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Metal Bones and broken noses

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The people who kidnap Dexter are mean.

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My feet don’t move. I can’t wiggle my toes. And no, it doesn’t stop at my waist. It stops at my ribs. Like, I am numb from my ribcage downwards. Thank God I don’t have to pee.
So I’m taken away in a van by people who really really do not like A.I. programs. My wrists are ziptied together in addition to being paralyzed. I am not going anywhere. Somehow, being a transvestite doesn’t bother them. What bothers them is that I’m made of metal and wires instead of skin and bone. Does it even matter? Does it matter what I’m made of? I have a personality. I feel and hurt.
But I don’t matter.
Because I am metal. I will never be human.

Big building, might have been a warehouse before Better Living took over. Been spray-painted to read “Rioter’s Territory, Killjoys keep out and go fu-”
“C’mon, keep moving!” Beardy drags me forward. I stare at the ground. Tiara was a human. She hates me.
These people are humans.
They hate me too.
Does Gerard hate me? Did he approve my creation? Gerard probably hates me. Lindsey probably hates me, same with Jim.

But, in a way, the half paralysis is a blessing. The “Rioters” think that yet another way of showing their hatred for me is to beat the hell out of me. With anything they can find, like bats, a brick, and a socket wrench.
I heard the metal in my bones break. I saw my ankle bend in a way that ankles aren’t supposed to bend.
But then the girl who was driving the van stood over me, and then raised a socket wrench over my face.
That looks heavy. Wait, what is she doing?

“Hey. Don’t do that.”

I heard, then felt my nose break. It was like, this crunching sort of noise. A really wet crunch, too, like when you yank a limb out of a socket.
Then pain. So much pain. My nose! My nose is broken! There’s blood everywhere!
Oh. Oh wow. Pain hurts. Face hurts even more.
I just get taken into a small room, closer to a small cupboard. Shove stuff shove. I fit. Barely.
I think I might have a concussion. I don’t want to know what I look like. My face feels wet. That is probably blood. I don’t want to check.

I wonder if my Ping’ll still work?

Running Transcripts...
Dexter: Lindsey?
Dexter: Listen...
Dexter: If anyone can hear this...
Dexter: I’m in a lot of trouble.
Dexter: Wow. Um.
Dexter: Lindsey? You there?
Dexter: I really miss you. I’m sorry for being such an idiot to you.
Dexter: Jim. Yeah. I hope you are okay too.
Dexter: I think I’m dying.

Dexter: Please. Help me.
Dexter: Please.
Dexter: Please.
I lose connection. I wish Lindsey was here. Why did I leave? Dexter is an idiot. Ahh. My nerves hurt.
After this gem of wisdom, I lose consciousness.
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