rock by his side. Mikey grimaced, looking at what they agreed to being their operative tool. He looked away from it, and titled Gerard's head slightly more towards him. His duty for the procedure was simple: make the experience as least hellish for Gerard as possible.

Meanwhile, Frank passed Ray the rock. Ray held the rock over the top of the leg, mentally taking note of where he would begin. He looked at Mikey, as to indicate that it was time. Mikey nodded his confirmation and reached down to grab Gerard's hand.

Ray began to try to dig the sharp rock into Gerard's flesh. It took a moment, but Mikey saw his brother begin to wince. Gerard tried to look down at what Ray was doing. Mikey gripped Gerard's hand harder.

"Gee.. Gee, I need you to focus on me." Mikey told him. He quickly tried to think of subjects that he could distract Gerard with. "Hey, so have you come up with anything new for the killjoy comic?"

It was essentially a stupid question, seeing as Gerard could barely even speak normally, let alone as he was having one of his limbs removed. Gerard uttered no words, but began to let out mangled screams as Ray began to cut further into his leg.

"Frank." Ray titled his head in Frank's direction, who leaned down and held down as much as e could reach. His duty was to restrain Gerard, trying to make it so he would not struggle and mess the job up.

Ray had done a surprisingly fast job of piercing through the skin, and the flesh was even easier to cut through. Gerard, however, was having a far from easy time.

His screams grew louder, piercing all of their hearts. Mikey had given up trying to distract him, knowing there was absolutely no way Gerard could be expected to ignore that. He instead simply tried to comfort him, telling him everything was going to be okay. He knew he was lying. He told Gerard all sorts of lies. "Bandit's third birthday is coming up soon, maybe we can hire some guy dressed as The Crow to be at the party." he smiled, hoping to get a chuckle from Gee. He only got an increase in the grip on his hand, which was already bone breakingly painful. Mikey sighed, "Just hold on Gee, it'll be over soon."

"I think I almost see the bone." Ray announced.

Gerard screamed bloody murder, curling into Mikey. Frank had to fight to hold him down as he began to thrash, screaming for them to stop. He looked up and saw Mikey's concern, knowing what he was thinking. "We can't go back now Mikes." Frank frowned. "We have to finish the job."

"MIKEY! PLEASE! IT HURTS!" Gerard gasped, clambering to his brother for safety. It was the most audible thing they had heard him say in what felt like ages.

"I know honey, just a little longer." Mikey stroked Gerard's hair. He then turned to Ray and asked, “Can't you go any faster?!?"

"I'm trying! I don't want to risk fucking up either!" Ray yelled, his hands already covered in Gerard's blood.


"I'm sorry Gerard. I'm so, so sorry..." Mikey found himself fighting back tears for the second time that day.

"This is for your own good Gerard!" Frank offered his condolences as he pinned down the squirming red head, "We're only trying to help you!"


"No, Gee, I wouldn't let that happen, alright?" Mikey assured him, "You're going to be okay Gee. Soon, this'll be all over --- and then help will come get us, and you'll see Lindsey, and Bandit, and Grant, and everyone else again. Just hold on for a little bit longer. For me."

Gerard continued to sob and scream, and Mikey continued to feed him false hope.

"RAY!" Frank barked at their surgeon.

"I GOT IT!" Ray responded. "I'm at the bone! I'll just break it in one quick hit, and after that it should be over soon."

He raised the blood soaked rock, trying to summon all his strength for a clean break. Mikey turned his attention to Gerard, again moving his face towards him.

"Gee, sweetie, I need you to focus on me right now, okay?" Mikey instructed him urgently, "I need you to take deep breaths. Hold my hand as tight as you need to. No matter how bad it feels, remember, I won't let anything happen to you."

Gerard nodded slightly, and Mikey kissed him on the forehead. He moved himself so he somewhat blocked Ray (and his leg) from view. He looked at Frank, who looked at Ray. And though Gerard could not see who said it, someone uttered the word:


It was one of the most, if not the most horrible moment during their lives in the cavern. Gerard experienced pain so unbearable, that for a moment he actually prayed for death to take him. Anything that could end this blinding, searing pain that ripped through his entire body. He could barely even hear that Mikey was hushing him soothingly, or bring himself to focus on Mikey's face like he had agreed. All he knew was pain.

"Deep breaths." Mikey was trying to tell him, "Take deep breaths Gee.."

The reason it lasted so long was that Ray had not achieved a clean break, as he had hoped, but had to smash lingering bone even further. He struggled to work through the mess of blood, flesh, and bone that was scattered everywhere, trying to do a quick job of his work.

"I can't... I can't..." Gerard was sputtering.

Mikey was about to repeat his usual words of comfort when something startled him. He looked up to see that Frank was singing softly into Gerard's ear. Mikey had begun to wonder if Frank cared for Gerard anymore at all. As he watched the display, he could not help but feeling that he should have given Frank a bit more credit.

"I've sawed through the bone." Ray sighed. "I'll just rip through the rest of the flesh real quick, then it'll be all over."

Ray held his breath, now feeling slightly intoxicated by the smell of blood. He placed the rock to the flesh and muscle of the back of his leg and began to rip through it quickly. Gerard's screams renewed in their volume.

" okay Gee, we're almost done bro." Mikey stroked his brother, his hand now numb from Gerard's grip.

Frank had to pretty much straddle Gerard's waist to restrain his movement as Ray finished the job. Ray sawed through the rest of the flesh rapidly, until finally, the tip of the stone reached the floor of the cavern.

"Its done." Ray said as he stood up quickly, walking to the mouth of the cave and blowing chunks into the desert sand. Frank frowned, guessing Ray probably had to fight the urge to vomit for quite some time. They were all a little nauseous, although it was difficult to pinpoint whether it was the overpowering stench of blood, or their sobbing friend that made it so.

"Take Gerard and give him some water." Frank instructed Mikey, "Ray and I will clean up over here."

Mikey nodded and scooped Gerard up, allowing Gerard to bury his face in his chest as he continued to cry loudly. Mikey took them to the back of the cave, leaving Frank to gaze at the fleshy pieces that was once his best friend's leg.

Next chapter: Talking things out.
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