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..."Hi Gerard. It's Frank. How are you? I'm terrible. by the way, I'm finished with life. If I don't reply, it's cause I'm dead. Kay? Kay."...

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"Help me..." He whispered to himself, rocking back and forth in the corner of his room. How was life worth anything to him? He was nothing. He never loved, and would never be loved. He had no friends. Well, only one to be honest. But they haven't talked for months. Last time was... on April ninth? Yes, His friends birthday. They ended up going to a carnival... They were bolth sixteen. A bit old to go to a carnvival, but they didn't care. They were best friends, and loved being immature. They could always be themselves when they were around each other... until...

Gerard was timidly walking up to a cottoncandy stand, a bit nausious from the farris wheel. "Who would even WANT to be that far up?!" He questioned as he reached the stand, Frank following shyly. Gerard was a bit suspisious of Frank lately. He was acting... Very shy lately. It kinda pissed him off. "Dunno... But hey, it's was kind of fun... Right?" Frank asked, eyes wide in curiousity. Another thing about Frank that started to annoy Gerard, was that whenever he gave an opinion, he would ask Gerard if he was right. "Erm.. Not really. I felt like I was gonna puke." Gerard raised an eyebrow at his friend. "Oh, I know right? I hated it." Frank frowned.

Gerard glared at him for a second, before averting his attention to the cottoncandy. He bought one for Frank, and one for himself. "Hey man, I know you hate the blue kind, but that's all they had left. Sorry." Gerard handed one to Frank. "No no, it's actually my favorite." Frank smiled fakely. Gerard rolled his eyes. "Dude, it's my favorite. You always complain about the blue kind. What's happened to you?" He frowned, slightly irritated. Frank looked down, blushing embaressedly.

He hid behind his fringe as he said quietly, "I just wanna make sure you have a good birthday... I don't want to complain today... I'm sorry." He felt himself tearup, but he held back his emotion. God, why was he so emotional? "Oh." Is all Gerard said, expression softening. Frank nodded and bit his lip. Gerard sighed. "Frank, I don't want you to act like this. It kinda pisses me off. I'll be by the others, okay? Meet me by the lake in fifteen minutes." Gerard said, then walked away.

Frank stood there for a while, people walking past him and leaving him alone. Just then, he felt lonely. He frowned, and walked to the parks fountain, then sat on the ledge. Frank lost track of time. Gerard had said fifteen minutes, but Frank waited there for half an hour. He stayed longer, wondering if Gerard had just forgot. He stayed for another two hours. Still no Gerard. This, is when Frank realized Gerard abandoned him. Or, at least thought he wasn't important enough to meet with at a fucking fountain. "Whatever.." Frank sighed, then walked home. Alone.

"Alone..." He whispered to himself, tearing up as he remembered the event. He still haven't heard from Gerard. Occasionally he saw him walking past his house, not even bothering to give him a glance. It made him feel unwanted. Worthless. Alone. Frank wondered if he should just end it all. Give himself a new life. He believed that after you die in one life, your soul transfers to another body. He wanted that. He wanted a new start, not this lonely, worthless one. He took a deep breath, and stood up.

Before he could do anything stupid, he grabbed his phone and texted, "Hi Gerard. How are you? I'm terrible. btw, I'm finished with life. So erm.. Yeah. Sorry if I don't reply, it'll prolly be coz I'm dead." to you know who. He smiled as he did this, unknowing why he suddenly felt happy. He sent the message, then frowned. He didn't even know how to kill himself, that was the thing that he didn't think over. It can't be that hard... he thought. Just as he was thinking about hanging himself, his phone went off.

"What the fuck? Frank seriously, your not being yourself. I know you won't do it. Your too damn emotional." Gerards text said. Frank sighed. He knew Gerard didn't care about him... "For your information, I'm planning how to do it right now." Frank looked over that text. No, he couldn't send that. He remembered someone at their school dying because.. they overdosed? Hmm.. He could do that. He changed his text to say, "Actually, for your imformation, I'm holding a bottle of Moltron in one hand, and my phone in the other. I thought out of everyone, you might care. I guess not, ey? Thanks for being there for me Gerard. Thanks for abondoning me when I was trying to make your birthday perfect." He pressed send, and suddenly felt a jolt of anger spring through him.

"I care about you..."
"Mhm. Toatz why you left me at the carnival alone for 2 hours."
"I got drunk. I forgot.."
"Oh. Wow. You drink too. I guess we don't really know each other, Hmm?"
"Frank your not acting the same."
"Well lets see why. I'm about to kill myself, my bestfriend doesn't care, and I'm starting to question if he's even my friend at all."

Kay, so you know when someone puts the dots, your finished. He threw his phone over his shoulder and rolled his eyes, then walked over to the washroom. He opened the medicine cabnit, and saw a bottle of moltron. "Perfect." He smiled, and took the bottle into his hands. He opened it, poped two into his mouth, then cupped his hands and took a sip of water from the sink. He did this over and over, until he took... about eight pills? As he was about to take the next pills, his mind raced. Will these next ones kill me? Wow... This is actually making my life seem interesting. What the fuck? Oh god. I bet Gerard won't come to my funeral. He frowned as he thought, then realzied.. He just took eight fucking pills.

He widened his eyes, but the poped two more into his mouth. "Suicide.. Gotta take more.." He mumbled as he swallowed. He then washed it down with water, and waited. And waited. And waited. Shoulden't ten pills work? He thought frustraidedly.

"FRANK!" He heard knocking from outside the washroom window, and raised an eyebrow. He wasn't confused that there was someone outside, he was more confused that the pills hadn't worked. He sighed and trudged over to the window, then opened it and peered though.

"Gerard? What the fuck?" He frowned. There was his only friend, standing outside his house, breathing heavily, tears dropping down his cheeks. This... Surprised Frank, for the least. He made his way to the front door, opened it and walked out, feeling suddenly weak to his knees. Gerard smiled worriedly and ran twords Frank, wrapping him in a huge hug. "I called an ambulence." He whispered, then pulled away quickly. Frank grit his teeth angrily. He was too angry with the fact that an ambulence was comeing, to even realize Gerard ran all the way from his house to his own to check if he was alright. Frank felt as if there was a huge hole in his soul, burning into his insides and killing him slowly. Little did he know, there was.

"You did WHAT?" Frank growled, feeling light headed, but ignoreing it. Gerard nodded. "I can't let you die." Frank rolled his eyes and snorted. "Whatever. They aren't working anyways. I feel perfectly FINE. There was no point of calling a fucking ambulence!" Frank screamed at him. Gerard looked down. "I can't let you die." He said again. Frank glared at him, opened his mouth, but then... Bam. Nothing came out....

Gerard watched Frank freeze in midsentence. "Frank?" He gently tapped his friends shoulder, frowning. Frank didn't move. Didn't move a single mussel, he didn't even blink. "Frank?" Gerard repeated a bit louder. Frank then fell over, motionless. Gerard felt worry wash over him. Fuuuck... He thought, looking down at the motionless body. "FRANK?!" he fell down by his side, kneeling down. "God damn it, please tell me your playing." Gerard shivered a little, then lightly slapped Franks cheek.

"Frankie? Oh god, please tell me your just messing with me... P-Please? Frankie?" Gerard teared up, wrapping his arms around the smaller boys neck. No responce. Gerard felt tears starting to fall now. "I'm sorry about everything..." He whispered to him, looking down at his motionless body, hoping he would forgive him, go back to their old times, where there was nothing depressing. Nothing but just them, side by side, fighting the world off with their joy and happiness. When it was just Gerard and Frank. Unseperable friends...

Gerards tears fell onto Franks face as he stayed still. Gerard felt like the world had froze, he couldn't feel the harsh winds stinging against his skin, and he couldn't hear the feint sounds of the ambulence. All he could feel was the pain and suffering deep in his veins, the empty feeling in his gut, and the throbbing hurt of all the thoughts rushing through his mind.

What happened next? Well, the ambulence took Frank to the hospital. There he lay, on the patient rest, stiff as metal. "Frankie?" Gerard repeated over and over every five minutes. Frank was still alive, but still out cold. Thank god he's not dead... Gerard thought as he gripped Franks hand tightly in his own. "Mr.Way? We're going to have to ask you to leave. Visiting times are over." The doctor said, placing a hand on Gerards shoulder. Gerard frowned. "I'm staying." he simply said.

The doctor sighed, then walked out of the room. "Frankie.. Please be okay? I left you that night because.. I was scared. I was going to tell you.. That.. well, I'm gay and I was afraid of what you would think.." Gerard whispered to him, waiting for a responce. Frank stayed quiet, but the heart monitor kept beating steadily. "And... I didn't talk to you because.. I thought you found out and.. And that you hated me." Gerard bit his lip. Still no responce. "And now," Gerard sighed, "It's my fault your... In the hospital... Dying in front of me.." He teared up, staring down at his best friend. I'm practically a murderer... He thought, letting the hot salty tears drip down his cheeks.

Gerard slowly took out his phone, and eyed the texts from earlier.
"Actually, for your imformation, I'm holding a bottle of Moltron in one hand, and my phone in the other. I thought out of everyone, you might care. I guess not, ey? Thanks for being there for me Gerard. Thanks for abondoning me when I was trying to make your birthday perfect."
"I care about you..."
"Mhm. Toatz why you left me at the carnival alone for 2 hours."
"I got drunk.. I forgot."
"Oh. Wow. You drink too. I guess we don't really know each other, Hmm?"
"Frank your not acting the same."
"Well lets see why. I'm about to kill myself, my bestfriend doesn't care, and I'm starting to question if he's even my friend at all."

"He hates me.. I'm such an idiot.." gerard sniffled, wiping away a tear. "He doesn't even know.. That.. I..." He paused, looking back down at Frank. He knew he shouldn't have, but he smiled. Frank looked so peaceful.. "That he was the reason I became gay. That he's my heart and my soul. My little angel... I love you, Frank.. I always have, and always will." Gerard said, tears falling down his cheeks like a river of hot, salty ocean. Frank didn't move. "and.." Gerard dipped his head down, whispering onto Franks lips. "I need to do this before you pass."

Gerard closed his eyes, then everso gently pressed his lips to Franks. He felt like the world had dissapeared, and all that were left was him and Franks chapped, perfect, pale, amazing lips. Sparks were flying through out his body, sending tingles down his spine all the way to his fingertips. He smiled slightly against Franks lips, forgetting all the madness in the world. All the pills Frank had taken. The fact that Frank could die, right this moment. All of that had passed, and Gerard only focused on one thing, and that was his beatiful, wonderful, amazing friend. Frank Iero.

Then... Something magical happened. Gerard felt arms wrap around his neck, and pressure pressed against his lips. Gerard slowly opened his eyes, then slightly pulled his lips back, smileing wide. Franks eyes were open.

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