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California 2019

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It's 2019 and the killjoys are here to kick some ass

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Accailia Wolf's Pov:
Its 2019, Better Livings in control, and I'm on the run. Well me, White Angel, Toxic Skull, and the Fabulous Killjoys that is.
“Grace get up!” I heard Jet Star yell trying to get little Gracie up.
“Jet be nice! Come on Gracie lets go get dressed” I said carrying her in to my room
I grabbed her clothes and stuff.
“Okay get dressed I’ll be right back” I said grabbing my own clothes and running to the bathroom.
I finished up with getting dressed and got my make up done last but not least my signature pigtails and hobo glove.
“Grace hurry up!” Kobra Kid was yelling at me though the door.
“ I'm not Grace!” I yelled back
“Oh sorry Accailia” he said.
“It's okay” I said as I left the bathroom.
He ran in the bathroom with his stuff with his cheeks turning red. I laughed.
“Gracie you done yet??” I asked knocking on my door.
“Almost” She said.
Little kids take forever to get ready.
“Hey Accailia” Toxic came up behind me giggling as Poison and Jet walked by.
“Hey Tox. Whats Up?” I said laughing at her as she calmed down from seeing poison.
“Not much” She said slinging her skull bag and her transformers bag over her shoulder. Man I love her outfit. She wears black tights with some ripped up short- shorts, and a tee that says “Just another pointless skull shirt” with a black vest over top, and some gray army-like boots,a skull choker chain, and skull sunglasses in her straightened, pink and blonde hair.
My outfit is similar to hers but that much, I have fishnet tights, with just plain denim shorts, a faded super man tee with a white vest over top, Army boots, and spiked choker chain. My black hair with red streaks is always in pigtails with my sunglasses in my hair.
“Hey Accailia.” Kobra said coming up to me, he looked at Tox “Hey Toxic”
“Hey Kobra” I said grinning like a stupid school girl.
“uh hey Kobra” Tox said all awkwardly.
“Hey guys” Jet said coming over to us “ Uh were is Grace? “
“ In my room getting dressed yet.” I said “Uhh that’s were she was last I knew” I said looking at Tox and Kobra.
“Okay” he said walking to my door. “ Grace you in there?” he said though the door.
All we hear was snoring, poor little Gracie fell asleep. I opened the door and she lay on the floor 2 feet away from the bed.
“GRACE GET UP” Jet Yelled
“Be nice” Poison said getting up in Jet's face.” Shes only 11 years old leave her alone!”
“Yeah Jet leave her alone. You don't like it when we yell at you so why do think its okay to yell at Grace?” Toxic said walking over near Poison. Kobra and I are just standing there in awe.
“Excuse you Toxic Skull??” Jet asked looking like he was gonna rip her apart.
“You heard her, Jet, And I agree you need to clam down sometimes.” Poison said
Poison looked at Tox and winked, and Tox Fainted.
“Tox, Toxic are you okay??” Poison said shaking her till she woke up.
“Uhh Uhm urhmm Yeah I guess” she said rubbing her head
I Just grinned.
“She likes him way to much” I whispered
“Yeah” Kobra said grinning.
“What I miss????” Ghoul came in.
“A lot” we all said
“Like what?” Ghoul asked looking at Poison and Tox.
“Grace Fell asleep.” Jet said Full of Anger
“I got in a fight with Jet” Poison said
“I Fainted” Tox Said
“I told Kobra Something” I Said
“Yep” Kobra said
“So not that much? Huh?” Ghoul said
Tox looked at me.
“What did you tell Kobra?” She said though her teeth.
I'm gonna die.
“Just a secret” Kobra covered for me.
“Thanks” I whispered to him.
“No problem” He said, then he winked at me. How did I just not faint!
Poison got up and helped Tox up, Grace ran over to Ghoul and jumped in his arms, and Jet just stood there, looking like an angry monkey.
“You okay Jet, cause you look like an angry monkey.” I Said Laughing my head off at the end
“Yeah just some people need to learn there places” He said looking at Tox and Poison.
“Screw you” Poison said going outside Toxic fallowing him
“My brother is a retard.” Kobra said walking over the Ghoul and Grace.
“Yeah. He kinda is” I said walking outside
Poison was sitting on the hood of the car, Toxic next to him, they were talking. I walked around the building. I Figured Tox would kill me for interrupting her “Moment” With Poison.
“Hey Accailia” Kobra Said coming up behind me.
“Uh Hey Kobra” I said leaning on the wall next to me.
“ Did you see Poison and Tox.” He said grinning.
“Yeah. The were talking last I knew” I said smiling.
“Oh. Well now they are making out” He said laughing.
“Oh my god, really!” I said running around the building and ruining the moment for them.
“Screw you Kobra. Screw you too Accailia” Poison said walking off angrily.
“ We love you too” Kobra and I said laughing.
“Thanks a lot Accailia” Tox said running after Poison.
“Someones in a mood” I said walking away.
“Yeah” Kobra said coming up behind me.
“Whats up with you and coming up behind people” I said turning around. “ I don't care that you do its just like your alone then Bam Kobra kid right there.” I said laughing
He laughed “ Yeah I'm kinda like that”
“I've Noticed” I said grinning
We stood in silence for a few minutes then out of no were he kissed me. He kissed me!
“Ohh la la la” Fun Ghoul said coming around the corner of the building Angel at his heels, carrying her favorite ball in her mouth. They must have been playing. Why dose Ghoul think he owns my dog?
Kobra and I just stared at each other. Did that just happen?
“Uhh yeah I hear poison calling me” Kobra said running off.
“What was that about?” Ghoul asked.
“ I have no idea” I said still staring at were Kobra was standing.
“Okay then” He said walking away.
I walked around the building to find Kobra and Poison yelling at each other and Tox just standing there holding on to Poison's arm.
“Well maybe you tell you girlfriend to stay out of things sometimes!” Poison yelled at Kobra
“Shes not my girlfriend!” Kobra yelled back
“Well you just kissed her so it kinda seams like you like her.” Ghoul said as he walked by with White Angel.
“You kissed her?!” Poison yelled shaking Toxic's arm off and going after Kobra
“You made out with Toxic!” Kobra yelled getting in Poison's face
“That’s different.” Poison said stopping dead in his tracks.
“How?” I said coming up behind Kobra. Kobra blushed dark red when he saw me.
“It just is!” Poison said glaring at us.
“Yeah Guys so just leave Poison alone!” Toxic said walking up behind Poison. Poison put his arm around her.
“whatever” I said.
Kobra looked at me as I walked in to the house.
“whats wrong?'” Jet asked when he saw me. I burst into tears.
“Every thing Jet. Every thing.” I said sitting down in a chair.
Toxic came in.
“hey Accailia” she said. “I'm sorry.”
“Yeah. I'm sorry to” I said looking at her. “ So what's up with you and Poison I said. Then I saw him in the doorway
“i don't know” She said sighing. “ we were talking and then He Just kissed me and we ended up making out” she said “ I'm not complaining any though”
I cracked up laughing. Then Poison walked over and kissed her on the cheek, she turned bright red.
“come talk to me when you get a chance” he said playing with her hair.
“Toxic likes Poison, Poison Like Toxic! ” Grace started chanting, running around the room. I just laughed because Poison turn the color of his hair and Tox just sat there turning Bright red again.
“Grace shut up!” Toxic yelled.
“Sorry Toxic”Grace said hugging Toxic
“Its okay” Tox said playing with Grace's little Afro. Grace swatted Toxic's hand away.
“Don't touch my Fro” she said running off.
Just then Fun Ghoul walked in White Angel at his heels.
“Where,were you? Toxic said looking at Ghoul.
“Why do you care?” He asked walking away.
She got up and caught up with him and grabbed the back of his shirt.
“Because you disappear and tell no one, what happens when we have to leave and we can't find you and we all die, because of you.” She said letting go of him.
“fine I might tell you were I go, I Might not, deal with it!” he said as he walked up stairs.
“Ugh I hate that kid so much! he’s a little Jerk Face” she said walking over to Poison and hugging his arm.
“lets go out side.” Poison said takingToxic out the door.
“okay” She said Grinning
Kobra came in. He looked at me then pulled me in to a hug, then dragged me in to the other room.
“Uhh this is awkward for me to say cause I’ve like never done this, well I mean I have but-” I Cut him off with a kiss
“Take your time” I said rubbing the top of his hand.
“I huh ya know, like you.” he said stuttering every few words. “I like you to.” i said grinning
“Yeah But i Like You. he said.
“Yeah. i like you to. i said looking at him with kiddish eyes.
“You like me?? Like Really like me?” he said look as if this was a cruel sick joke.
“Yeah” I said “I do, alot.” He Got a big Grin on his face.
“So Do you want to Like Go out?” He studerded out.
“Sure Kobra” I Said Kissing him, we were in mid make out with i heard:
“Accailia!” Tox yell from the door way.
What?! I yelled at her. Tox was just sitting there with a grin on her face.
“Are you for real???” I said running over to her
“Yes!” she squealed
“Oh My God!” I screamed “ Tell me”
“Okay so we went outside and-” She got cut off
“Hello Ladies, and Kobra. Whatcha talking about?” Ghoul asked pushing me off my Spot on the couch.
“Jerk!” I screamed at him and pushed him off the couch.
“anyway we are talking about, Nun of your business. Tox said.
“Tell me anyway” Ghoul said jumping around the room.
“We Can't now go away!” We shouted at him.
“You can't make me” He said standing right in between us.
“Wanna bet?” I said standing up.
“Yeah. I do” He said grinning
“Okay” I said picking him up by the back of the shirt. “ Screw with us again and I'll get Jet on you” I said dropping him outside.
“Geez your in a mood” he said as he walked around.
I ran back up stairs. “ Anyway” I said sitting down in Kobra’s lap.
“Anyway. Poison and I were out side talking and walking around and he turns and looks at me and goes “ Your really pretty you know that?” I just kind of giggled and he kissed me and goes “ So I guess were dating know, huh?” and I just sat there then was like “ if you want to” and now were dating.” she said.
“Aww” I said grinning like crazy.
“How bout you and Kobra?” she asked
I Grinned and said “ Well all I can say is I love my boyfriend” I said Kissing him on the cheek and we both giggled.
“Hey Guys.” Poison said to us when he saw us in the living room talking.
“Hey Poison” I said
“Hey Poison” Tox said in a cooing voice. He came in and Kissed her on the Cheek and played with her hair a little bit.
“Jet wants to see all of us outside around the fire, now.” He said grabbing Toxic's hand and walked her outside. I fallowed them out.
“Hi Accailia!” Grace said running over to me.
“Hi Grace” I said hugging her.
Grace looked over at Poison and Toxic.
“ Party Poison and Toxic Skull sittin' in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G” She sang. I joined in, I mean why not have a little fun? Right?
“Oh Shut it!” they yelled.
I laughed and sat down around the fire, Grace in my lap.
“Uh wheres Kobra?” I asked.
“Yeah where is Kobra?” Poison said.
“I'll go find him” I said. Grace got out of my lap and fallowed me in the house.
“Kobra!” We both yelled. I ran Upstairs “Kobra are you up here?” I yelled. I looked in every room and found him sound asleep in a bunk. I shook him till he woke up.
“What I miss??” He said sitting up, then he saw me. “Hey Accailia Whats up?”
“ Jet wants us outside around the fire.” I said “ So come on” I said Grabbing his hand and tride getting him to stand up, he pulled me back down and kissed me then got up and walked away.“We found him” I said Sitting down, Grace in my lap, Kobra next to me holding my hand.
“Okay. Now I called you all out here because we need to go on a mission, all of us.” Jet said looking at us.
“But we've never trained all together!” Poison stated.
“ I know poison so this mission is going to be challenging, but we have to do it.”
“What's the mission?” I asked
“We Need to go to zone 6 and find a girl named Ryan.” he said “ they said she doesn’t have a killjoy name yet, but she has an outfit.”
“What's she look like?” Ghoul asked
“She is 16, Blonde hair with lime green streaks in it, Blue eyes, shes about 5'1, her outfit is black skinny jeans, a lime green tee shirt with the saying “If life gives you lemons make limeade and let life figure out how you did that” with a purple beanie, and red tennis shoes.” Jet said
“Okay so when do we set out on this mission?” Tox asked.
“Tonight, right away. So get things packed up and ready to go. Accailia Wolf help Grace pack.” He said
“Okay” I said Standing up.
“Okay. Now go!” Jet said. Me, Grace and Kobra ran inside and got packed up ready to go.
“Ready Grace?” I asked
“Yep!” She answered
We went back downstairs.
I Went outside to make sure my Motorcycle had gas and would run right. I had to fix it. I over heard Ghoul and Poison talking about the mission.
“ Why do the girls have to come?” I heard ghoul say. Jerk!
“Its not that bad, Ghoul.” Poison said “ Maybe Ryan is your type and then you wont complain about not having a girlfriend.
“Maybe” Ghoul said.
So Poison must have told Ghoul about Him and Toxic, but they only way you could find out about me and Kobra dating is because we held hands tonight, unless Tox told.
“Wanna make sure my motorcycle will work right for me Accailia? You know I suck at those kind of things.” Tox said coming up behind me.
“Uh Yeah, Sure” I said getting her bike out and cheeking it.
“Its good” I said as I walked in the house covered in oil.
“Ewww” Grace said when she saw me.
Kobra came over with a rag and help clean me up.
“Thanks” I said.
“It's nothin'” Kobra said.
“Okay. Grace, Party, Ghoul and Kobra in the trans-am. Girls on your bikes.” Jet ordered.
“M'kay” We all said. It was going to be a long night. Toxic and I slung our bags over our shoulders and went outside. and got on our bikes. I have a black bike with green,red, blue, yellow and white stripes on it. Tox had a white one with pink and black skulls on it. We rode for about 3 miles on a dirt road then another 6 miles on pavement. It was a lonely ride, because Toxic was riding in front or next to the trans-am on the left and I would be behind it or on the right of it, and White angel was running behind me, so I had no one to talk to. We got to zone 5 and the sun was rising but we needed sleep so we wandered Zone 5 for about an hour and found a house full of killjoys. We slept there, but only Grace, Kobra and Me. Then Toxic, Poison, Jet and Ghoul. When Toxic, Poison, Jet, and Ghoul were sleeping, Me, Kobra, and, Grace Talked to the People who lived here, Camo One, Queen Bee, Red Wolf, and Striped Sniff ( A Brindle, Great Dane). We Found Out that Camo One, Who is about 15, With Blonde hair, Blue eyes, Stocker build, Is the youngest and wanted to be in the military when he got older but then this happened so he couldnt be. Queen Bee, Who Was About 18, With Blone hair, Blue eyes, Really Skinny, and The Second youngest, Como’s sister, and quite sassy. Red Wolf is the oldest at 21, She has Bright red hair,died That color, Green eyes, Not Chubby not skinny. When we were all rested up and ready to go the other killjoys offered us food but Jet declined before we could talk. We left and had about 6 more miles in pavement in 106 degree weather.
“Jet I'm hungry!” Grace complain when we left.
“ask Toxic for some food” he said getting in the car.
“Here Grace.” Tox said giving her a Can opener and some food.
“Thanks!” She yelled running to the car
We got to zone 6, it was about 5'o’clock out just by the sun, it was still about 100 degrees out. We were looking for “Ryan”, when Ghoul and Toxic just out of the blue just start yelling at each other.
“Ghoul you knocked my bike over and probably broke it!” Tox yelled.
“No I didn’t!” he yelled back.
“Yes you did! Right Accailia!” she yelled. Ghoul pushed her and she hit the ground. Crunch. Toxic let out a squeal, she just broke her ankle, and to top it Draculoids are coming our way. Poison picked up Toxic and took her to the car and wouldn't leave her, so it was just Me, Kobra, Ghoul and, Jet to fight them. We fought off most but then Ghoul pushes a draculoid into me, it shot my foot, then I hit the ground and grunted in pain then it fell, on top of me, I dropped my ray gun and it skidded out of reach. I'm going to die, and its Fun Ghoul’s fault. Just then Kobra came and shot it, being careful not to shot me. He picked up the draculoid and slung it off me.
“ Are you okay??!” Kobra asked me propping me up in his lap. Jet was still over fighting a draculoid.
“Yeah, I guess” I said glaring at Ghoul.
“Can you walk?” Kobra asked tying to get me to stand up. I Stood and fell over again, Luckily he caught me,
“Nope” I said grinning. Kobra got up and went over to Ghoul who was smoking, Kobra grabbed his arms and put them behind Ghoul's back then kneed him in the back. Ghoul dubbed over in pain and fell to the ground when he was on the ground kobra then kicked him in the legs and the stomach.
“Kobra i think you can stop now!” I yelled.
“What was that for?” Ghoul said with the wind knocked out of him. Just then we saw Angel and the trans-am drive up and fishtailed then spun out, this is why we never let Poison drive. He got out and got Toxic out and carried her over to me, then looked at Ghoul then to Kobra “ What did I miss?”
“Kobra Just attacked me, out of no were!” Ghoul said, standing up
“You deserved it” Kobra said.
“Look at my foot” I said pointing at my foot.
“What the-. Fun Ghoul?” Toxic asked me.
“Yep” I said.
“It was an accident!” he yelled. “I'm surprised Poi-” he got cut off because Poison punched him in the gut.
“Was pushing me an accident?” Toxic said, laughing.
Ghoul just sat there glaring at Poison then Tox, the wind knocked out of him for the second time in less then an hour.
“I.Hate.You.” he finally managed to say when he had some breath back.
“Yeah? Because we all do right now.” I said looking at my foot.
“Screw you” he said standing back up, still winded.
“So How are the girls going to ride there bikes when one has a hole in her foot and the other has a broken ankle.” Jet said.
“Um, yeah..” Tox and I said
“I wi-” Fun Ghoul said before Tox and I cut him off
“NO!” we both shouted.
“Aww man.” He said Going over to the trans-am and playing with White Angel.
“Will you two ride our bikes for us.” we asked Poison and Kobra.
“Uh Sure.” Kobra said, really awkwardly.
“Sure” Poison said, excited.
“Uh Poison, you do realize you have to ride a bike with pink skulls on it, right?” I said grinning.
“Oh” he said getting less excited.
“I'll ride it for you!” Ghoul said Running over to the bike.
“Get away before you break it” Toxic yelled. Poison just went over and dragged him away from the bike.
“Oh yeah um Grace fell asleep in the car.” Poison said looking in the car.
“I don't know how because Poison was driving like a maniac.” Toxic said laughing
“And that’s why we never let him drive.” Kobra said walking over to Poison, laughing.
“Any way lets go find whats her face” Ghoul said acting like he doesn’t care.
“Okay” Toxic said looking at Poison. “ I kinda need some help here”
“I do to” I said looking at Kobra.
“Oh right” they said walking over and and picking us up and taking us to the car. We ,kind of, go in the back with Grace between us, Jet and Ghoul up front, Poison and Kobra ahead of us.
We wandered for like and hour. We found a little 1-story house with one light on inside.
“Hello?” I head Jet yell into the house. A girl who matched Ryan's description came out giggling and flirting with Kobra and Poison.
“Really?? she's flirting with them! Our Boyfriends!” I yelled looking out the window.
“Really? Both of them?” Tox said.
“Hey Ghoul.” I said giggling because he was like drooling over her. “go flirt her up!”
“What?!” he said “ I don't like her! So why in the world would I do that?!” He said wiping drool off his mouth.
“Really? Your drooling over her, man!” I said laughing “Just go talk to her because shes sitting in your lap on the way home.”
“Oh, right I forgot about that.” he said getting out of the car. She stopped talking to Poison and Kobra and looked at Ghoul and like ran over to him.
“Hi!” She said
“Hi!” He said and they both were like fife year old’s when they talked.
“Oh God” Tox and I said looking at each other.
Poison and Kobra came over to talk with us, and Ghoul and Ryan got in the car.
“Did you see her flirting us up?” Poison said Kissing Toxic on the cheek.
“It was all creepy and stuff because I'm like 4 years older and Poison is 6 years older, so awkward.” Kobra said kissing me.
“Come on guys!” Grace whined. I kinda forgot she was there.
“Sorry” Kobra said.
Ruff. I heard Angel barking out side the door.
“Hi Angel!” I shouted though the window
“ That dog is so like pretty!” Ryan said as she giggled.
“Yep” I said glaring at her
“Don't worry about her” Kobra whispered in my ear
“Yeah” I said, still upset at the fact she was flirting with my boyfriend. Kobra just kinda played with my hair, I shook my head. “Your turning into Poison” I said getting glares from Poison and Toxic.
“Is that your bike with the skulls on it?” Ryan said turning to Toxic,
“Yeah. What about it?” She said not even looking at Ryan.
“Oh. I just like it that’s all.”
“M'kay” Toxic said.
“Are you guys in a mood or something?” Ghoul asked.
“Oh no, we're just fine.” I Said glaring at him.
“Oh Okay” He said going back and talking with Ryan.
“Okay guys lets try getting home before dark!” Jet said getting in the car.
“Have fun with the lovey doveys.” Poison said kissing Toxic and going back to the bike. Kobra just kissed me quick and ran after Poison.
“Love you to” I said jokingly.
“He never really talks dose he?” Ryan asked me.
“No, Not really” I said
“Why?” She asked
“Hes like really shy and stuff” Toxic said acting like Ryan.
“Why do you guys hate Ryan already” Ghoul asked.
“Someone likes jumping to concussions” I said
“Well you act like you don’t like her' Ghoul said.
“Well. Maybe she shouldn’t be flirting with guys 4 and 6 years older then her and that are taken!” Toxic and I said
“Their taken?” Ryan asked
“No, Ryan, we all just kiss for the heck of it!” I said sarcastically. “Yes Ryan Their taken!” I said
“Oh” she said
“So tell me about you guys!” She squealed
“Well, I’m Jet Star, I’m kind of the leader around here, i drive the most, thats about it, I like blue” Jet said
“I’m Fun Ghoul, I’m the third youngest around here, well with you here now, I’m not old enough to drive and i like green. That's all.” Ghoul said
“I’m Accaila wolf, I’m fouth in line or something i don't remember, i like red.” i said looking out the window
“Toxic rose, Thrid in rank here, i like pink and black. “ Toxic said
“What about the other three?” she asked looking a grace.
“I’m grace im the youngest and i like all colors.” She said going back to trying to fall asleep on my arm.
“The One called Kobra Kid is My Boyfriend, he is above me in line, and likes Red.” i said.
“The one called Party Poison is mine and He is the Second highest, he likes Yellow.” Toxic said.
We finally go home. When we got home Ryan and Ghoul went in the house, and Kobra and Poison came and got us and took us to our room and put us in our bunks. Ghoul and Ryan came in the bedroom and she ran over to my bunk and climbed up and jumped in my bed, on my foot, the foot with the hole.
“GET OFF OF ME!!” I Screamed at the top of my lungs. Kobra's first reaction was to push her off of me onto the floor, from the top bunk.
“Keep your girlfriend off of me!” I yelled at Ghoul.
“Shes Not my girlfriend!” He yelled back helping Ryan up and brushing her off.
“Yeah I'm Not his like girlfriend, But he is cute” she giggled
“Really?” I said “ are you serious right now”
“Yep” She said getting up and walk over towards Poison “ So is he” she said poking him in the cheek.
“Back off” I heard Toxic say from her bunk.
“Oh. Your awake.” she said
“No I’m sleeping. Yes I’m awake!” Toxic said
“Ghoul?” I said. He looked like he just saw a ghost or something.
“Wait what!” he said startled
“Nothing” I said.
“Poison wake up. Poison wake up. POISON GET UP!” I heard Toxic say.
“Why are you poking him” Ryan said.
“To wake him up. What do you think I’m doing?” Tox said
“Oh” she said. Eventually Poison woke up.
“What” Poison said yawning and looking from Toxic to Ryan. “I missed something didn't I?”
“Yeah” Toxic said.
“Oh. What I miss?” Poison said standing up and walking over to Toxic's Bunk.
“you got poked in the face by Ryan then she called out cute, and she jumped on Accailia's foot” Toxic said.
“She also called me cute!” Ghoul said
“Oh well then.” Poison said looking around. I Eventually fell asleep, In Kobra's arms. I Was woken up to the sound of toxic Screaming. “POISON GET HER OFF ME!” Ryan must have sat on her foot. I was still rapped in Kobra's arms, him snoring away. I kissed him on the nose then yelled 'KOBRA GET UP!”
“What?” He said still half a sleep.
“I want down off my bunk” I said flicking his nose trying to wake him up more. He hit my hand away “ Knock it off” he said yawning and getting down and helping me. I kinda sorta walked to the living room, where I found Poison sitting at Toxic's ankle, rubbing it, and Ryan knocked out.
“Well now” I said walking in “ A little over aggressive there buddy.”
“Yeah well, I don't care.” Poison said
“ Urm Guys” Kobra said walking down the hall. “Look out the window.” we all look to see a large group of Draculoids coming right at our house.
“Oh Crap!” I said hobbling over to Kobra. He picked me and and ran to Jet's room and woke him up, by this time Ryan is wide awake, Freaking out. Kobra and Poison carried us to the “safe room”, so Ghoul, Jet and Ryan had to fight for us.
“Their going to die because of Her.” I said
“They might” Kobra said
Toxic looked at Poison and Accailia “ Your brother and Boyfriend is more Awkward then awkward turtle.”
“Hey Now!” Kobra yelled
“Its true, Love” I said kissing him.
Kobra sat down and sat me in his lap and played with my hair, I shook his hands out of my hair.
“Knock it off” I said.
“Sorry” He said Kissing my cheek and leaning against the wall. Poison came over and sat by us he put Toxic in between his legs, he began playing with her hair.
“Whats Up with just the Way bothers playing with our hair?” I said looking at Poison.
“ I don't know. Its kinda weird isn't it?” Poison said.
“Yeah it kind of is” I said.
“Anyway” Toxic said “ What are we going to do?”
“There is nothing to do” Kobra said.
“I'm going to sleep.” I said Cuddling up against Kobra.
“Okay.” He said rapping his arms around me, Rocking me slowly to sleep.
I was asleep for a long time then got woken up to loud snoring. Both Kobra and Poison are snoring. I shook Kobra till he woke “What!” he said still dazed
“Stop snoring” I said
“M'kay, love” he said going back to sleep. I poked Toxic repetitively till she woke up. “What do you want!” she said.
“Make him stop snoring” I said poking Poison.
“M'kay” She said falling back to sleep.
“Hey Wake up don't ignore me!” I said poking her again.
“Fine!” she said flicking Poison in the ear.
“Stop snoring” She said falling back to sleep.
“M'kay Babe” going back sleep.
I fell back to sleep for less then 5 minutes and Jet came barreling in to the room.
“Oh your all sound asleep, nice. WAKE UP!” He yelled. We all jumped awake, except little Grace with just made zombie noises then rolled over.
“You all fell asleep when we were out risking our lives for you?!” he yelled.
“Yep” I said.
“Anyway lets go out side and get the bodies away from the house.” he said waking Grace up.
We got out side and found Ghoul and Ryan making out.
“Come on guys!” we all yelled.
“Sorry.” they said. Ghould kissed her on the cheek. “Love you Aquamarine Dream” He said helping with the bodies. “so what happened exactly?” i asked
“Well when we came out here Krose was with them, Krose tried coming in the house but we killed him, and the reast of them and Ghoul was pinned by one and i was pinned by one and she came over and killed them both, almost getting killed her-self by the way Aquamarine put he life in danger for us, She is a true hero” Jet said.

Aquamarine Dream saved us. Maybe she's not as stupid as we thought.

Then again she is dating Ghoul so maybe she is.

The world will never know.
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