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Introduction - Weather Report

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Sometimes, you just have to keep believing

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Ever had a day where nothing makes sense?
A day so exhausting, so terrible, that you wish it were a nightmare?
A day where nothing has gone right?
A day when it seems like you have no hope?
A day when you want to disappear?

For one person in particular these days had once seemed infrequent, and when they came, the storm was over quickly.
However, the frequency had increased gradually. Until, the storm had hit with such ferocity that the destruction was rife. Like a hurricane in an unprepared city, the abyss had opened and swallowed all hope. This bleakness was now in it seventh month and showed no signs of relenting. Not even for a second. Nobody believed the extent of the damage of course, as is natural when any adolescent is in severe emotional pain. It is always, without fail, their hormones to blame, and they will grow out of it.

All storms have an eye, a place where the swirling wind and pounding rain let up, and all is calm before the storm returns with an even worse vengeance than before. For one girl, our girl, curled up on her bed sobbing, like she had done the night before, and the night before that, had done almost every night for the last seven months, her eye was coming. She did not even notice the ‘For Sale’ sign that had been planted in her neighbour’s lawn several weeks ago. Now, as rain thumped her window, she was oblivious as the keys were handed over to a family of four. The father took them and led his two boys and wife inside.

As our girl weeps for her broken and battered heart, she has no idea that her eye, her glue, is so close. As she falls into a fitful sleep, she is oblivious to just how soon she is from being rescued.

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